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Catherine Bloom (OC), Cindy Wang (OC), other minor characters






Catherine Bloom is a bully. A BIG, MEAN, NASTY bully. 

In preschool, she pushed a girl of the monkey bars, resulting in a broken arm.

In middle school, she started rumors about the girls she didn't like and wrote all over their lockers.

In high school, well...that's now. 

Catherine Bloom has always had a reputation of being a bully that drove peers out of schools and towns, sometimes even the state.

And she's chosen her next victim: The new Chinese girl - Cindy Wang. 

But as Catherine continues to torment Cindy, she learns that there is something Cindy has that she will never have, no matter how much power she posesses. She also learns that she has no true power at all. In reality, she's just weak.







Hi! This is my third fanfic. 

I hope you guys support this one as well!


A/N: The graphics were made by milkycoupleaddict at Strawberry Summer Life Graphic Shop down at AsianFanFics.






Lark Valley High for the Elite Student Dictionary


The Queen  - Catherine Bloom

Filty rich. Gets away with just about everything, from things as small as stealing a pencil, to hacking into the school system to change report card grades. Some call her Cathy.


The Sidekick - Mia Daher

Also rich. The Queen's second in command. Gets her power by supporting the Queen. Views the Queen as her boss, following every order, from how to dress and how to act to who to befriend. 


The Wannabes - Kayla Christian, Alison Johnson, Zoey Tennant

Rich. Gossipers. All opinions come from the Queen. Will change to fit in and do anything to be part of the group. Often used by the Queen.

Kayla - Red curly hair. Green eyes. Freckles on her nose. Tallest of the three.

Alison - Tan. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Skinny. High cheekbones.

Zoey - Straight blonde hair. Blue eyes. Thin eyebrows. Shortest of the three.


The Bully - Catherine Bloom (this girl's all over the place)

Defiant, tough, speaks her thoughts. Cruel to those with less power. "Accidentally" bumps into others in the hallway. 


The Victim - Cindy Wang

Parents have average income. Passive, quiet, and studious. Doesn't cause trouble at school. Obedient. 


The Bystanders - The rest of the school

Watch the victime be humiliated in front of the school. Don't do anything, only watch. Don't think it's their problem.









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sylverain  on says:
Will this ever end up being yuri?

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 11:
hey, even with your 'o' key falling off, i don't think there was an typos/misspellings.
^-^ its really good

ByungKitty  on says:
happy birfdeii, girlie

WinnieStar  on says:
please update more! ASAP!!! (0__0)/

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 10:
wahh how good keep writing! im just started reading!
keep going!and i think they have loads of make up! like a cosmetic shop ahaha ^O^

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 9:
yeah stand up! who cares about them!

WinnieStar  on says about chapter 7:
yay she doesnt curse.and butts ahahaha

LockLoyalist  on says about chapter 9:
I feel bad for not commenting here every now and then. It's just that I dont go online here often. But I am glad I found your story, it's really interesting.

Ohh I like your poster btw, Hyunnie ah!

ilovecandie  on says:
My first subcribed story!

byzelo  on says about chapter 7:
Wow, dude. I salut Cindy. Honestly. I like this fic a lot, can't wait for the next update!

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