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A game that seems just like a drama. A game just for those in search of the perfect boyfriend. Listen to your

heartbeat loudly as your destined one draws near. The handsome men you will meet, who will you choose? A

game just for you. It doesn't matter how you look like, it doesn't matter how different you are, because whoever

you choose will love you in the end. So don't hesitate join this game of love.


The Contestants:

The Main girl

Main girl two

Male one

Male two

Male three

Male four

Male five

The Heartbreaker


Once you sign up the game begins. Suddenly you will meet handsome guys, when, where, and how, is all left to fate.

In the game two girls will participate as main girl. The five males will vary in personalities, sure to pike the intrest of the girls, especially if one of them ends up being your type. The type of guy will vary in the games of each girl. So another girl who plays the game after the one before has been completed may not have the same types of guys as the one before.

The heartbreaker is an individual male or female who is chosen based on their characteristics to be the one who tries to break up the forming couples and ruin things.


Are you ready?

Let the love game









This is a teaser for the story I will be writing.

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spinatale [A]  on says about chapter 14:
Yeah, the things Fleano said was kind of cheesy...or really cheesy depending on the person. I hope y'all found it to be sweet and romantic-ish.

angellee  on says about chapter 8:
please update soon.Love it

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