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Migraine [Complete]

by KumoriHayashi15
featured on 7-12-2014
Characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Mikoto
Tags: yaoi fluff naruto narusasu sasuke

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❝ ✳ PAPER STARS // 별。layout gallery [Complete]

by ByungKitty
featured on 7-5-2014
Characters: me and my imaginary unicorns.
Tags: personal layouts layout profile paperstars gallery

      ... Read More

Night of Fantasy

by jj_maple
featured on 6-7-2014
Tags: romance original fantasy

Jennavieve Flores. The name of the girl who has lived on Earth for 10 years of her life. The name of the girl who has survived the Night of Fantasy for 3 years. What is the Night of Fanta... Read More

Silence Sculpture

by flowersea
featured on 5-31-2014
Characters: Ashley Tower(You),Stacey Tower(You),Bill Kaulitz,Tokio Hotel
Tags: romance angst drama sliceoflife you tokiohotel

Silence Sculpture

"Only fools fall in love Bill"Ashley said as he holded a bouquet of flowers, his eyes were full of tears he didn't know that love was so painful, it's like being stabbed in the heart and they don't take the knife out at once they take it out little by little to be more painful. "I should've listened to you i'm sorry Ashley,i'm truly sorry"Bill said and he left leaving Ashley there alone in the middle of no... Read More

The Lake [Complete]

by smileysgoboing
featured on 5-24-2014
Tags: gothic

Something I wrote for an English assignment; also posted on AFF (starring JongSica).... Read More

Infinite Life [SEMI-HIATUS]

by BeHappy
featured on 5-17-2014
Tags: romance fiction fantasy supernatural originalcharacter vampire romanceish

Infinite Life [SEMI-HIATUS]

        "In all my life, there wasn't anyone I found that I loved and cared for more than you...not a single person."   I remember it all clearly, as if it was just yesterday. That was the last thing Ryan said to me. It would be the last time he ever told me ... Read More

Letting Love Go

by spurple
featured on 5-10-2014
Characters: Lucy Gray Natsu FairyTail Sting Rogue
Tags: anime fairytail

So I brought this story over from because I find it easier to use this site. So if it sounds familar then it's probably from the other site. Anyways please enjoy (: I won't tell the pairing and just leave you guessing! Also here is my OC   Name: Sapphire Vastia (you'll see why) ... Read More

Pure Bliss [Complete]

by stephanie
featured on 5-3-2014
Characters: Dave Strider & Jade Harley
Tags: romance fluff davejade jadeharley davestrider homestuck

Pure Bliss

It really wasn’t much—it was just a gentle kiss. But to them, it was a moment of pure bliss. * AN: i couldn't resist i'm sorry. that "start writing" button was begging... Read More

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