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First Love | A Drabble [Complete]

by saengsa
featured on 10-19-2019
Tags: romance

First Love | A Drabble

We reminisce, but is it okay? When it is the past, is it okay to look back?... Read More


by reachforthestars-
featured on 10-12-2019
Tags: angst original scifi robots

  Coming Soon   Respect me as an Author. That means No Plagarizing, No Co... Read More

The Death of Remus Lupin

by Taeryfai
featured on 10-5-2019
Characters: The Marauders | Remus, James, Sirius, Peter and Lily
Tags: remuslupin

... Read More

Dexterous and Beautiful

by GooseFlavor
featured on 9-28-2019
Characters: Abe&Mihashi; from oofuri
Tags: anime

Abe and Mihashi from oofuri (Big Wind-up) Prompt: hands  ... Read More

I never would've known.....

by star_angel
featured on 9-21-2019
Characters: yuzuki, zilar, hitake, evangeline, nirvana, yuuto,
Tags: originalstory

"Dark Angels? Princes? Weird memories hidden away that I never knew about? Creatures I never knew existed?"      "I never would've known......."... Read More

Severed [Complete]

by Winterflowr
featured on 9-14-2019
Tags: angst sliceoflife


A litte something that was written spurr of the moment.  A peak into my mind during an instance of anger and resentment.... Read More

Memories of a long time ago

by Raveness
featured on 9-7-2019
Characters: [Norway] [Svalbard]
Tags: hetalia axispowershetalia norway vikingage memories aph

  Author's Note:   This is just a short, little something I came up with during a long car drive. I've loved APH (especially the Nordics) for a long time, but this is my first time wri... Read More

and i'll be there

by swabluu
featured on 8-31-2019
Characters: Jack Frost, Jamie Bennett
Tags: rotg jackfrost jamiebennett

It's been years since Jack last came to Earth—he hadn't planned on being cooped up in some sort of a castle once he had become a guardian, but once the initial exhilaration of fully becoming one had settled down, the others told him that he needed to make his own domain. So he had hid away in an ice castle somewhere in the woods (because the woods reminded him of the pond he had come from), waiting for a call—a call to tell him that he was needed on Earth to help the children again. He foun... Read More

home is where the heart years to be [Complete]

by sporkerism
featured on 8-24-2019
Characters: Kagura, Patsuan, Gin, Sadaharu, etc.
Tags: anime gintama kagura

Excerpt: To be honest, she didn’t want to grow up, no, she just wanted to sample being an adult, to feel how Gin and Shinpachi felt (although Patsuan was only 19 and technically he wasn’t an adult but he’s more mature than Gin was) because she was always labeled as a kid who couldn’t take care of herself. She rese... Read More

Well cloaked

by ThexxMoonxxHides
featured on 8-17-2019
Tags: original fantasy

This story was created by me. Any reference to existing stories/people is purely coincidental.... Read More

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