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✎ Broad Writing Tips ✎ [Update: Learn How to Use Commas!] - you writing tips help general writingtips - main story image

















Let's suppose you lack:



            Information   |  Inspiration  |  Dedication  |   Citation  |  Confidence  |  Adherence          






If so, then you may wish to check out:




✎ BroaWriting Tips



You will learn: 


        001. How to avoid cliche plots and characters

        002. Basic grammar and punctuation tips

        003. Examples of figurative and literal language                      





                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .....             .             .                   a             n             d                     m             o             r              e            !          







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thirtysehunds  on says about chapter 5:
thank you very much for the angst writing tips. I have an idea for angst and till now I've written only fluff and basically nothing serious (in AFF) so now I want to try angst but had no idea what should I include or point out more in the plot and characters. It's a good thing that this tips exist here *bows* ♥

ctmgonzaga  on says about chapter 9:
WOW this is great! Thank you for this. :) I really appreciate it ^^

MarkTuan  on says about chapter 9:
Woah this is useful! :)

unfamiliar  on says about chapter 9:
wow thank you!
this is very useful < 3
especially brainstorming and this one ヽ(;▽;)ノ
sobs i'm glad i opened this story (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

ChanRiB  on says about chapter 9:
Can you make chapter about how to make sentences more exciting?

I would really like it if you could write about how to make 'he said, she said' more exciting. Because its hard for me to write some thing better than he said when im stuck.
e.g. 'I don't care about you anymore. It was you who just... well.. you know...' she said.

please put up a chapter for that. I need your help.

-iucunda  on says about chapter 7:
Not trying to offend you, but I think saying "5Ws and 1H" may make more sense than "6Ws". I'm just putting that out there. Though, I do understand where you can get that from.

coffeeplease  on says:
absolutely useful~

yingjumeihua  on says:
How about writing a genre that most FFO users (I think we usually write about bullying or romance) don't normally write like action, mystery, etc.

--dalnim  on says:
This is a very useful guide for writing. Thanks! ^w^

-sarang  on says:
Affies? c;

// The Swan Corner Writing Tips!


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