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Passing Glances [Complete]

by blueberry_muffin
featured on 8-5-2017
Characters: originalcharacter
Tags: angst oneshot originalcharacter imagery

Something I wrote awhile ago and also what I turned in for a recent comepetion, I hope anyone who reads enjoy! ^0^... Read More

Polls 4 Lols

by jj_maple
featured on 7-29-2017
Tags: sliceoflife random

Thanks to those who took the time to share, comment, subscribe and upvote. Subscribers- omgith Commentors- omgith... Read More

is this okay?

by nuestismyidol101
featured on 7-22-2017
Tags: yaoi anime oddpairing

is this okay?

Credit to:simple graphics shop for the great poster ... Read More

Midnight Bliss

by unrealistic_dreamer
featured on 7-15-2017
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: romance fantasy originalstory supernatural originalcharacter vampires

Midnight Bliss

I am angry and frustrated over something no one should have concern over. I don't know who I am anymore and I don't know what to do about it. ... Read More

The Chronicles Of Having Best Friends During Middle School

by byzelo
featured on 7-8-2017
Characters: You ▬ me ▬ anyone related.
Tags: angst friendship sad personal schoollife reallife pain

The Chronicles Of Having Best Friends During Middle School

I've been reading a few stories about friendship here lately and I was just feeling really emotional about this whole thing. ... Read More

Drawn To You

by heme-san
featured on 7-1-2017
Characters: Soubi, Ritsuka, Seimei
Tags: yaoi anime loveless

Drawn To You

I do not own Ritsuka, Seimei, or Soubi. Yun Kouga Does. I only own this story. ... Read More

Happy Reviews ● Reviews [SEMI-HIATUS]

by BeHappy
featured on 6-24-2017
Characters: Authors, Reviewers, and your stories!
Tags: request shop review reviewshop

Happy Reviews ● Reviews  [SEMI-HIATUS]

... Read More


by Sterek
featured on 6-17-2017
Characters: Teen wolf
Tags: romance supernatural sterek teenwolf

... Read More

Snowy Night [Complete]

by jwuhong
featured on 6-10-2017
Characters: Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane
Tags: malec mortalinstruments

Snowy Night

Aku cinta kamu — I love you.   I'm writing this at midnight because the idea came to me. So let's just say, Malec for lyfe or 5ever. Whatever it is that crazy shippers would say since they had a tragic moment in City of Lost Souls.... Read More

The Closed Gap

by Sireika1011
featured on 6-3-2017
Tags: emotions

A/N: Hi! Sire here! So, this is one of my first writings, and I started it about 6 years ago, so sorry if some of them stink. But these are random writings that are all based on my depression. Sorry if these make you sad, they are not meant to. They are meant to give insight to what people miss in life, and hopefully make you see things in yourself differently. :) All of these chapters are in Parts. Which means that this is basically a collect of one shots, that probably by never e... Read More

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