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The Painful End [Complete]

by mymikp
featured on 5-19-2018
Characters: Alisica ,Kain ,Sibi , Mikoda
Tags: classic

Enjoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy ~~!... Read More

Finding Heaven In Hell

by BrokenAbyssChain
featured on 5-12-2018
Characters: Niklaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson/Kaleb, Hayley Marshall, Finn Mikaelson/Vincent, Mikael, Ester Mikaelson/Lenore, Marcel Gerard, Davina Claire, Camille O’Connell. Others - Minor. [O.C’s] Liliana & Morrigan
Tags: drama hurtcomfort action theoriginals relationships blackcomedy strategy

Finding Heaven In Hell

    LilianaCenturies - Fall Out Boy “Oh, you want to know who I am? Well, honey, you’re about to find out. When I’m finished with t... Read More

The black dragon under the Moonlight

by OrchidAngel
featured on 5-5-2018
Characters: Hak, Yona, Yoon, Suwon, Shinah, Jaeha, Zeno, Kaji, Ao and Miyako
Tags: akatsukinoyona

... Read More

Maize [Complete]

by aeroryuu
featured on 4-28-2018
Tags: romance original teen

... Read More

I Need You

by Vixx_Baplovers
featured on 4-21-2018
Characters: Jungkook, Jina (OC), Yugyeom, Lami (OC), others
Tags: romance drama sliceoflife schoollife bts jungkook yugyeom

Characters:     ... Read More

With My Heart

by eversea
featured on 4-14-2018
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger
Tags: dracomalfoy romance oneshot dramione hermionegranger

With My Heart

Though Dramione is not my main OTP in Harry Potter, I find this ship to be so interesting and complex because of the fact that their relationship would be greatly frowned upon by their friends and Draco's family. I really wanted to write something that would give us Draco's perspective on the matter, as it would provide us with insight as to how he may have dealt with all of t... Read More

Just Like Your Father [Complete]

by Tsuyukii
featured on 4-7-2018
Characters: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and others
Tags: harrypotter angst oneshot siriusblack

Preview: Sirius Black was, understandably, quite delusional at some moments after experiencing such a long time in the prisons of Azkaban… Twelve years, in fact. Lengthy years that the rebellious Black spent in the proximity of the dark and gloomy Dementors, and all without even knowing whether his godson, Harry James Potter, had survived Dark Lord Voldemort’s notorious assault on the Potter ... Read More

At A Muggle Bar [Complete]

by chessur
featured on 3-31-2018
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter
Tags: drarry dracomalfoy harrypotter

Ha... oh, this was a while ago, huh? Wow. First ever Harry Potter fanfic and I've since cringed away from it. Hard. You can't believe the level that the HP fandom gets with fanfiction. You think you're good, writing kpop fanfic, and then bam you get introduced to HP and you can't even understand why you spent so much time reading really bad stories when people like ... Read More

It Gets Better [Complete]

by theniceslytherin
featured on 3-24-2018
Characters: Peter Pettigrew & Cyprien Alesi
Tags: drabbles cyprienalesi alegrew mpreg peterpettigrew fluff pregnancy

It Gets Better

  Just a fluffy mpreg drabble series because everyone needs more fluffy mpreg drabbles in their life.  I hope you enjoy, it's bound to be plenty fun to write :D Love~ Claudia... Read More

You reminds me of him resembles him ( REAL STORY )

by Minerva
featured on 3-17-2018
Characters: me -bias-idol-alike friends schoolmates
Tags: love sliceoflife

Before I love you because you look like him, but now I want your response saying “don’t look at me like how you look at HIM but look at me as who I am   ” . I want you . you are my first love (0_o)   . I never have this painful feeling for this long time i ever live . . .... Read More

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