GiveMariCookies's Authored Stories

Path Astray

Last updated on
Characters: Cast of Pokemon anime, Nohr cast of Fire Emblem Fates
Tags: anime crossover pokemon videogames fireemblem
| Chapters: 4 |

No one outside of Ash's circle knows what really happened to him. In fact, no one actually knows where he had... Read More

Swords and Tomes

Last updated on
Characters: FE:A Characters [Morgan, Inigo, Male!MU, Lucina, Chrom, Sumia, Cynthia]
Tags: romance family videogames fea fireemblem
| Chapters: 6 |

Inigo definitely had no idea of the life he got into the moment he proposed to Morgan. But hey! At least his life won't be so boring with the positive and energetic amnesiac he calls his wife, an... Read More

Digimon Adventure 03: Rampage of the Supernatural

Last updated on
Characters: Cast of Digimon 01/02 and Cast of Dangan Ronpa/SDR2/DRAE
Tags: anime crossover digimon danganronpa
| Chapters: 3 | Comments: 1 |

Summary: Daisuke felt like the world was changing around her. Her friends rarely talked to her, her family pretty much acted as if she never existed, and the Digidestined aren't able to access th... Read More

Hope and Despair Win 'em All!

Last updated on
Tags: romance anime adventure pokemon
| Chapters: 1 |

Someone wanted to get rid of Satoshi once and for all. Frame him, take his family away, betrayal? All part of the plan. Just after losing to Takuto at the Sinnoh League, he is able to escape an... Read More

Guardian Mission: Save the Worlds from Subspace

Last updated on
Tags: humor adventure action game ssbb
| Chapters: 3 |

There has always been a line of Guardians, having always helped the Smash Bros. However, when Subspace returns to not only take over the Smash Universe but all other game worlds and even the Huma... Read More

Rozen Fire: A Hoenn Journey

Last updated on
Characters: Rozen Daemon (OC), Steven Stone, Team Magma
Tags: adventure action originalcharacter pokemon
| Chapters: 1 |

Rozen Daemon has made it her goal to make her village proud and become their first Dragon Master among the village's Counsel of Elders. But in order to do that, she must start a Pokémon Journey j... Read More

The Battle Frontier All Over Again

Last updated on
Tags: romance anime comedy adventure action pokemon
| Chapters: 3 |

With the ordeals of Team Plasma done and over with, Ash, Iris, and Cilan are at a stump at what they... Read More

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