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You, Me, your story and/or Ideas!


In need of a good review? Always had an idea but could never really put it into words? Well, stop searching. Midnight is here to fulfil your wish. Here, we make sure to review your stories with our honest opinions and do it with constructive criticism, and we also let our creative juices flow based on your guidelines. We make sure to do our best at a professional standard and we won't criticise your story or idea for the theme or the characters. So what are you waiting for?


 The Cycles 

Open - we are currently accepting requests.

Busy - we are busy reviewing and writing. Requests will be accepted but it may take time.

Hiring - we are hiring new staff to review or write and requests are still being accepted.

Revamping - we are working on the layout and doing a few little touch ups. Requests will not be accepted.

Hiatus - we are not accepting requests but will be back shortly.

Closed - we are no longer accepting requests.





 A Guide 

Chapter 1: Rules for requesting oneshots and reviews, including those who have unfortunately broken the rules.

Chapter 2: Criteria for reviews as well as forms for requesting oneshots, reviews and applying as a reviewer or writer.

Chapter 3: Staff members at Midnight and the featured stories which deserve recognition.

Chapter 4+: Reviews, Oneshots and Updates.



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simulacrum  on says about chapter 29:
Thank your for the review! And it's alright if it's late... I'm in no rush plus I understand that you have a life behind your computer! ^O^ I'm glad that I improved (even by a little bit) but there's still room for more and I'll try to strive perfection next time (not like I've been already trying to... but you get what I mean XD)! >:D And for the biological matter, you're right about how she learned that from her studies... I've seen a lot of kids around her age (rl) who knew big words like those (they're the studious kind) so I used that inference in my story! ^-^;;

--SandremSHADE__  on says about chapter 27:
Today i got the oneshot and it is splendid! Thanks a lot for the oneshot and I absolutly love it. No need for sorry, it got mended. And the story was awesome. Thanks once again^^

simulacrum  on says about chapter 26:
I requested again! I wanted to see how much I improved my story for Warmth~ kekeke I have my fingers crossed XD

--SandremSHADE__  on says:
I requested once again. Plz do the fic as quickiy as possible. Thnx.

IFeelGood  on says about chapter 16:
may i ask, how long does it take to write a chapter for this 'story'? you write really long and helpful chapters

--SandremSHADE__  on says about chapter 25:
Can u plz do my story a little quickly? I kno tht u hav a lyf outside this site n stuff but i can't wait 4 long! Hope u kindly get my words. I'll b waiting 4 my story. Thnx.

daeguknamahForever  on says about chapter 2:
I requested.

simulacrum  on says about chapter 25:
Thank you for the review! I really appreciate it :) When I saw those errors it made me really think: "I reviewed it so much, how can this happen?!" well, maybe I wasn't careful enough OTL I'll fix my story, and maybe then I'll actually bring you tears ;D lol I wish.

applecyanide  on says about chapter 2:
Hello, hello, hello. I requested for a review. Just as a warning, since this story was meant as a fanfiction for a specific fandom, it might be confusing for some readers who have never heard of the story (Naruto). So, I would prefer if the reviewer (whoever it is) to at least be somewhat acquainted with it. Then again, he/she doesn't have to be. You can always ask me questions if you need any clarifications, and there's always the Naruto wiki page. I just hope that because the story may be lacking a few background info (cause fans usually hate reading that when they already know /everything/), you guys won't deduct points or anything. I'm just looking for a critical review of my writing, nothing else. Okay, that was kinda long. Sorry! And thank you!

-serendipitous-  on says about chapter 2:
I've applied as a reviewer.

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