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The Fool Who Fell For The Moon [Complete]

by acebunbuns
featured on 7-22-2023
Characters: Minako Arisato, Shinjiro Aragaki
Tags: anime p3p persona3

This was written on May 15, 2012  I hope you guys like it :) The dialogue was taken from Shinjiro's alternate ending in the game This was also posted on my livejournal and asoanfanfics if my memory serves me right ... Read More


by Hunter
featured on 7-15-2023
Characters: Katniss
Tags: comedy hungergames satire parody


Originally a school project.  So, it's incomplete and is very unlikely to be finished.  A work of satire and filled to the brim with sarcasm.... Read More

Sebaldi Impian dan Harapan

by ryalanidthoniel
featured on 7-8-2023
Tags: originalcharacter tokiohotel bahasamelayu

hello! ini ialah kisah pertama saya di sini! tolong beri banyak tunjuk ajar! ... Read More

Not Fair

by Khunjixx13
featured on 7-1-2023
Characters: OC Jacob Black Wolfs Seth Clearwater&more;
Tags: romance

Not Fair

Yellow~~ This is a Twilight based story if you guys havent seen them.... well lets just say your missing out This is also a Seth Clearwater Story if you dont know who he is just look below, Seth Claerwater is played by  Nils Stewart or BooBoo Stewart This isnt my first story ever but it is on here so please dont bash and com... Read More

My Last Wish

by xxAsdfghjklxx
featured on 6-24-2023
Tags: romance fiction

"You say you're not special because the world doesn't know about you,I know about you"                                                                                                                —The Fault in our Stars... Read More

1947 Boundary Breaking [Complete]

by thewendy
featured on 6-17-2023
Tags: original history palestine war

 It is 1947 and boundaries are everywhere. Freedom is only given to those lucky enough, born into wealthy families. Haneen is born into a poor, broken family with 4 siblings. When rebellious Haneen finds a boundary she doesn't like, She will absolutely break it.... Read More

I Can't Let You Go

by Brightyy_Girl
featured on 6-10-2023
Characters: Nina, Kasey, and Tyler
Tags: romance dramatic

Hi! I'm new here so please be nice to me :)) Remember to read, subscribe, comment, and vote!! Thanks!!... Read More

This Crazy Love

by Beautiful_Angel
featured on 6-3-2023
Characters: Nana, Angie, and Jack
Tags: romance drama

... Read More

ムーン The New Moon ムーン

by --BabyDoll
featured on 5-27-2023
Characters: Sailor Chibi-Moon, Sailor Senshi, Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, Helios, Sailor Quartet, ect.
Tags: romance angst drama manga anime supernatural sailormoon

ムーン The New Moon ムーン

A new begin's. . .  "Twilights goddess, the Moon's princess," Haruka - princess of Uranus -  chuckled as she watch Michiru tap the baby with the bright pink hair on the... Read More

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