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Letting Love Go

by spurple
featured on 5-10-2014
Characters: Lucy Gray Natsu FairyTail Sting Rogue
Tags: anime fairytail

So I brought this story over from because I find it easier to use this site. So if it sounds familar then it's probably from the other site. Anyways please enjoy (: I won't tell the pairing and just leave you guessing! Also here is my OC   Name: Sapphire Vastia (you'll see why) ... Read More

Pure Bliss [Complete]

by stephanie
featured on 5-3-2014
Characters: Dave Strider & Jade Harley
Tags: romance fluff davejade jadeharley davestrider homestuck

Pure Bliss

It really wasn’t much—it was just a gentle kiss. But to them, it was a moment of pure bliss. * AN: i couldn't resist i'm sorry. that "start writing" button was begging... Read More

The Dark Shop {Closed}

by Vonnie
featured on 4-26-2014
Tags: you graphics posters open

... Read More

Crystallize [Complete]

by tiaral
featured on 4-19-2014
Characters: Rogue
Tags: angst xmen rogue scifi


    I guess one thing that intrigues me about Rogue is that she's not your typical villain or superhero. In fact, she works for no one, and remains true to herself and her own beliefs. Seeing as much of her childhood and early teenage experiences are left a mystery, I wanted to explore the younger character in more detail. ... Read More

Wilted. [Complete]

by MyungKitty
featured on 3-29-2014
Characters: The Boy and the Lady
Tags: angst original death flower

I literally just typed this all right now. MyungKitty here with a oneshot! I hope you like it! ... Read More

Beautiful Moments Writing Tip Café

by inspiration
featured on 3-22-2014
Characters: A pen or pencil, some paper, a computer, and your imagination
Tags: fanfic writing writingtips writingafanfic

Beautiful Moments Writing Tip Café

why did i start this?I've been a part of the fanfiction world for about a year and a half, and over that period,I've seen many, many amazing fics, but I've also seen many not-so-amazing fics. I am here to give tips to writers who want to improve their writing skills. Now I a... Read More

you just don't get it

by kaihan
featured on 3-15-2014
Characters: original characters
Tags: angst original friendship sliceoflife originalcharacter

"there is so many things in this world to live for, why die because of something small?" i scowl as i fiddle with my jacket, abstractedly look up to meet my friend's gaze. her eyes seem so powerful—so alive, it almost hurts to lo... Read More

Twisted: Fairy Tale

by DaehyunWifey
featured on 3-8-2014
Characters: Fairy tale main characters
Tags: horror fairytale dark twist

Twisted: Fairy Tale

This... I've never written this genre before. :P The poster is made by sleepwalker @ RADIOACTIVE. THANKS SO MUCH!... Read More

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