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home is where the heart years to be [Complete]

by sporkerism
featured on 8-24-2019
Characters: Kagura, Patsuan, Gin, Sadaharu, etc.
Tags: anime gintama kagura

Excerpt: To be honest, she didn’t want to grow up, no, she just wanted to sample being an adult, to feel how Gin and Shinpachi felt (although Patsuan was only 19 and technically he wasn’t an adult but he’s more mature than Gin was) because she was always labeled as a kid who couldn’t take care of herself. She rese... Read More

Well cloaked

by ThexxMoonxxHides
featured on 8-17-2019
Tags: original fantasy

This story was created by me. Any reference to existing stories/people is purely coincidental.... Read More

Darker [Complete]

by unblurthefuture
featured on 8-10-2019
Characters: Pitch Black
Tags: angst rotg pitch pitchblack

    Also posted at livejournal. DreamWorks Animation owns Rise of the Guardians and Willian Joyce owns The Guardians of Childhood.   An entry: ... Read More


by theniceslytherin
featured on 8-3-2019
Characters: Cyprien Alesi & Peter Pettigrew
Tags: cyprienalesi angst original alegrew peterpettigrew


Claudia: As much as I love a happy ending, I'm making no promises here. I hope you enjoy it. Or at least find it interesting. xoxo Lauren: I've added an 8track playlist, just in case anyone wants some extra depression while reading this (like me).  ... Read More

`〔 ▲ BEAUTIFIED // story layouts. 〕

by tiffany
featured on 7-27-2019
Tags: layout

    ` notes ) ... Read More

My Best Friend

by aisssh
featured on 7-20-2019
Tags: original you

... Read More

Underneath the Bare Sakura Tree [Complete]

by BeHappy
featured on 7-13-2019
Characters: Misaki (OC), Eiji (OC)
Tags: oneshot original japanese sadish sequel

Underneath the Bare Sakura Tree

By the way, this fanfic is for    ... Read More

House Vestrial: Callings

by Crystalrose
featured on 6-29-2019
Characters: Nabi, Yeoseot, Ruesen, Kylach, Myrlvar, Teuk, Ulsae, Teagen, Evanya, Keris,
Tags: warcraft

House Vestrial; Backstory Each member of the House bears Vestrial's mark.  We were chosen by him for reasons we still don't quite understand.  Some of us he appeared to with cryptic messages foretelling a catastrophe that will be be unleashed on the world.  Some of us encountered Vestrial in a dream.  Still others awoke one morning bearing hi... Read More

I Like You [Complete]

by Elliot
featured on 6-22-2019
Characters: Me and my Crush
Tags: personal

... Read More

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