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Charlie Bordeaux, Freya Haine, Dale Harris, Valen Kites, Leo Pierce, Rhea Cassidy, Poppy Leigh, Pandora Yuen, James Callaghan, Billy Carmichael, Sophie White, Rylan White, Len, Wade Campbell, Alistair Rose, Drako Haine, Asher Kirsche, Elias Doran + more



We’re not afraid of the dark; We’re afraid of what it conceals from us.


Not too far into the future, calamity struck the globe. The event was unforeseen and even if it had have been predicted, there was nothing that could have stopped the full-force attack headed by nature. Meteors showered down from space for over forty minutes, pelting down over the Americas, the Atlantic Ocean and the British Isles.

Within an hour, every single person had felt the aftershocks beneath their feet.
Within six hours, all work had stopped to gather around radios and television sets to listen to what had happened in disbelief.
Within ten hours, people had been dragged into madness and crimes skyrocketed. Between rioting and raiding anywhere they could for supplies, all order had been lost.
Within twelve hours, eighty percent of the world’s power supply had withered into nothingness from snapped cables and obliterated power plants. Chaos had overtaken mankind.
On the twenty fourth hour, it was clear to anyone with half a brain that life would never be the same again.

This wasn’t the type of change they had prayed to their gods for, but they got it anyway. And now they were stuck with it. Stuck with the rubble of their skyscrapers and the piled up bodies, with the ash still thick in the air and with the fact that there was nobody that could save them.

Now, they were in a world of darkness and poverty and it was everyone for themselves. Only, they had a bigger threat to worry about than any man with a gun and paranoia. Rumours of mutated beings spread around settlements and despite never being seen, these creatures became the thing to truly fear.



We’re not afraid of the dark; We’re afraid of what it conceals from us.

Theme Song
Who Will Save You Now – Les Friction
Angel – B.A.P

Dystopian, Black Comedy, Human Psyche, Action, Suspense, Relationships, Sci-Fi, Survival, Drama


Charlie Bordeaux, Freya Haine, Dale Harris, Valen Kites, Leo Pierce, Rhea Cassidy, Poppy Leigh, Pandora Yuen, James Callaghan, Billy Carmichael, Sophie White, Rylan White, Len, Wade Campbell, Alistair Rose, Drako Haine, Asher Kirsche, Elias Doran, Keeley Rose, Ewan Reiss, Kain Everly.

Start Date
15th March 2014

End Date

Gallows Humour, Moral Greyness, Swearing, Sexual Themes, Graphic Violence, Nightmare Fuel, Mental and Physical Abuse, Character Death, Mentions of incest, NSFW.





Charlie Bordeaux, 23
Watch Me – Icon For Hire
“Am I the only one who can see the good side of this? Humanity has wanted to be free for centuries and now it has its wish, it’s going crazy because it had to sacrifice its mundane technological comforts. It’s dog-eat-dog out there and I for one, love it. We don’t have to fill out forms or show I.D passes to squeeze loans or fork out cash to buy survival necessities, we take what we need and want with sheer will and if that isn’t freedom, I don’t know what is.”

Freya Haine, 25
Dirty Little Secret – Bullet For My Valentine
“Of course…I believe in survival of the fittest – it was how I was raised. But if someone competent enough is around to protect the weak, then is there any reason that they shouldn’t do all that’s in their power to do just that? Still, just because I don’t go around pillaging and plundering doesn’t mean I will put up with that mouth of yours. Keep pushing me and you’ll force me to prove that I can do everything I said I can. I’ll rip your tongue straight from your head without so much as blinking and then eat it barbequed with pita bread, asshole.”

Dale Harris, 32
Don't Turn Your Back On Me – Guano Apes
“I was here first. Don’t go thinking it’s because I like you’re company, idiot. You could get eaten by those freaks for all I care. Go and stay in your own corner.”

Valen Kites, 22
Sell Your Soul – Hollywood Undead
“I’ve done awful things. I didn’t mean to, but they happened anyway. You shouldn’t trust me. I don’t blame the others for the way they look at me.”

Leo Pierce, 31
Cold Blooded – The Pretty Reckless
“The world’s on death’s door and I have to be stuck with people like you? I was the Deputy CEO of the Nation's bank before running to this shithole where I’m now shacked up with a bunch of middle aged office workers, trannies and kids. This has got to be some kind of fucking joke.”

Rhea Cassidy, 16
Mercy - Hurts
“It’s true; I am blind. I can’t see the smoke and death around me, but I can see things you can’t. I can see that you’re tearing each other apart when we’re the best chance we have. I can see that you’re all scared and just waiting for someone to betray you. Do you see me squarking in a corner when you could all leave me behind at any moment and there’d be nothing I could do about it?”

