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Fooled By Them All [Complete]

by wonderland
featured on 4-29-2017
Characters: Alice and Hatter
Tags: drabble aliceinwonderland aiw

hi lovelies! this is just a drabble because I want some of my work to be posted on here already so omfg. I repeat, drabble! thank you for reading. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ... Read More


by -invisible
featured on 4-22-2017
Characters: Alanna Lee (OC) Nathan Miller (OC)
Tags: romance original originalcharacter


Hi! -invisible here! This is my first oc fic and I have no idea how to make it through but I'll try c;  So, yes. Clichè plot but hey, I'll have a twist ;) Til next time!   ... Read More

Hopes and Dreams [Complete]

by nightlife6081
featured on 4-15-2017
Tags: original apocalypse

This takes place in an apocalypse which is kind of cliche but it wouldn't leave my head until I wrote it.  No names are used in it either. And thanks to Midnight Perfections Review Shop for reviewing this~... Read More

Unsaid Thoughts

by AppleJaJing
featured on 4-8-2017
Tags: thoughts

... Read More


by Iamkevin
featured on 4-1-2017
Tags: originalcharacter

No foreward... Read More

Tartarus: A Journey To The Underworld

by Inspirit-Misato
featured on 3-25-2017
Tags: romance fantasy sliceoflife anime adventure shounen japanesenames

Mizaki finds herself lost in the underworld. A strange ability granted by the Goddess Nyx, Mizaki risks her life to get that one wish the Goddess had promised. But what if the sworn gift is not really what it seems? What if the promising reward isn't as promising as it sounds? Will Mizaki choose the right path for th... Read More

Segments of Days

by Pastelsky
featured on 3-18-2017
Tags: angst sliceoflife originalcharacter depression

Segments of Days

    I used to love only one woman whose voice was the call which kept me sane.   But they mercilessly took her away.   ... Read More

▲▽ psithurism ; a graphic shop ▽▲

by amoreena
featured on 3-11-2017
Characters: some galaxy swirlies and the little dopes
Tags: graphics request poster shop requestshop galaxy

▲▽ psithurism ; a graphic shop ▽▲

Affiliates;Comment to become one! none atmExamples;... Read More

unfathomed words

by influx
featured on 3-4-2017
Tags: original poems

just collections of cluttered words that i'm unable to fathom. note: it's not i don't know how to capitalize, i just like writing like this.influx//2013  ... Read More

The Love Game

by spinatale
featured on 2-18-2017
Tags: romance originalcharacter

This is a teaser for the story I will be writing.... Read More

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