Chapter 3

by spinatale
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A tear trickles down my face. I couldn't help it. Even with my hood pulled on they would still stare at me. At my face. No one will talk to me or be my friend. Not even sit next to me. Only one person is willing and he is the person I hate the most in the world. Once again he has captured me. I sit at the cafeteria table with his gang of friends, listening to their loud laughter. He pulls my hood down further, " Try not to be too scary Scar, I invited a new girl to join us for lunch. I don't want you scaring her away." His friends laugh at his words.

He's a demon. He came to me promising to be my friend and protect me, but in the end he was just using me. " This is what will happen to you if you mess with me," he'd tell everyone. It wasn't true, but it worked. No one, not even the teachers messed with him. He spots someone and waves, " Over here!" A beautiful girl with platnium hair and deep blue eyes walks over to the table. She glares at my tormentor. " Do I have to sit with you?" He smirks, " Of course, you owe me."

She sits down with a sigh. One of my tormentor's friend smiles at the new girl, " Hey, I'm Troy and who may you be?" The girl smiles back, " I'm Melina." My tormentor snaps a finger, " I forgot, how silly of me. The name's Leo. These here are my friends. Troy, which you already know, Matt, Kale, and Devin." He places a hand on my shoulder which sends goosebumps up my arm, " And she's Scar. My best friend." I clench my fist.

Melina gives me an inquiring look, " Is Scar really your name?" I glance at Leo. If he doesn't consent, I'm not aloud to speak. He smiles widely at me, " Well? Aren't you going to answer her?" "No," I answer, my voice comes out harsh and scratchy, " My real name is Angel." Melina smiles, " Angel... so why the name Scar?" I see a malicious glint in Leo's sky blue eyes. No! Not that question. Why do they always ask that? I cower, trembling as Leo places a firm hand on my head, " You want to see?"

I close my eyes as tears spill out. He rips the hood off, revealing to Melina my half burned face. Melina gasps. I hear sadistic satisfiction in Leo's voice, even though he pretends to look sad. " She doesn't have any friends because of it. No one will go near her." I quickly pull my hood back on. Hating my tormentor with every inch of my soul. I can't even look at Melina. All of Leo's friends pretend to look grim. Melina glares at Leo. "  If she really is your best friend why did you do that? Why did you pull off her hood?"

Leo smiles innocently, " She's okay with it. Right?" he asks me, smiling coldly. I stare at the ground, " I-I'm fine" Melina abruptly stands up, knocking her chair to the floor. Everyone in the cafeteria looks up. "You sick bastard!" she yells. Then she slaps Leo across the face. Everyone in the cafeteria literally gasps as one.

Leo's surprised face is quickly replaced with a smile. I can see his restrained anger. " I'm sick?" he asks. To my horror Melina grabs my arm and drags me away from the table, not bothering to answer Leo. I glance back at him with fright. No! What was she doing? Leo glares back at me with cold anger. I nearly wet my pants. I can tell just by that look that I was going to get it later.



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spinatale [A]  on says about chapter 14:
Yeah, the things Fleano said was kind of cheesy...or really cheesy depending on the person. I hope y'all found it to be sweet and romantic-ish.

angellee  on says about chapter 8:
please update soon.Love it

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