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Authors, Reviewers, and your stories!


Welcome to 

Happy Review Shop! 


By BeHappy and bananamilk0831


Welcome to Happy Review Shop! Here, we provide you with reviews.

It's quite simple. You request, we review. The awesome part is, we also review certain chapters if you wish!

We will be honest with you and give you all the advice you need to improve your story  =)

This shop was created as a sister shop of Happy Banana Milk's Review Shop on AFF.





Open || Busy || Closed || Revamping || Hiatus || Semi-Hiatus

The purple indicates our status.

Open- We are taking requests.

BusyOpen for requests, but it may take a while.

HiatusNo one is at the shop. Please don't request.

 Closed Shop is closed. Please don't request. It may open again later.

Semi-Hiatus- Open for requests, but it's going to process slowly.


The rules are quite simple. Follow them and you will not be blacklisted.

» Subscribe! Upvote! (if you want too)

» Comment: after you request and when you get your review. Or, I will not know you requested!

» Don't delete your story or deactivate until you've recieved your review.

» The password for requesting is PEANUT. 

» If you want to cancel your request, tell us as soon as you make up your mind. Don't worry, we won't be mad. :D

» Credits: Optional but greatly appreciated.

» You are allowed to update your fanfic.  =)

**Note that shorter stories will take less time.**

Request Here

Make sure to subscribe! Upvoting is greatly appreciated as well~! :D


Affie Rules:

» Subscribe!...if you want to. Upvoting is optional, but great.

» Comment your shop LINK and NAME in the comments. 

» Add us to your affies list as Happy Review Shop

» Let's be friendly affies! :D

Featured Stories

(Impressive stories we read.)

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lostreader, Cigarette Smoke





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No seriously. They're awesome.


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ByungKitty  on says:
happy late birthday~ :3

snowflakes  on says:
I've request a review for my story, thank you! :)

jj_maple  on says about chapter 7:
Thanks for your review ^^
I didn't mind waiting at all.

yingjumeihua  on says:
I requested for one of my stories.

lostreader  on says about chapter 6:
omg, I don't think I ever got such high score *^*
Thank you for the review and I don't mind waiting! :D
I'm going to credit now :3

FTisland_BigBang  on says about chapter 5:
tnx! I'll try to improve it :) did I put report? @[email protected] I just rwalize that... Thanks again :)

lostreader  on says:
I requested :3

sleepwalker  on says about chapter 4:
No way! I've never received a score that high before LOL (probably because I rarely request reviews). Thank you for taking the time to review my story. May I ask you something? Did you think my chapters were too short?
Ah, I'm glad I could show you a different perspective on capitalization of story titles. And lol Snoopy is great xD I just found it random haha
Again, thank you for the review! I'll make sure to request in the future.

mafalda  on says:
Requested~! :D

Cremeplan42  on says about chapter 1:
Want to add another reviewer to the list? LOL. I want to apply.

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