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There is an island known for its array of both obscure and volatile occurrences. It has a long, bloody history all by itself, but that is not all. Over the years, Scientists and Urban Explorers have pinned an array of happenings such as ‘The White Woman', poltergeists, naiads, dead children appearing in trio’s, vampires, and the disappearance of friends, to the location. Some have just been the prattle of teens high off drugs, but even esteemed doctors have taken their chances at one of the ‘most haunted’ places in the world with the same findings.


Without intending it, three groups - strangers to each other - arrived at the infamous destination. As the improbable begins to take a grip on their nerves, the occupants of the island are forced to either work together to survive, or be picked off one by one by unseen forces.




Death Doesn't Bargain. Or Does It?

Theme Song
Breathe - Prodigy

Horror, Supernatural, Mystery, Suspense, Survival, Psychological, Puzzle

Start Date
18th August 2013

End Date

Graphic details of - Gore, Torture, Maiming, Substance Abuse, Sexual Themes, Killing, General Mind fucks.









Silence fell on the damp, dust laden office. The members of the group looked to each other with disbelief and unease after hearing the short extract of the diary.

“Someone could have wrote that to scare people.” The youngest said as she tried to convince herself more than anyone else.

The others didn’t look so sure.

Louisa remained rigid as she thought aloud. “If it was meant to scare people, why was it hid under a desk?”

Nobody had an answer for that.

Miles examined the expressions of his company and decided to try and ease the tension. “Anyway," He cleared his throat, gesturing around the room after doing so. "let’s look for more clues…” He mumbled and went about pulling out folders from the case to the right of the desk.

Looking out of the broken window overlooking an long forgotten recreational area, Liliana exhaled a cloud of cigarette smoke.

“Is something on your mind, Indi?” Miles caught the odd expression on the girl's face and dared to question her.

“It was said that this ‘Hannah’ had records, right?” The woman had now gained the attention of the others.

Turning back to face the others, the blonde looked at the floor with furrowed brows, as if she was in thought. “I don’t think for a second that that that Doctor had only done that once - He said the ‘other’ sacrifices, as well - so there must be records for all of the others too. I’m curious as to what exactly that sick fuck had done and to how many people.”

Daniel didn't even bother turn around to speak. “What good would that do? You can’t change anything.” He noted as he inspected the oddities in the jars that lined to furthest wall.

A nerve snapped in the eldest female. Stomping over to the thoughtless Doctor and forcing him to turn around, the angered woman threw a left hook into his face. Like a sack, the man hit the floor and held his face in pain.

“You fuckin’ bastard. I should have known someone like you wouldn’t give two shits about people." Teeth bared as she pointed, Liliana barked down at the man she'd had a problem with since their arrival. "All you lot care about are results and to Hell with how it effects others.”

“Lily?" Charlie side-stepped in front of her friend with her hands up, hoping it would stop her from doing any more damage to the doctor.

“Us lot? What makes you think you know anything about men of science?" Coughing a laugh as he wiped the blood from his mouth  with the back of his wrist, Daniel staggered up to his feet. "Maybe you should take a better look at yourself before throwing words about. It‘s all well and good that you're not able to understand  what needs to be done, but going around hitting people when you feel like it shows you‘re not very stable.”

Liliana’s eyes narrowed at his deduction. “Eh?” The girl's friends looked between the blonde and her opponent.

Narrowing his eyes as a semi-suppressed smirk tugged at his lips, Daniel continued to push the female. “Nothing else to say? Or do you plan on hitting me for a third time?”

Scoffing, the blonde looked away in disbelief. “It’s true, I’m not all that sane, but neither are you." Reattaching her line of sight to the taller man, the eldest girl sneered. "Anyone one who can justify experimenting on people for one's own desires are not exactly sound of mind either.”

The boy who had kept quiet for the most part stepped in, his hands up in a gesture of defense. “Let’s just try to calm down. Whether we like it or not, we can’t change the past, but that doesn’t mean you have to be insensitive either.” He looked to Daniel, hoping he'd get the hint to stop prodding the explosive blonde.

“Save your breath, Mark." Throwing her hand up in a couldn't care less manner, Liliana walked back to the window she was looking out of. "I have a simple solution to his shitty attitude: I will just ignore him.”

“That’s fine by me.” The doctor quipped.



“But we are still stuck here together…” Charlie reminded the feuding pair.

Lighting another cigarette, Liliana hummed as she watched mist from the sea creep up on the shoreline. “If something happens to him, I won’t save him.”

Returning to his own task, Daniel quipped. “I don’t want to be saved by someone like you anyway.”

Gritting her teeth, the blonde found it hard to hold back her anger. “You’re really pissing me off.”

The redhead shielded her eyes with her hand as she sighed. “What happened to ignoring him?”

Glancing to her friend, the blonde stomped her foot as she pointed at her annoyance. “Ignore him? I’m going to throw him out of the window if he carries on.”

“Please," The doctor peeked over his shoulder with the intent to provoke woman. "continue with your threats, Miss Unstable.”

Shaking her head, Liliana glared straight at her enemy. “They’re not threats. If something happened to you while we’re here," She took a deep drag on her vice before flapping her free hand factiously. "nobody would be able to tell the difference between an accident and not.”

Charlie gripped the blonde's arm as she hissed. “What are you saying?"

“Your friends have finally seen your true colours.”

The hard expression Liliana had held from the start of the argument faded suddenly into something resembling a pout. “I was never hiding them.”

“You should be locked up.”

Chuckling, the blonde calmly leaned towards the man and gave an odd smile. “You’d know, right doctor?” Exhaling a cloud of smoke, the eldest girl turned her back and left the room.

Miles waited until the blonde had left before craning his head towards her friend and whispering. “Do you think she’s ok?”

Catching the hushed words, Daniel snapped. “What do you think? She’s hit me twice, threatened to kill me and then laughed.”




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