Chapter 7

by spinatale
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I grow to hate Leo more and more. He is the worst! Our date at the amusement park was horrible. His fake smile so irratating. I sigh, it had also been tiring. " You look horrible," Dread states. " Because I do feel horrible," I groan. " S-sorry. I couldn't protect you," Laurence apologizes. I sigh again, " No worries. You wouldn't have been able to do anything anyways." Laurence deflates at my words. Dread pats him on the back, " Don't let it get you down!"

I stare at him in disbelief. He grins foolishly and waves to the whole class oblivious to the stares and whispers. Mr. Rhine coughs awkwardly. " Um (cough) we have a new transfer student. This is (cough) Fleano Dagger." He waves again. Still wearing that yellow rain coat and yellow rainboots. He had a childish grin on his face. " Hello class! I'm Fleano Dagger! My favorite color is yellow and I like ducks. My second favorite color is pink-" " Fleano, please take a seat," says Mr. Rhine. He sits down at an empty desk at the front and surveys the classroom. He greets everyone sitting around him. Then he spots me, " Oh!" he exclaims loudly. He points at me, " I know you!" Everyone looks at me. I cover my face. This is my second worst nightmare.

Slowly I make my way to Leo's table. From a mile away I could see that he was unhappy about something. As I walk over, lunch tray in hand, I see the source of his irratation. A baby face guy wearing a yellow raincoat, sitting at the table. I sit down beside Leo. " You're here. What took you so long?" he grumbles, but his attention was on the new guy. A little pressure off me...and onto Angel. The weird guy was animatedly chatting away to Angel who looked like she wanted to disappear. Leo slams his tray loudly on the table, startling everyone at the table. The new guy turns to Leo, " Mister, what's wrong? Are you sick? Is someone making you mad?" Leo narrows his eyes, " Yes, you."

The new guy blinks innocently, " Me, mister?" Leo smiles icily, " Yes. Who are you? Do you know the consequences of sitting at my table?" The new guy smiles cheerfully, " My name is Fleano Dagger. No I don't know the consequnces. Would you be so kind as to inform me?" Leo's friends snicker. " No, he would not," I say quickly. Leo flashes me a warning glance, " In fact I would love to." " No, you wouldn't," I repeat. Angel grabs Fleano's arm. Without warning Leo punches Fleano in the face. He hits the floor with a crash. I gasp. " You!" I begin to shout at Leo, when Fleano gets up.

He touches his cheek, " Mister! It is wrong to hit!" Leo grabs him by the coat collar, " So? Who cares?" " I do," Fleano answers. I groan. Oh, boy. This was going to be bad. Way worse than what I did. Leo goes in for another punch but Fleano stops his fist. Surprised Leo tries to move his hand, but he can't. Whoa. Fleano is strong. " Please restrain from hitting," Fleano says firmly.

Leo lets go, " Fine..." in a blur he roughly grabs Angel, " if I can't hit you. I'll hit her." To Angel, " Scar, I thought I was your only friend. How dare you betray me." He punches her in the gut. Fleano blows on his whistle, " Stop!" I grab Leo's arm, " Stop it!" He throws me off. I crash into the table. Leo begins punching Angel with fury. " Watcha gonna do now huh?" he shouts at Fleano. Fleano grabs the back of his shirt, " Stop! You're hurting her! Stop!"

I run in front of Angel, taking Leo's blow. He freezes, " What are you doing! Move it!" and pushes me aside. I land on the floor and see Dread and Laurence running over. Suddenly someone picks me up and helps me stand. I look up at a tall guy with black hair. He had a band aid on one cheek. " I'm gone for a month and this is what happens?" he says. Leo stops mid punch. He straightens, the anger suddenly gone from his face. " If it isn't my arch enemy Cline."


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spinatale [A]  on says about chapter 14:
Yeah, the things Fleano said was kind of cheesy...or really cheesy depending on the person. I hope y'all found it to be sweet and romantic-ish.

angellee  on says about chapter 8:
please update soon.Love it

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