si ; the golden year

by -sarang
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"They say that once we retire, our lives will be blissful. They call it the golden years." He said to me, while looping his finger through my hair.

"Will we retire together...?" I asked hesitantly, risking a glance at Jongdae's face.

"I want us to," He said quietly, smiling slightly.

"What will we do when we retire?" I asked, leaning my head back and reveling in his scent.

"Well... Hopefully we'll have grandchildren, so we can play with them. We can go on a vacation, if both of us are healthy. We can hold our reciting our vows ceremony, it's like getting married again. We can invite people over for dinner, we can spend time together. How does that sound?" He murmured, pulling me onto his lap.

"That sounds like a good plan to me," I said softly, breathing deeply.

"What else shall we do?" He asked, attempting to clumsily braid my hair.

"Hmm. We can look at our high school graduation pictures, and all the self pictures we took together. We can.. read each other's diaries, and go on long walks by the beach. We can just walk around town, flaunting our love," I said back, closing my eyes and picturing our future together. He wants to have three children, two girls and one boy. He also wants to have two cute dogs as our pets. He wants a big happy family, who will accompany him in life no matter where he goes. I said yes, that would be lovely. 

Even though we're only 19, we have our entire lives planned out, and I think that is a great start. 

"Sookie, you still there?" He said, snapping me out of my daydreams.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about us together in the future..." I trailed off, closing my eyes again.

"We'll be together, even through the golden years," He said, caressing my cheek.

"Even through the golden years..." I repeated, liking the sound of the sentence fragment, "This will be a life worth living."

//+Apparently I've gotten in the habit of writing these at night. Ahah ;)


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littlemeanie  on says about chapter 1:
The idea of making stories based on prompts is very fresh and unique. I really enjoy reading it!

harmonleexkris  on says about chapter 18:
Wow, these stories are really nice. Creating a story plot out of prompts is really awesome, I really like to do those as well. Continue writing! I will carry on reading as well. (:

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 15:
i thought the boy was deaf or something?

rapunzel  on says about chapter 16:
wow make a story out of this

lovelyfawn  on says:
you have good english

CheqBeah96  on says:
I can't stop reading this!! update again author-nim!!!

byzelo  on says about chapter 17:
I like this one! Especially when I can, kind of, relate it. Not that I'm a smart student but I've been stressed out lately, I understand what the characters feel.

SuchChocolate  on says about chapter 17:
This is really sweet >.<

coffeeplease  on says:
update! :D

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