Chapter 2

by spinatale
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A new school, new people, new friends to be made. I sit in the corner of the classroom, exasperated. What was I expecting? As soon as I walked into the classroom all eyes were on me. The only friends I'd ever made were the ones who befriended me for my looks. Same old story.

A guy who sat at the very back of the class was staring at me. I try not to roll my eyes. He probably likes me. He's kind of geeky, with big black glasses and ash brown hair. When the bell rings for second period I pack my stuff and am about to leave when he walks over to me. "H-h-hi," he stammers. I smile at him. I have to hand it to him. He looks like the shy type and having the courage to actually come up and talk to me was pretty brave. Especially approaching a pretty girl like me.

"Hi," I reply, " I'm new here so I don't really know your name." He glances at me, a happy smile plastered on his bright red face, "Ah, um, m-my name is Laurence and you're Melina? R-right?" I nod, " Yeah, that's my name. Do you need something?" He blushes, " Need something? Oh...I-I was just saying hi, b-b-but if you need someone to show you around the school I could-"

Just then a tall male with gold brown hair hooks an arm around Laurence, " Laurence! Way to go! Making the first move already huh?" He smiles at me, his green eyes twinkling, " I'm Dread, short for Andrew. This stuttering guy here is my long time childhood friend." I raise a brow at him, "Dread?" He grins, " Yeah, Dread. Using Drew for a nickname is soo boring, so Dread. New and refreshing!"

" H-he doesn't believe his nickname is weird," Laurence cuts in, " Dread is a negative name." Dread frowns playfully, " Well, I don't see any girls running yet!"   "Uh, if you two will excuse me I'm going to be late for History," I interrupt. " S-sorry," Laurence stammers. Dread nods knowingly, " Sure, but one last thing. Laurence here is actually wondering if you''ll go on a d-"  "NOTHING!" Laurence exclaims, covering Dread's mouth, " Nothing at all. S-see you later Melina." I smile, " Ah yeah. See ya later."

I quickly walk out the door. Laurence and Dread, huh. Those two match well together.

The warning bell rings and I begin running to class. I'm going to be late! To make things worse I don't know where my next class is. Maybe I should of asked Laurence to come with me. I turn a corner and smack into something hard. "Sorry!" I exclaim. I had knocked a guy over. He sat on the floor rubbing his back. He glares at me with sky blue eyes, " Watch where you're going!" I apologize again, " Sorry, but I'm going to be late for class. I'll repay you later!" I'm about to run off, but he grabs my arm using it to pull himself up. His eyes light up maliciously, " It's a promise." A cold shiver runs up my spine. The way he said it did not sound good.

" Where you headed?" he asks, just as the late bell rings. I curse silently. My first day at a new school and I was already late for second period. "History," I huff angrily. It was kind of his fault that I was late for class. " Mr. York's History class?" the blue eyed male asks. I scowl at him, " Yes," I hiss, " do you know where his class is?" The male smirks, pointing to his right at a classroom door, " It's right there."

I must have looked furious because he smirks even wider, " Oh, I'm sorry. I made you late." I stalk towards the classroom. "You owe me twice," he adds. I turn around, " Why do I owe you twice?" He waves a finger at me, " You made me late too." I glare. How I want to wipe that smile off his face.



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spinatale [A]  on says about chapter 14:
Yeah, the things Fleano said was kind of cheesy...or really cheesy depending on the person. I hope y'all found it to be sweet and romantic-ish.

angellee  on says about chapter 8:
please update soon.Love it

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