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Like she did so every night, Faith climbed up the rusty metal ladder to the deserted roof of her apartment building. She winced when she knocked her knee against the brick structure in the process of swinging her leg over the wall. Once on the roof, she bent down and examined her knee. There wasn't much light: only what was provided by the full moon. Some of her skin had been scratched off, but it wasn't anything bad.

Faith sighed and ambled over to the center of the roof, sitting down gently and pulling her knees to her chest. 

She crossed her arms and placed them on her knees, flinching when the side of her hand brushed against the small wound. Faith placed her chin on her arms and tilted her head, staring up at the bright, white moon, while the stars decorated the otherwise black sky.

From where she sat, she could see the silhouette of one of her neighbors against the stainless glass window, a grey shadow amidst the yellow lamp light coming from inside the room. 

There she goes again, Faith bets they think, The mad girl who sits up there every night, talking to the moon.

Faith sighed. She remembered when she used to come up to the rooftop with her mother.

"You know, Faith," her mother used to say, "Daddy's on the other side, talking right back to us." She would give a small Faith couldn't really place, and continue, "He's not here with us, but he's definitely out there."

Then she would take a deep breath and hug Faith. "Always keep the faith." She would whisper. Then she'd go back down while Faith stayed on the rooftop, wondering why she sat there. Or rather, what kept her there.

Or, sometimes, Faith would go down with her mother and get ready for bed, only to see her mother back on the rooftop, her mouth forming words that Faith couldn't hear. 

Faith smiled - a smile of sadness - like the ones her mother used to give her. She understood now. 

Her mother's smiles.

Her mother going back to see the moon.

Her mother being gloomy when there was no moon that night. 

And how talking to the moon was actually mourning.

How talking to the moon was actually remembering

Faith drew in a shaky breath, "Dad...I miss you." She murmured like she did every night with her mother. ...But I hate you too...Why did you have to leave me all alone?

Except this time, her mother wasn't with her, by her side.

But she was definitely out there, somewhere far away. 

She was with her dad, on the other side of the moon.





Long time no oneshot! Haha!

Well...I hope you guys enjoyed this...comments/reactions/opinions are very welcome~




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AcornyJOKES  on says about chapter 1:
It was nice :)),I enjoyed reading this :D

Beauty  on says:
So emotional ;.;

byzelo  on says about chapter 1:
why do u make me sad

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