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Rozen Daemon (OC), Steven Stone, Team Magma


Rozen Daemon has made it her goal to make her village proud and become their first Dragon Master among the village's Counsel of Elders. But in order to do that, she must start a Pokémon Journey just like any other, defeat the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and face the Champion. She'll capture many Pokémon, encounter the infamous Team Magma, and uncover many secrets about the ancients of the Hoenn region. (May contain deaths due to elements of Nuzlocke.)


Poster and Background created by Jae at Motionless Graphic Shop [Open for batch 1]


Okay so this is a Pokémon story that involves my OC and even if it has game/anime/manga elements, it's still based on Pokémon Ruby. I made this story to make it a consistent updated one unlike my other one. Once in a blue moon, I encounter Nuzlocke challenges on FF. I like the comic ones but it's hard to find a fanfic one that really catches my interest so I decided to make one but it's not a complete telling of one. 

If you don't know what a Nuzlocke is, it's a Pokémon game challenge that has two main rules. 1.) You catch the Pokémon you first encounter in newest route you encounter. 2.) If it faints, release it 'cause that means it died. Now I'm not 100% familiar with the Nuzlocke challenge but for my story, my OC will keep her starter Pokémon. And lastly any character deaths (mainly Pokémon) involved will be rated 'cause hey! Pokémon's still Pokémon. Don't want to completely ruin childhoods here but if you're be reading this story, read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon as it belongs to Game Freak. I don't own the Nuzlocke challenge, which was created by a user on site that shall not be named 4Chan by a user of also the name, Nuzlocke. My OC however, belongs to me.


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