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In the Rain, Stars Align

by aznosmao updated on
Tags: angst love lonely depression stronger
Chapters: 11 | Votes: 1 |

Everyone wants to find love and be loved, to be strong and have people at his or her side, to be proud. Yet this world is a trying place. Find your heaven in this hell. ... Read More

very short story [Complete]

by TheDormouse updated on
Tags: sliceoflife lonely reallife short
Subscribers: 1 | Views: 900 | Comments: 1 |

A story I've written in 2011... Read More

Come Back [Complete]

by orchidsplash updated on
Tags: oneshot original sliceoflife sad empty lonely songfic
Chapters: 1 | Views: 1225 | Comments: 2 |

t... Read More

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