School Fanfiction

Stuck in a Blackout with Mr. Badboy

by forever6 updated on
Tags: friendship comedy school badboy
Chapters: 2 |

... Read More


by ShapeshifterOfWhite updated on
Tags: original supernatural school immortal
Chapters: 14 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 2275 |

The Shapeshifter of White and Purple... Read More

UNTITLED. [Complete]

by HerDearStarlightTear updated on
Tags: romance friendship school elle
Chapters: 4 |

          ... Read More

Clash of the Forms (Working Title)

by ShapeshifterOfWhite updated on
Tags: original school elements
Chapters: 1 | Views: 1550 |

Six siblings (Well seven if you separate the twins) are enrolled into Jackalo Academy. Th most prestigious school in Europe but wi... Read More

Unexpected Twisted Fate

by mahbaobei updated on
Tags: angst love sliceoflife school tragedy
Chapters: 18 | Views: 2200 |

A school memory to be lasting and remember for a whole lifetime. Although it's so hurtful but this brought so many memories, toget... Read More

Course [Complete]

by DontYouDare updated on
Tags: oneshot school poetry
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 1 | Views: 250 | Comments: 1 |

Forced poetry from a teenaged English IV student about the typical school day and melancholy mentalities. (no offence)... Read More

Tom Daley is a Brat >.

by b1a4misfits updated on
Tags: fluff romcom school tomdaley
Comments: 1 |

Tom Daley is a brat. Period. No comment. He is the most annoying guy on earth despite how cute he is. No. That's an understatement. He is the DEVIL disguised as the most HOTTEST guy on this plane... Read More

The Way You Look at Me (D/C) [Complete]

by oddcotton updated on
Tags: romance original school characters schoolbased
Chapters: 4 | Views: 1900 |

  "Your look is so intense; it shocks." ... Read More

Connected Through Broken Dreams

by armygirl updated on
Tags: romance angst original originalcharacter school dreams orignalstory
Chapters: 1 |

  ... Read More

Infected with Love.

by Mistress updated on
Tags: romance school homo_____ism trouble reallife rival betrayal
Subscribers: 1 | Views: 2275 |

Alex Joy || She was a girl who went trough some _____ in her short life; stayed original; didn't care much; had people around her, ... Read More

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