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Authors and Readers


















              Interviewing authors since October 7, 2013
About Us:
Welcome to F F O  I N T E R V I E W S!
Here, you can read interviews with your favorite
authors or designers, and discover new ones! We are currently
accepting requests, so feel free to suggest
some authors and designers you'd like to see interviewed! :D
Important Dates:
October 7, 2013 - Shop opened
Table of Contents:
ByungKitty//Interview #1//published
bananamilk0831//interview #2//published
-eclipse//interview #3//published
simulacrum//interview #4//published
applecyanide//interview #5//published
author//interview #6//status
author//interview #7//status
author//interview #8//status
Author's Note to self: (pink color: #ff00ff)


-Be respectful!
-If you want us to interview with a certain author/designer, leave a comment~
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Idea: exotic-milk on AFF with her own interviews
Layout: ByungKitty






Poster credits~:

Made by 'lil piggy @ The Nerds || Graphic Shop 





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GiveMariCookies  on says:
Uhm...You can interview me if ya want...I'm posting new content soon.... ((hides under a rock)) oAo"

CrimsonRoses  on says:
I barely go on here anymore but you can interview me if you want ^^

-eclipse  on says:
can you interview me. hahahahaha no jk.

ByungKitty  on says:
haaaaaaappy biiiiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

sleepwalker  on says about chapter 2:
ByungKitty sounds like a really chill person xD
I'd love to be her friend!
And she's amazing at coding layouts.

TaquitosNOMNOM  on says about chapter 2:
Nice to meet you!! keke

ByungKitty  on says:
omg the site never alerted me when you made this new thing -3-
but it seems cool :3

byzelo  on says:
you can try interviewing authors -sarang and blueviolets & designers sleepwalker and sherlocked.
also, maybe interviewing a few layout makers seemed good too?

I like the idea! ive just checked out the one in aff and I'm like, dang why didn't I think of that.

fluffyrocks  on says:
Huh. Leave it up to u to make something like this -_-"

Priscy123  on says:
Interesting! I wonder how this will turn out ;D

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