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by mscarol
featured on 10-7-2017
Characters: Ciera | Niel
Tags: fantasy


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The Mysterious Garden [Complete]

by MidnightNightingale
featured on 9-30-2017
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: poem

The Mysterious Garden

Credits to Bright Side Graphics for the amazing poster~! :)... Read More

Six Feet Under

by contaegious
featured on 9-16-2017
Characters: Avery Taylor, Drew Martin (Original Characters)
Tags: romance original comedy originalcharacter

"Please make yourself at home, Landlord." I coughed awkwardly. "My name is Drew, Avery. No need to call me 'landlord'." She slowly nodded and picked up a few of her pencils that fell off the table from when I previously bumped into it. "Would you like something to drink?" She asked. "Um, I don't need a drink. I was only checking up on you anyways--" She cut me off before I could finish. "No, I insist." "Alright then. Some water please." She nods and runs to the kitchen. I look to the ground... Read More

Ears and a Tail

by DaehyunWifey
featured on 9-9-2017
Characters: to be announced!
Tags: fantasy

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Past, Present, and Dead [Complete]

by purplepop
featured on 9-2-2017
Characters: Krystal and Tiffany
Tags: oneshot mystery

Past, Present, and Dead

A/N:  Hi everyone~ This is my first fanfic here on FFO! ^^ This is also posted on AFF, but with different characters, and here... I decided to make this story a one-shot~ ^^ This is inspired by the t.v. series "Pretty Little Liars" That is why the characters are the cast of "Pretty Little Liars"! ... Read More

i crack my teeth on wedding rings in the movies [Complete]

by stormshins
featured on 8-26-2017
Tags: original prose

do you see the deed through or are you glad when you don't have to? note: can be read in two ways.    rated for some language.        ... Read More

Reminiscence [Complete]

by -justadreamer-
featured on 8-19-2017
Tags: oneshot original friendship


Cheers to me for opening my account. c: With that said, let's begin with a friendship oneshot. It is NOT yuri, (I do not write yuri), it's just purely friendship. c: ... Read More

The Anne Frank House [Complete]

by mouat97
featured on 8-12-2017
Tags: tfios wat

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Passing Glances [Complete]

by blueberry_muffin
featured on 8-5-2017
Characters: originalcharacter
Tags: angst oneshot originalcharacter imagery

Something I wrote awhile ago and also what I turned in for a recent comepetion, I hope anyone who reads enjoy! ^0^... Read More

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