shi ba ; so many things to do today and not enough time to do them

by -sarang
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Books piled on the bookshelf, dishes stacked in the sink, and a brother who was screaming to be fed. On most normal days, Clara would take responsibility and save her mother from the chores, but having dealt with the responsibilities for over 3 years, she didn't see the consequences behind skipping out on chores for a day.
Looking out the battered wood windows, Clara saw the first lonesome pieces of snow start to fall towards the ground. Exhaling out all her responsibilities, Clara made the decision to do something she's never done before; rebel. 
Suddenly, Clara stood up and brushed herself off before heading towards the back door. Suddenly, a writhing mass of human flesh tackled her down.

"Clara! Where's the food?" It whined and twisted, jumping on top of Clara's motionless body. 
"There is none." She answered simply, and lightly pushed it off. She felt a little pity for it, but considering the amount of time she's had to take care of.. "it", she let herself be numb to the pity and stepped outside into the cold.
Stepping softly on the stone path leading to her special place, a soft smile lit up her face, finally allowing peace to settle in her veins. No more ruckus, no more things that she had to do. 

Slowly, she saw the huge roots of the oak tree unravel through the newly-whitened landscape. Stepping closer to the massive growth, her entire face lit up at the mass of the tree. 
Grabbing onto a lower branch, she stepped onto another branch and climbed towards her little nook in the middle of the mass of expanding branches. Clara sighed, finally reaching a place where she could forget her responsibilities. She reached out to grab a handful of leaves and laid them between her head and the rough branch. 
The day was dimming to a close, she predicted around 5 o'clock and she still had a plethora of responsibilities to take care of.
"No time..." She muttered, fidgeting around her "nest". But as she stopped thinking about her responsibilities, they floated away, just like the snowflakes around her. 
Slowly, but surely, Clara fell asleep, letting her chores melt from her mind.
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littlemeanie  on says about chapter 1:
The idea of making stories based on prompts is very fresh and unique. I really enjoy reading it!

harmonleexkris  on says about chapter 18:
Wow, these stories are really nice. Creating a story plot out of prompts is really awesome, I really like to do those as well. Continue writing! I will carry on reading as well. (:

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 15:
i thought the boy was deaf or something?

rapunzel  on says about chapter 16:
wow make a story out of this

lovelyfawn  on says:
you have good english

CheqBeah96  on says:
I can't stop reading this!! update again author-nim!!!

byzelo  on says about chapter 17:
I like this one! Especially when I can, kind of, relate it. Not that I'm a smart student but I've been stressed out lately, I understand what the characters feel.

SuchChocolate  on says about chapter 17:
This is really sweet >.<

coffeeplease  on says:
update! :D

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