Poppy Leigh, 18
Say Something – A Great Big World
“I…I don’t want to die. I watched my family die; I don’t want to end up like that! I don’t care if that makes me sound selfish.”

Pandora Yuen, 28
Familiar Taste of Poison - Halestorm
“You lot need to lighten up. Yes, the situation is bad, but what’s sulking and arguing amongst ourselves going to do to improve anything? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not die whilst sobbing over my misfortunes.”

James Callaghan, 32
The Boom – T.Mills
“I agree with the fox. Maybe it isn’t as bad as we’re making it out to be. Since being here, I haven’t seen any others around and there’s a supermarket down the street. Even if you’re merely waiting to die, you might as well go out enjoying yourself.”

Billy Carmichael, 23
Counting Stars - One Republic (Lonczinski Remix)
“I was a university student with a part time job as a nurse. What the Hell do you think I can do to help you? Come to me with a scrape and I’ll fix it – no prob. I think you’re forgetting your freaking radius is poking out of your skin. And you’re bleeding all over the only set of clothes I have. We have no medical supplies and if you think I can just ‘push it back in’, as you put it, then you’re out of your Goddamn mind!”

Sophie White, 34
Civilian – Wye Oak
“You’re nothing but a fool if you think you can do what others have failed to do. Acting the way you do doesn’t make you appear tough, it makes you seem either crazy or ignorant.”

Rylan White, 16
Ghost – Sir Sly
“I’ve been surrounded by adults panicking and screaming since the whole thing started. Seeing you so calm makes me feel better. Somehow, it’s like, if I’m around you, I won’t die such a horrible death.”

Len, 29
Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys
“You should be weary of people who look good in times like this. Fabulous equals suspicious and by the grace from above, I am gorgeous.”

Wade Campbell, 45
Seven Devils – Florence + The Machine
“Who the fuck do you think you are? I’m not taking orders from a bunch of kids.”

Alistair Rose, 31
I Am The Sweetest of Devils – Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
“Those who have this gift are special – We’re chosen to rule a new world. I can’t afford to have any stragglers who could turn out to oppose me. Bring her back, or pay the price with your own head.”

Drakon Haine, 28
Bad Intentions – Digital Daggers
“They say blood is thicker than water, but in times like this, that means very little to most. What were you thinking? How could you run when we had everything within our grasp? Was it to spite me? Was it to prove a point? Was there something out there that you wanted? Christ, Frey, tell me what could possibly make you, of all people, abandon what was about to come.”

Asher Kirsche, 27
The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off – Panic! At The Disco
“We made a deal. Don’t think I forgot just because some rocks fell from the sky. If you deny me what you promised, I’ll spend my days hunting you down. You should know better than anyone, I will find you. And when I do, even with all of the Gods on their side, those who helped you will pay the highest price.”

Elias Doran, 21
Word Up - Korn
“Sure~ there’s plenty of good fighters, but my set of skills are indispensable. Me an’ the boss thought it mutually beneficial to team up as he needs what I can do and I’d only settle for being on the winning side.”

Keeley Rose, 25
S &M – Rhianna
“Hehhh~ I don’t remember saying that. Even if I sacrifice everything else, I will have you. There’s nowhere for you to hide and I’ll always outrun you. We’re too alike for me to let you escape; we’re going to rule this world together. That’s my reward.”

Ewan Reiss, 31
Hardest of Hearts – Florence + The Machine
“My loyalty is with my clan. They were my family before this happen, so what makes you think I will swap sides? I’ll crush anyone who opposes their ideals.”

Kain Everly, 36
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fall Out Boy
“I’m building a stronger race. As their creator, I will be the God of the New World. What could be more in favour of self-preservation than being the ruler of a land of beasts?”


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Fantasy  on says:
Oh my....
You surely must of thought this through....
Just curious but how would you describe a good dystopian story?

Destiel  on says about chapter 1:
Ermahgahd I can't even explain the feels I'm going through right now, its just so awesome.

O.o Pan seems to have a few secrets, it would seem my dear Pervlock.

Destiel  on says:
I'm so done with this cast, it's like you grabbed my bias list and just dumped half the _____ing bag in it and were like "YOLO!"

Jaysus, I dunno how I'll survive this _____, and the quotes aren't making anything okay.

I like the plot, a lot. It's kind of like AOD but without the freaky powers and with RDJ thrown in there.

I can't wait for the first chapter ^_^

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