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Misaki (OC), Eiji (OC)








Hi, I'm BeHappy and I'm back with a new oneshot! This is my third one. Wow, I'm writing so many more one-shots here than on AFF. This one-shot was inspired by none other than the beautiful sakura tree of Japan.

Enjoy~ Subscriptions and comments are greatly appreciated!


A/N: Images are not mine. Credits to the rightful owner(s).

As usual, upvotes are greatly appreciated! ...If I get any.  Also, I will be using random Japanese names, just to clear the confusion. They aren't anime characters or Japanese singers/actors/actresses/etc.

AND! Before I forget:








By the way, this fanfic is for 


{Beauty Lies Within} WRITING CONTEST




That's where we met.

Where we would always meet every year.

But this year....you never came.

What happened?

You wouldn't forget.

That's where we met.

.....Underneath the Sakura Tree






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ByungKitty  on says:
생일 축하합니다 ~

jnguyenz  on says:
Oh wait don't worry ... I just realized that you wrote a sequel! oMG hahah

jnguyenz  on says about chapter 1:
Omg it's good so far! I know it's one shot but please continue the story .. it's such an open ending like omg I'm so curious on what happens next!! Please update ^^

fluffyrocks  on says about chapter 2:
You know I will~!

ByungKitty  on says about chapter 1:
Why didn't you continue this? I want happy endings~

konata-chan  on says about chapter 1:
poor Misaki :(
and ummm...Riku's a girl name by
the way

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