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The Crystal Closet § One Shot Collection [NOT TAKING REQUESTS ATM]

by BeHappy
featured on 11-22-2014
Characters: Anyone
Tags: request collection oneshotcollection fun open

The Crystal Closet § One Shot Collection [NOT TAKING REQUESTS ATM]

Rules! » Subscribe! Then you'll know when your request is done... Read More

You + Me

by Xiumin
featured on 11-15-2014
Tags: love hate

... Read More

Thanks for Crushing My Fucking List, You Adorable Arse

by bennythemouse
featured on 11-8-2014
Characters: original characters
Tags: romance original sliceoflife realstory

Benny here! I was away from this site for a long time, I didn't even realised this story was featured. LOL. But on a serious note, thanks to every reader that chose to read this simpleton's love story. Anyways, I write K-Pop fanfictions on ... Read More

The Girl who Makes Memories

by NeonGiraffe
featured on 11-1-2014
Characters: Yoora, Yoomin, Bora
Tags: romance fantasy supernatural reallife twist

The Girl who Makes Memories

Hope this is intriguing! Hehe I am such a bad procrastinator, but if I get subbers and upvotes I will consider continuing this xD Starting another story.. don't kill me ;:A:;... Read More

From Me to You - Beauty Tips

by -justadreamer-
featured on 10-25-2014
Characters: you, me, and beauty tips.
Tags: you personal tips beauty

... Read More

Patronus Academy

by darts_dagger
featured on 10-11-2014
Characters: Uzumaki Naruto, Heiwajima Shizuo, Uchiha Sasuke, Orihara Izaya [other Naruto and Durarara characters will make their appearances]
Tags: yaoi naruto narusasu sasuke izaya shizuo shizaya

Author's Note: This is my first story, so please be nice. I worked really hard on this fanfic and I hope people will enjoy this little crossover. It is a bit of a young adult themed story and I will rate chapters that contain things that are more rated and if I think some capters have stuff you can handle, I'll merely put a little warning there so that you're not c... Read More


by sword2scabbard
featured on 10-4-2014
Characters: Nolin, Eileen, and Ursala Valentine
Tags: angst original family suspense mystery

This actually came to play with three elements:  Nohlin This was actually the first name of a fellow classmate of mine in art class who was a junior. I believe that his name was actually spelled "Nolin", but I like some flair while writing, so Nohlin it was. When I first heard Nolin's name in class, I thought of it as beautiful. As in, it sounds pleasant and makes you feel all light and airy when you say his name. This guy was the qui... Read More

You Make Me Want To Be A Man [Complete]

by stanleyunique
featured on 9-20-2014
Tags: oneshot

Disclaimer: Hey guys. It's me again with another oneshot. Sort of like...a sequel to my previous one 'Come Back To Me' Just like t... Read More

The Elegance of Love

by YaMoUso
featured on 9-13-2014
Characters: OC: Eden , Kaelen ,Eda
Tags: yaoi romance shounenai originalcharacter

The Elegance of Love

“Pretty please!” “No way! I am not going to do it, Eda!” “But… I really need you to go! I can’t be at 2 places the same time, unless you help me!” Eda looked at me with those big pleading eyes of her, I really am a sucker for those eyes. “… Alright. I’ll do it… Only this once!” ... Read More

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