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Strangely, I find that character listings irritate me. Not literally the character listings, but the way the characters are listed. For example, for this, the character listing is "everybody".  (The "listing" as I call it, is in the foreword under the big bold word "characters".)

However, I see some stories with character listings of 

Person A, Person B


Um...quite honestly, I don't know how to respond to that except for "...What?"

Why would someone use Person A and Person B? I'm sure - and I hope - that the author isn't literally using "Person A" and "Person B". You can't really give them a gender either...

Tell me how weird this sounds:

Person A walked into the cafe and glanced around. Person A couldn't find Person B. Meanwhile, Person B had forgotten about the date and was at home, watching TV all alone. 

My reaction: ....Meh.




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Anggie  on says about chapter 19:
This is as interesting as your AFF Peeves (I had read it) ^^ It's inspiring and full of good points. I haven't wrote any stories yet, but if I ever did, I'd remember this. Thank you ^^

Xuexue  on says about chapter 19:
Hi! I'm newbie on this FFO and i even i dont know why did i make an account on FFO in the first place. Maybe because I thought that FFO is similar to AFF.To be honest, i dont what to do on FFO. But then, i dont regret about registeration. After i've registered, i click here and there on the home page and fanfics pages and take a look here and there and found yours(this FFO Peeves). The forehead or definition(whatever you name it) have got my attention. To be honest, i do like to read in the same to write stories. The problem is that i dont have any enough confidient to post my stories if i had one(which is i do really have one). Besides that, i have found that some of my stories are just the same as the stories that i've been read. NO, i done writing my stories before i read her/him stories. I'm afraid that the Authors or anybody would says that i'm copying theirs stories while it was my purely own ideas and fantasy. ugh! plus, my english + grammar(s) are not very good too."English is not my first Language" i always saw this on AFF. i subscribed this FFO peeves because i wanted to improve my writing. please support me. Be my tutor on FFO. Thank you for the Advises on previous chapters. there are really helpful and give me some consciousness. i like the chapter 4. thank you.

MarkTuan  on says about chapter 10:
Preach! Lol

teenidle  on says about chapter 19:
Hehe! I disappear so often! However, I do so because I can not be online for too long. I have to take breaks due to work or volunteer work. I rarely make friends, so that may also be why. I used to stay up late, and stay in my room 24/7. Now I try and get out and do stuff, so I sometimes disappear. I also am really bad at answering something as simple as text messages.

teenidle  on says about chapter 18:
I personally like Kunila (it is a mixture of two names I came up with), Savage (as a surname), and probably Jaqen (due to Game of Thrones, haha). I like to use names that are uncommon, not as unique as some of the ones I have seen, but names that have died out. Meaning names that are from old English, or have some sort of history to them.

teenidle  on says about chapter 17:
I totally believe that the created characters should be given a first and last name. When I create characters they have a first, middle, and last name. With that they also have a family history. Now I don't always get to put it all out there, because like previously stated, it is hard for me to pump out stories. Perhaps it is the lack of discipline. I, in all honestly, am better with factual based writings. I can write pages upon pages of reports.

teenidle  on says about chapter 16:
I never understood this to be honest. Why not put that time and effort into something else? Why not advertise the story on tumblr/wordpress/etc to help FFO get more traction? It totally baffles me.

teenidle  on says about chapter 14:
I am the QUEEN of SHIPS! I seriously ship so many people together. I do not look at where the person is based (ie. American based/South Korean based/British based), but if they have chemistry. That is if it is a non alternate universe story. I think that if it is an alternate universe story anyone, regardless of popularity, can be paired together. This is because I like to have an open mind. I believe that it is only awkward if the writer makes it awkward. Meaning if they are forcing these two people together. I do find it a little frustrating that people have that way of thinking. That two people who are not within the same circle of popularity can not be within the same story, that they can not be paired. This is because I have written various stories where I pare a popular Kpop idol with a non Kpop idol, and I have received horrible comments. From things ranging to "Why? Why would you do such a thing?" to "What the fvck is your problem?"

teenidle  on says about chapter 13:
YEP! I never really requested graphics-as I like to do my own-but I hate that that happens. I think it is a little inconsiderate of the shop owners to delete past work on whatever site they uploaded them on. This is because as a shop owner, especially if you are charging karma/up votes/favorites, has silently agreed to provide the requester that graphic. Yes, it isn't the shop owner's issue, but it just shows good manners.

teenidle  on says about chapter 12:
I like periods in titles. I love the awkwardness, the abruptness of it. However, like I've said in previous comments: I am not picky. I love it when people play with stuff. Visually it catches my eye, and makes me think. Why did they choose to put it like that? Was it inspired from another piece of work, or did it come from within themselves?

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