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Catch 666

by BrokenAbyssChain
featured on 11-17-2018
Characters: Alexandria Baines, Domino Alverez, Julian Darby, Kassandra Samuels, Kaylen Hart, Zadkiel, Nikita Wray, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, Samael, Belial, Mormo, Hecate. More - Minors Characters
Tags: supernatural action horror mystery relationships blackcomedy

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Understanding His Pain

by omgith
featured on 11-10-2018
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Benny.. possibly others.
Tags: yaoi angst oneshot supernatural destiel dean castiel

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Two Sides of a Coin

by luscious--
featured on 11-3-2018
Characters: Kudo Shinichi/Edogawa Conan, Shiho Miyano/Haibara Ai, Mouri Ran
Tags: angst detectiveconan shinran conanxai kudoshinichi mouriran haibaraai

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Good Morning [Complete]

by FattyPandi
featured on 10-27-2018
Tags: nature

Good Morning

Originally, I wrote this for my friend's english paper but he gave me the wrong info and a short story about nature wasn't his topic- it was something else. So I didn't want to just.. delete it so yea. LOL. P.S.(This is posted on asianfanfics too and I decided to post it h... Read More

A Matter of Time

by chessur
featured on 10-20-2018
Characters: Damon Salvatore | Stefan Salvatore | Elena Gilbert
Tags: tvd delena stelena

It's only a matter of time with Damon.... Read More

An Apple's Life [Complete]

by Ninjin
featured on 10-13-2018
Characters: Apple||Orange||Banana||Cherry
Tags: fruit

An Apple's Life

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Heart Box.

by kiribeats
featured on 10-6-2018
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: original

  Staring down at the world beneath him--the world continued on absentmindedly as it always has for him--for the past 4 centuries.   ... Read More

Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me [Complete]

by theniceslytherin
featured on 9-29-2018
Characters: Severus Snape & Cyprien Alesi
Tags: cyprienalesi angst severussnape oneshot cyperus friendship

Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me

Why, hello, FFO~ I'm a big believer in the excellence of one-shots. To be honest, they're primarily what I read personally. So please enjoy a nice angsty bit from my go-to OC Cyprien. Claudia PS: I just think Matt Smith makes for a very good-looking Sevvy, don't you?... Read More

like i'm made of glass [Complete]

by swabluu
featured on 9-22-2018
Characters: Nico, Bianca
Tags: nico pjo family

This is actually something I wrote a year ago, and dug up a few minutes ago, haha. Um, enjoy? Assume that Nico is fifteenish and Heroes of Olympus has not happened. I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians.... Read More

Life isn't always easy

by -shiina
featured on 9-15-2018
Characters: Jessica,Kylie,Danielle,Skylar,Jordan,Jayden,Kayden
Tags: highschool selfharm life suicide

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