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The Man who Laughs [Complete]

by dream_keeper88
featured on 5-2-2020
Characters: Original characters
Tags: original

    This is my entry for the Short Story of the Month Contest of April 2011. The theme is, as stated in the title, 'The Man Who Laughs." It placed third ^^             Disclaimer: The foll... Read More

Summer Memories

by miyah16
featured on 4-25-2020
Characters: Bae (OC), Yoon (OC), Chris (OC), Kai (OC), Jae (OC)
Tags: romance original friendship love sliceoflife originalcharactes

Summer Memories

Bae, Yoon, Jae, Chris & Kai where inseparable. But after Bae’s sister’s death she got out of town to follow her dreams. Now years later she finds herself back in her hometown, but she’s not the only one. The 4 friends will find their pass into each other’s life again. Was it coincidence or is it something called fate?... Read More

Lucifer's Cry [Complete]

by exoticshawol
featured on 4-18-2020
Tags: prose

Title: Lucifer's Cry Characters: Jonathan Christoper Morgenstern and Jace Lightwood Author: exoticshawol Rating: PG-15 Genre: Prose, slight angst, character death, alternate universe Warnings: None Author's Note: This will be in Sebastian's (Jonathan Christopher's) POV... Read More

Twist of Studio Ghibli

by currysauce
featured on 4-11-2020
Characters: Studio Ghibli
Tags: anime studioghibli hayaomiyazaki jpop

Twist of Studio Ghibli

try the roleplay version !... Read More

Cards *Part 1* (rewriting) [Complete]

by TheDormouse
featured on 4-4-2020
Characters: I-narrator, deck of cards
Tags: original fantasy originalstory magic

Cards *Part 1* (rewriting)

  Every day the cards wake up in a box that closed them in. They don’t like this at all and try to get out every time again. When they pushed the lid and it had finally opened, they would push themselves one at a time out of the box. Then they would pop out of their cards. Then they would see that they were in a kind of miniature house. They would look around and then straiten themselves. Every symbol would gather together. Every king would give a speech and everyone would listen. ... Read More

The Conception of Time

by IcyWish
featured on 3-21-2020
Characters: Moriko, Mizuki, Usagi and... hey, this is a serious spoiler alert!! (JOKING...)
Tags: original sliceoflife originalcharacter comedyrandom fanservice

I now dedicate this story to all of my friends, who I had to part with. These characters now at least contain some traits of each of your personalities, and mine (Moriko's). If one of you is reading this and don't see any traits at all, then blame the character development-- each character's personality will progress in different situations. As for everyone else, thanks for clicking on this story (I typed the same thing ... Read More


by BloodVonHughes
featured on 3-14-2020
Characters: You and OCs
Tags: romance anime you vampire werewolves vampirehunter

... Read More

Be a human for a day [Complete]

by Nekluna
featured on 3-7-2020
Characters: Moonie/moon flower, npc etc.
Tags: fantasy anime game fanfic casual

  Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Ragnarok online. Those belong to Gravity Co.Ltd. and Lee Myongjin. I will borrow content related to it and write my own version of various things from the game. I do own the story I write here and my versions of things I borrow. Do not copy, modify or plagiarize this text. If ... Read More

Never felt like this before

by Nilax3
featured on 2-29-2020
Characters: Zayn Malik // OCs // Aqib Khan
Tags: onedirection zaynmalik zayn aqibkhan zaynxoc aqibxoc german

... Read More

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