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Learning The Drive World!

by HaeJae03
featured on 11-9-2019
Tags: fastandthefurious

Learning The Drive World!

  Hii guys ^^   So this is my first fan fiction on this site. For me it’s like a little harder to make a FFO for this page because I always write AFF and now I have to change :p. Well I tried my best and I finally have something ^^.  It’s about Fast and the Furious. I just love those movies so I will do my first one about that ^^. And yes Dom, Han and Brain will be in it ^^ But to pick a name your You out is harder and a friend ... Read More

She's Ms.Mistaken

by LoveSick
featured on 11-2-2019
Characters: You as Hazel Foster,One Direction, and minor characters
Tags: romance original you comedy onedirection

She's Ms.Mistaken

Author's note: Thank you for checking this fanfic out~! I appreciate it a lot! ^^ I love writing fics so, you can expect me to update daily (yeay~!!) XD ... Read More

Slender, Indeed [Complete]

by Comatose-Bunny
featured on 10-26-2019
Characters: Alucard & You (friendship ... sort of)
Tags: anime hellsing

... Read More

First Love | A Drabble [Complete]

by saengsa
featured on 10-19-2019
Tags: romance

First Love | A Drabble

We reminisce, but is it okay? When it is the past, is it okay to look back?... Read More


by reachforthestars-
featured on 10-12-2019
Tags: angst original scifi robots

  Coming Soon   Respect me as an Author. That means No Plagarizing, No Co... Read More

The Death of Remus Lupin

by Taeryfai
featured on 10-5-2019
Characters: The Marauders | Remus, James, Sirius, Peter and Lily
Tags: remuslupin

... Read More

Dexterous and Beautiful

by GooseFlavor
featured on 9-28-2019
Characters: Abe&Mihashi; from oofuri
Tags: anime

Abe and Mihashi from oofuri (Big Wind-up) Prompt: hands  ... Read More

I never would've known.....

by star_angel
featured on 9-21-2019
Characters: yuzuki, zilar, hitake, evangeline, nirvana, yuuto,
Tags: originalstory

"Dark Angels? Princes? Weird memories hidden away that I never knew about? Creatures I never knew existed?"      "I never would've known......."... Read More

Severed [Complete]

by Winterflowr
featured on 9-14-2019
Tags: angst sliceoflife


A litte something that was written spurr of the moment.  A peak into my mind during an instance of anger and resentment.... Read More

Memories of a long time ago

by Raveness
featured on 9-7-2019
Characters: [Norway] [Svalbard]
Tags: hetalia axispowershetalia norway vikingage memories aph

  Author's Note:   This is just a short, little something I came up with during a long car drive. I've loved APH (especially the Nordics) for a long time, but this is my first time wri... Read More

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