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[O.C's] Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby, Crowley - Others: Minor.










End of Season 8 recap:  A lot has come to light in recent days and the boys are still pissed over Cas's past decisions. Crowley's on the dawn of being hung, drawn and quartered when angels begin raining down from the sky.  And at the most inopportune moment, Sam starts to lose his grip on his newly reformed self.

During that moment of helplessness, two strangers speed in to their view with not only answers they couldn't even hope for, but words on platters that are too good to be true.





Title: Is It Too Much?

Tagline: Gentlemen Aren't Nice.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Relationships, Action, Drama, Mystery

Characters: [O.C's] Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby, Crowley - Others: Minor.

Start Date: 23rd June 2013

End Date: --/--/--

Warnings: Spoilers up to Season 8. Swearing, Alcohol Abuse, Character Abuse, Sexual Themes, Gore, Violence, Sexual Innuendo's, Occasional Scenes of Explicit Nature, Torture.










If we still have time, we might still get by.
Every time I think about it, I wanna cry
With bombs and the devil, and the kids keep comin'
No way to breathe easy, no time to be young



The lonely control tower.
Two broken brothers.
A fallen Angel.
The snarky King of Hell.
And a female duo as different as chalk and cheese: The youngest, a Southern belle as fiery as her brazen locks and another, a blonde Brit as cold as they come with only an interested in danger.


Life didn't come much more dangerous than being around the Winchesters. Nothing good came around being near those boys; the demons, angels and everything in between with ears out on the wire knew it. Still, the two female's as close as siblings tottered along that path, not near enough to making the 'friends' they did, yet still picking up every enemy those guys left in their dust.

To Adrienna
and Evangeline, making deals and balancing all they had on the line was their lives. They didn't go around ghost busting or saving civilians in distress -  they lived for the fast cash and the rush they got from the 'one time only' games they sold to the lesser knowing folks that happened to cross their paths.



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Destiel  on says about chapter 2:
I like it, Crowley's intro lmao DUDE, I DROVE THE IMPALA. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE

Destiel  on says:
To answer the title, YES.

Cremeplan42  on says:
New reader!

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