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by KhadijaMahmood
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Diana (OC)







Diana is the perfect example of the "most fucked up" teenager out there.






Story genre : Angst

Characters : Diana

Publishing Date : 22nd of September 2013

Status : Complete

Rated : Normal.





If you are not a fan of melancholy, angst or self harm related stories. DO NOT READ.

rated M due to the language that is describing what the girl does. 

No bashing. Be kind, or stay away.

This story is not plagiarized what so ever. Any relation or common thought or action is just a co incidence.

This is all my property, it is strictly advised not to plagiarize. 

If you still do, I am not responsible for the amount of trouble you will go through.

so don't do it.

(c) KhadijaMahmood

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Ninaelneth  on says about chapter 1:
oh my god, I actually had to look away for a moment and calm myself. This is so tragic because I know it seems to represent most of us teenagers and that just breaks my heart. But seriously, you wrote this beautifully with amazing descriptions and feeling.

EmptyPromises  on says about chapter 1:
number 1: I really like this story.
number 2: The title is really, really nice. It fits the story really nicely since its about Diana not having anyone there for her. (and also because Avril Lavigne's song but that's not the main point).
number 3: your writing.
It's completely realistic. I can see many teenagers falling victim to this mindset. (at the 4th paragraph, I think you mean "fattest" instead of "most fat"?) Also -
"cause's she's a broken girl and broken girls are not to be loved."
"cause after all, she was a broken girl, and broken girls are not to be loved, broken girls are to be dead."

byzelo  on says about chapter 1:
damn, that's tragic.

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