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FE:A Characters [Morgan, Inigo, Male!MU, Lucina, Chrom, Sumia, Cynthia]


Inigo definitely had no idea of the life he got into the moment he proposed to Morgan. But hey! At least his life won't be so boring with the positive and energetic amnesiac he calls his wife, and their rather strange family. [OneShot Collection]


I knew the time would come when I would write a Fire Emblem: Awakening fanfic!

If you're not aware of this game, please play it or watch a playthrough. I initially thought I wouldn't like it since I'm not one for RPGs but I just fell in love with it, the story brought so much emotion, and the support system of characters really breathes life into the characters. I highly recommend you all to play it. 

To better explain this story, I ship InigoxFem!Morgan and I'm kinda surprised that there's not enough love for this ship. Their supports is probably one of the more funniest and cutest that I've seen (Close second is GeromexFem!Morgan supports 'cause I couldn't stop aww'ing at those).

Anyway, this ship is from my 2nd file I'm currently playing since I married them in it. I'm including their families as well so even though the story does revolve around Inigo and Morgan, there will be common appearances from their families. So to get a better idea, Inigo's parents are Olivia and Henry (My OTP for this series) and Morgan's parents are Male!MU (His name is Senri) and Lucina, along with some appearances from Chrom, Sumia, and Cynthia. The rest of the cast might appear, might not, it depends.

Since this is a OneShot collection, it should be expected if updates aren't too frequent. I'll write whenever I feel in the mood for a certain topic. All the topics for each oneshot are ones I make up or look up from themes and stuff. BUT, If you want to suggest something, feel free to in the comments.

Happy reading! 1st chapter will be up soon!


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