er ; in dreary times

by -sarang
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"Will you hold me? Even when I don't have the strength to react?" She whispered, clinging onto Chan Woo's shirt sleeve. The other didn't respond, but nodded slightly. 

"I love you..." She whispered, burying her face into Chan Woo's chest, tears smudging his tshirt. 


"Let's break up." Those three words were just about to tear Soo Kyung's world apart, except that she thought she didn't hear him right.

"Excuse me?" She asked, blinking rapidly, holding back forecoming tears.

"I said, it's over. We're done. Cut, zero," Chan Woo said, snapping his fingers in front of Soo Kyung's face to bring her back into reality. 

"But we were supposed to be forever..." She murmured, a wet tear cascading down her face.

"Well, forever ends." And with that, her first love left her life, never to come back in. Her life was void for days, months possibly. Until a sunshine of a boy came up to her in the library one rainy day...


"Why're you all alone?" He asked tentatively, brushing his hair out of his eyes. Lee Taemin, he introduced himself as, beaming and giving her a double thumbs up. This made her laugh for the first time in weeks, and she had never felt so filled with energy.

"Well, I'm Soo Kyung," She said back, extending a welcoming hand towards the boy. 

"Nuh uh! These days, we meet and greet with cell phones!" He said, reaching out for her smartphone and quickly tapping his contact info into it. When she got it back, she saw that his contact name was "Taeminnie <3" which made her chuckle.

"What?" He pouted defensively, and held out his phone. He meekly gestured towards her with it, and she got the hint. Soo Kyung reached out for his smartphone and tapped her credentials in there, "Soo Kyungie <3" it read, playing along with Taemin's contact details.

"I like it," He said, matter-of-factly. He flashed her a brilliant smile and said, "I'm looking forward to this..."

//+I have no clue where I was going with that.. But yeah~


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littlemeanie  on says about chapter 1:
The idea of making stories based on prompts is very fresh and unique. I really enjoy reading it!

harmonleexkris  on says about chapter 18:
Wow, these stories are really nice. Creating a story plot out of prompts is really awesome, I really like to do those as well. Continue writing! I will carry on reading as well. (:

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 15:
i thought the boy was deaf or something?

rapunzel  on says about chapter 16:
wow make a story out of this

lovelyfawn  on says:
you have good english

CheqBeah96  on says:
I can't stop reading this!! update again author-nim!!!

byzelo  on says about chapter 17:
I like this one! Especially when I can, kind of, relate it. Not that I'm a smart student but I've been stressed out lately, I understand what the characters feel.

SuchChocolate  on says about chapter 17:
This is really sweet >.<

coffeeplease  on says:
update! :D

[comment deleted by owner]

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