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Empty Emotion

by Sireika1011
featured on 2-19-2022
Tags: love

A/N: Hi! Sire here! This is anything 'Part' story, but this time dealing will all my ideas on love. :) Enjoy. Please note that each Part is a different love story. I make some of them up as I go, but they still hold truth to them.... Read More

phantasmagoria [Complete]

by influx
featured on 2-12-2022
Tags: oneshot original

phantasmagoria |fanˌtazməˈgôrēə| (noun) "a sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream:... Read More

When boy meet girl

by Superstar
featured on 2-5-2022
Characters: Boy and girl
Tags: romance

... Read More

What We Did For Love

by KirbylovesToto
featured on 1-29-2022
Characters: Markov||Sellena||Margo||Celyn||Salome||Harold
Tags: originalcharacter

  What she was, was nothing anymore. They were just dust. There was no before for her as she set her feet in the cold road. ... Read More

Dear Old Love

by thewriter
featured on 1-22-2022
Characters: You and Him
Tags: romance drama original schoollife

Dear Old Love

... Read More

very short story [Complete]

by TheDormouse
featured on 1-15-2022
Tags: sliceoflife lonely reallife short

very short story

Once there was a little girl playing in her garden. But she was alone. She was hoping for a friend to come by. Sometimes she would sit on a bench looking at the street with her teddy bear in her arms. She waited. But no one came. And that's how she sat there hour after hour, day after day, month after month and year after year. When the years past and she be... Read More

The Journal of Hiro Hamada

by Cheshire_XOXO
featured on 1-8-2022
Characters: Hiro Hamada | Baymax | GoGo | Honey Lemon | Fred | Wasabi | Aunt Cass
Tags: bighero6 hirohamada baymax bigherosix gogo honeylemon wasabi

The Journal of Hiro Hamada

Graphics credits to  la Vista`Graphic Shop... Read More


by SergiRoberto
featured on 1-1-2022
Tags: essay

... Read More

ﺴ Little Panda's Review Shop ﺴ

by Pandas
featured on 12-25-2021
Tags: original reviews review reviewshop littlepanda

ﺴ Little Panda's Review Shop ﺴ

      R u l e s... Read More

Elementary ; a tale.

by chessur
featured on 12-18-2021
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson, Tobias Gregson, Marcus Bell, Irene Adler, Rhys, Clyde
Tags: elementary

Table Of Contents:  ... Read More

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