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Segments of Days

by Pastelsky
featured on 3-18-2017
Tags: angst sliceoflife originalcharacter depression

Segments of Days

    I used to love only one woman whose voice was the call which kept me sane.   But they mercilessly took her away.   ... Read More

▲▽ psithurism ; a graphic shop ▽▲

by amoreena
featured on 3-11-2017
Characters: some galaxy swirlies and the little dopes
Tags: graphics request poster shop requestshop galaxy

▲▽ psithurism ; a graphic shop ▽▲

Affiliates;Comment to become one! none atmExamples;... Read More

unfathomed words

by influx
featured on 3-4-2017
Tags: original poems

just collections of cluttered words that i'm unable to fathom. note: it's not i don't know how to capitalize, i just like writing like this.influx//2013  ... Read More

The Love Game

by spinatale
featured on 2-18-2017
Tags: romance originalcharacter

This is a teaser for the story I will be writing.... Read More

A small collection of songfics

by sweetdreams
featured on 2-11-2017
Tags: songfic

Just a small collection of songfics. Feel free to request a song, hehe. I'll format this when I have time. ~ sweetdreams... Read More

〈 paperhearts。 〉layout shop { open for requests }

by ilove_xo
featured on 2-4-2017
Characters: you and your layouts
Tags: layouts layout layoutshop

  ... Read More

Pokemon master

by DaehyunWifey
featured on 1-28-2017
Tags: pokemon

Pokemon master


A Simple Story

by katakatica
featured on 1-14-2017
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: romance angst original fluff sliceoflife schoollife

Being ordinary can be viewed as a sin by some. Or maybe not a sin, because that's a tiny bit harsh, but most honestly don't like it. Why? "Because it's boring!" They might say, their tone quite rude and a bit too confident, as if their view on normal or regular people was oh-so-obvious. Then again, what is exactly normal? Can you even describe it? Expect for twins, every sin... Read More

AYO {Graphic Shop}

by Taeyeon
featured on 1-7-2017
Tags: graphics request shop ayo requestshop posters

AYO {Graphic Shop}

:Request Form: Ausername: Storylink: Summary: Quote: Characters: HQ Pictures:     Af... Read More

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