Chapter 6

by spinatale
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I cry out as he kicks me. " Stupid! I almost got her! Why did you go and ruin everything?" I don't reply, wracked with pain. I hate him. I hate him. Why won't someone help me? I remember Melina. No, I can't hope for someone to help me. Leo would get them too. He steps on my head, pushing my face into the ground. " Hey... I have an idea." He lifts his foot and smiles at me cruelly. He bends down and pulls me up. Smiling at me with a handsome but devilish face he says, " Scar. You're once again so helpful." I shudder. What was he planning now?

Dread and Laurence's faces are pale. " You must have a lot of  bad luck," Dread states. I raise a brow, " What do you mean?" " L-leo. He wants you to come out. If not he's going to  push that girl from the roof," Laurence explains. I gasp, " My first day..." I mutter. " Where is he?" Laurence points up, " The school roof." I begin running, the two following me.

I reach the roof, panting. Leo is standing behind Angel, who he has standing at the edge of the roof. He smiles brightly when he sees me. " Glad you could come." I stride over, " What are you up to?" Leo smirks, " Here's the thing. I like you. Be my girlfriend and I won't harm a hair on Scar." I glare at him, " You.." " Don't do it," warns Dread. Leo places a hand on Angel's back, making her gasp in fright. " Are you sure you want to listen to him? Her life is at risk here." I grit my teeth in fustration. " I'm waiting," Leo says, adding, " besides, you owe me." I glance at Angel. " Fine," I answer. " No!" Laurence cries out. Leo smirks and pulls Angel down. " You have such a nice friend Scar." I am cursed. I groan inwardly.

She fell right into his trap. Maybe I should have jumped off. I would have saved her the trouble of dealing with Leo. He wraps an arm around Melina. " Hm... where should we go for our first date?" Melina only glares. Leo waves a hand at me, " Run along home Scar." I wish I could kill him. I hate him so much. Not only was he giving me pain, but he was also spreading it to others. Leo glares at me and the two guys who had come with Melina. We scurry away.

I walk home, staring at the ground. My hands are covering the left side of my face. " Love Game. " Was it even real? Where was the guy of my dreams? Where was the guy who was supposed to love me? " Whoa! Watch out!" I turn around just as a bike crashes into me. The person goes flying as I fall on my butt. I slowly get up, a little dazed. The person who crashed into me stands up. He had black hair, black lips, pale skin, and a whole bunch of ear piercings. " Sorry. I was listening to my music. Didn't see you there-whoa!" I pull my hood down lower. " Um, sorry," he repeats again, awkwardly. " It's okay," I stammer, so embarassed.

Tweet tweet tweeeeet!  Startled by the whistle the emo guy and I look around for the source of the whitstle. A guy runs up to us wearing a yellow rain coat and boots. He's holding a yellow umbrella in one hand and a whitstle in the other. He had bubble pink hair with a yellow duck hair pin holding his bangs to the side and a baby face. He blows the whistle again. Tweet tweet!  Okay, a weirdo.

He points an accusing finger at the emo boy. " You there! Be more careful! You could have hurt her! Do you have a bike license?" The emo boy clutches his stomach and laughs his head off. " Dude! What's with the outrageous costume?" The weirdo glares, clearly offended. He points at me, " Apologize to the young lady!" The emo boy wipes away a tear, " I just did...but dude-" he bursts into more laughter. The weirdo turns to me. I cover my face. Here we go again.

" Miss, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?" I stare at the ground, " Y-yeah," I mumble. Suddenly he grabs my hands, pulling them away from my face. I turn my head away, waiting for that awkward sorry or an apology. Instead he grabs my face, as if he didn't notice my burn at all. He stares intently at me. I begin to feel uncomfortable. " Miss..." he says, letting go of my face, " do you happen to be related to ducks?"

The emo boy bursts out laughing harder, " Dude! You're killing me!" He rolls on the ground, laughing hysterically. All around us, people are giving us weird looks. I glare at the weirdo, " No!" I stomp on his shiny yellow boots and run home.



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spinatale [A]  on says about chapter 14:
Yeah, the things Fleano said was kind of cheesy...or really cheesy depending on the person. I hope y'all found it to be sweet and romantic-ish.

angellee  on says about chapter 8:
please update soon.Love it

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