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like i'm made of glass [Complete]

by swabluu
featured on 9-22-2018
Characters: Nico, Bianca
Tags: nico pjo family

This is actually something I wrote a year ago, and dug up a few minutes ago, haha. Um, enjoy? Assume that Nico is fifteenish and Heroes of Olympus has not happened. I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians.... Read More

Life isn't always easy

by -shiina
featured on 9-15-2018
Characters: Jessica,Kylie,Danielle,Skylar,Jordan,Jayden,Kayden
Tags: highschool selfharm life suicide

... Read More

Blue Spring Ride

by springrain
featured on 9-8-2018
Characters: Futaba, Kou (Tanaka-kun)
Tags: manga aoharuride sliceoflife aoharaido

Blue Spring Ride

This is actually inspired by one of my favorite manga 'Ao Haru Ride'. It will be short, I think, but we'll see. It's the first time I'm writing fan fiction about anything other than K-POP, so I have this big smile on my face because it's exciting. Heh.  I really like this site... Read More

the last of the red roses

by peodbear
featured on 9-1-2018
Characters: Ciel Phantomhive, Cordelia L'hiver, Sebastian Michaelis
Tags: kuroshitsuji sebastian ciel blackbutler

    Let's be clear from the start so there won't be any confusions: this is certainly not a yaoi story and neither does it follow the manga/anime. I will only use some facts and the characters that aren't mine in order to get rid of this burning idea that doesn't let me breath. ... Read More

Dear You

by giraffehugger
featured on 8-25-2018
Tags: romance original

      ... Read More

Come Back To Me [Complete]

by stanleyunique
featured on 8-18-2018
Tags: oneshot

Disclaimer: A one-shot derived from a song by Utada Hikaru titled 'Come Back To Me' If you haven't listened before, here's your chance to now.... Read More

Let It Be

by Domino
featured on 8-11-2018
Characters: Sean | Ben (Harve)| Girls....
Tags: romance drama original fiction love

Let It Be

      sPOILER   Leather couch, black fur material bed, everything in this room looks elegant and expe... Read More

Crush? [Complete]

by byzelo
featured on 8-4-2018
Tags: reallife crush idek

high school puppy crush nawwwwwh.... Read More

Waking Up

by dream_keeper88
featured on 7-28-2018
Characters: Original characters
Tags: scifi

  Waking Up is Keeper's entry in the End Of The Year Story Writing Contest in an anime forum. It placed 3rd and won an Amazon voucher worth 15$. This is my first sci-fi, lol, and I would like to extend my thanks to my ... Read More

The Runaway

by carlyxoxorenee
featured on 7-21-2018
Characters: Georgia Williams, others in the future
Tags: original

---COMING SOON---... Read More

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