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Celestial Guardians

by evanescent
featured on 1-27-2018
Characters: Original Characters
Tags: original fantasy action

Kassy Erinheart A nineteen year old who is currently in her freshman year of college. She is blunt, sarcastic, and a bit of a bitch, but when you gain her trust (which is a quite an amazing feat) she becomes loyal and cool around you. Not many people want to be her friend, mostly because she seems unapproachable and the aura that she gives off warms o... Read More

Trick or Treat: The Haunted Mansion [Complete]

by yingjumeihua
featured on 1-20-2018
Characters: You, Me and the Monster.
Tags: you drabble horror entry haunted monster mansion

Trick or Treat: The Haunted Mansion

Disclaimer: This story came from my imagination and not from someone else's work. I have no intention whatsoever to copy anyone or plagiarise. If there is a story out there that is similar in any way, it is merely a coincidence. And also, please do not plagiarise. An entry for ... Read More

The Killer

by SwordOfDeath
featured on 1-13-2018
Characters: Male OC, Female OC
Tags: darkfic

"This love is incomprehensible, even you don't understand what sort of romance is this"... Read More

The Chosen One

by exoticshawol
featured on 1-6-2018
Tags: percyjacksonau

  This is exoticshawol with my very first Greek/Roman/Egyptian Mythology AU.   This will feature some of SHINee, EXO and etc. members' names since I can't think of anything.   The other characters such as Lee Sung Yeon, Yoon Ri Dae, Na Dae Hee, Choi Ha Na and Lee Heon Sul are all mine.   I don't even know why they are all South Koreans here.   I don't own PJO, HOO and TKC. I do... Read More

Jolly Journal Entries - Fwunny FwanFwuikchion Days with BeHappy [Complete]

by BeHappy
featured on 12-30-2017
Characters: Me, you, and my life
Tags: original random crackfic crack funny journal

Jolly Journal Entries - Fwunny FwanFwuikchion Days with BeHappy

I hope this will make you laugh or at least entertain you!  I'll write the dates and everything, just like a journal entry. There'll be the original, then the funny one. Please leave me comments an... Read More

Now You See Me

by starwatch3r
featured on 12-16-2017
Characters: Amanda Seyfried :: Channing Tatum
Tags: romance angst drama fantasy amandaseyfried channingtatum

Now You See Me

    ... Read More

Winter's Miracle

by ohreo-sehun
featured on 12-2-2017
Characters: Elsa (Frozen) & Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardian)
Tags: romance rotg jackfrost supernatural winter elsa frozen

Winter's Miracle

Ohreo-sehun is here, this is actually the very first time I make a fanfic from a fictional character of a movie. I hope you guys will like this, because I really love this two. Elsa and Jack Frost look so damn good together <3       pic is not mine, credit belong to its owner.  ... Read More

The Human Bride [Complete]

by thatmushroomswife
featured on 11-25-2017
Characters: Victor van Dort and Victoria Everglot
Tags: romance movie marriage thecorpsebride timburton

The Human Bride

One by one a butterfly became a part of her and began to fly away. She was glowing bright and was moving on, off to a new start.   ... Read More

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