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Me, you, and my life




Hello! This is BeHappy...again...yay.

This wonderful fanfic is called "Jolly Journal Entries - Fwunny FwanFwuickchion Days with BeHappy"

Anyway, this fanfiction, or fwanfwuikchion, is basically going to be journal entries - funny journal entries. I was talking to my cousin and she inspired this. She also made up the exaggeration for chapter 1. "Fwunny FwanFwuikchion" is also made up by her and she said I could use both. 


And I believe this is my....eighth story? Yep, eighth.

And be warned: if you're looking for an actual fanfic with plot structure, this isn't the place to find it. It's just a silly old crack fic.



I hope this will make you laugh or at least entertain you! 

I'll write the dates and everything, just like a journal entry. There'll be the original, then the funny one.

Please leave me comments and subscriptions and upvotes are much appreciated!

Start Date: Sunday June 2, 2013

End Date: June 23, 2013


Poster and background made by 'lil piggy at The Nerds || Graphic Shop!


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ByungKitty  on says:
happy happy happy birthday~^^

byzelo  on says:
Can't get over the video, lol.

unfamiliar  on says about chapter 7:
oh man i feel guilty eating meat but ...
ok im speechless when i read this

RareBliss  on says:
At first I was like "What on earth does the title say?" but then I read it over and over again until I understood. It's actually funny. Update more :)

bananamilk0831  on says about chapter 2:
Lmao the video is soo hilarious!!

bottom_rock28  on says about chapter 1:
RLAB. I just finished eating my oatmeal.
Then suddenly, here I am reading this. Hahaha, this is so out of the ordinary. xD

bananamilk0831  on says about chapter 1:
Omfg oatmeal XD
SOOO random

fluffyrocks  on says about chapter 1:
Lol, I was eating cereal and at "epic face" and "I was manly", I spit out all my milk onto my computer screen.
Maybe you should write the next one about cereal? xD

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