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Infinite Life [SEMI-HIATUS]

by BeHappy updated on
Tags: romance fiction fantasy supernatural originalcharacter vampire romanceish
Chapters: 14 | Votes: 5 | Subscribers: 28 | Views: 3700 | Comments: 22 |

        ... Read More

My Knight, Lord Edward Midford

by ann1914 updated on
Tags: anime kuro_____suji blackbutler originalcharacter edwardmidford
Chapters: 2 | Comments: 1 |

my knight, ... Read More

Cigarette Smoke [Complete]

by lostreader updated on
Tags: angst drabble originalcharacter
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 3 | Comments: 14 |

Sometimes we believe it's better when we're alone.... Read More

Love Pet

by YaMoUso updated on
Tags: yaoi original originalstory shounenai originalcharacter
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 24 | Views: 2925 | Comments: 12 |

Debt, Debt collectors and a poor life . That's all what Shun ever knew. He worked hard to give him and his father a better life, but his dad always screwed it up. Until the debt collecto... Read More


by BeHappy updated on
Tags: original originalstory highschool originalcharacter schoollife bully
Chapters: 15 | Votes: 11 | Subscribers: 24 | Views: 2700 | Comments: 25 |

        Catherine Blo... Read More

Talking to the Moon [Complete]

by BeHappy updated on
Tags: angst oneshot original sliceoflife sad originalcharacter sadish
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 2 | Views: 2525 | Comments: 3 |

... Read More

Hakuouki: Sweet School Life

by tsukinoazusa updated on
Tags: romance fantasy anime comedy originalcharacter shinsengumi hakuoki
Chapters: 1 |

~Sweet School Life~ ... Read More

My Boyfriend Kent || The Clover Route

by -thunderblossom updated on
Tags: romance anime drabble originalcharacter amnesia
Chapters: 4 | Comments: 2 |

These are just drabbles of my original character,... Read More

Be The Light

by xbrxnx updated on
Tags: romance highschool originalcharacter ikon bobby
Chapters: 2 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 2075 |

He was the new student. He was loved by all.... Read More

The Love Game

by spinatale updated on
Tags: romance originalcharacter
Chapters: 18 | Votes: 1 | Views: 1925 | Comments: 2 |

A game that seems just like a drama. A game just for those in search of the perfect boyfriend. ... Read More

[300 Anime & Manga Oneshots]

by BrokenAbyssChain updated on
Tags: oneshot manga anime originalcharacter
Chapters: 32 | Comments: 9 |

  A collection of drabble... Read More

Scars of Love

by Queensabelle updated on
Tags: romance angst sliceoflife family sad originalcharacter lightcomedy
Chapters: 5 | Comments: 1 |

... Read More

Just One Butterfly

by CelesteSong updated on
Tags: thor love comedy originalcharacter loki asgard
Chapters: 7 | Subscribers: 1 | Views: 1700 | Comments: 3 |

  ... Read More

Rain [Complete]

by BeHappy updated on
Tags: angst oneshot original sad originalcharacter sadish
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 6 | Views: 1675 | Comments: 12 |

      After being diagnosed with depression and cancer, Tiffany is told that sh... Read More

Hedgehog & Yoghurt ~ A Ponk-Kip Christmas

by hazyhalloween updated on
Tags: original originalstory adventure originalcharacter cats originalfiction animals
Chapters: 3 | Views: 1625 | Comments: 2 |

"I once saw a cat with massive eyes and a crescent moon shaped face. It was creeping down an alleyway along the shadows, sniffing the ground as it went...until it realized it was no longer alone ... Read More

Segments of Days

by Pastelsky updated on
Tags: angst sliceoflife originalcharacter depression
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 1 | Views: 1550 | Comments: 2 |

    The daily life of a troubled man is taken into account.    ... Read More

Sidelines [Complete]

by MidnightNightingale updated on
Tags: romance oneshot originalstory originalcharacter onesidedlove ownstory brokenhearts
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 3 | Views: 1525 | Comments: 8 |

January, 2014   ... Read More


by exo-exorcism updated on
Tags: oneshot original drabble comedy originalcharacter mcr mychemicalromance
Chapters: 16 | Subscribers: 2 | Views: 1450 | Comments: 1 |

We've been freewriting. What that will produce, we haven't the foggiest.         Enjoy~   If you're looking for the MCR cha... Read More

Enter the Past

by skoo78 updated on
Tags: romance drama fantasy supernatural action originalcharacter
Chapters: 28 | Views: 1450 | Comments: 1 |

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay. :( Ch 28 is up. From the last ch, Mei Mei's demon identity was revealed and Cecilia and Kai finally met. Now, in this ch, Mei Mei worries of p... Read More

The Elegance of Love

by YaMoUso updated on
Tags: yaoi romance shounenai originalcharacter
Chapters: 13 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 9 | Views: 1425 | Comments: 6 |

It's a bout a noble boy , called Eden, who had to pose as his sister on a party, because she was invited to 2 and wanted to impress people at both the parties. He then gets kissed by the... Read More

Time [Complete]

by BeHappy updated on
Tags: angst oneshot original sliceoflife originalcharacter sadish time
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 8 | Subscribers: 10 | Views: 1425 | Comments: 8 |

    Hi! BeHappy's back with a new oneshot! This is my second one. It was inspired while I was sitting in ... Read More

*Childhood Couple* -Double Daze- [Complete]

by AthenaAkira updated on
Tags: romance original highschool comedy originalcharacter schoollife japanesename
Chapters: 1 |

Description:... Read More

The Philosopher's Stone [Subscribers Only]

by chantrea49 updated on
Tags: anime originalcharacter fma elricbrothers followsseasonone
Chapters: 4 |

Rena Sina, is casted into the search for the Philosopher's Stone once she meets a short golden-haired boy with... Read More

*Childhood Couple* [Complete]

by AthenaAkira updated on
Tags: romance original highschool comedy originalcharacter schoollife japanesename
Chapters: 1 |

Description:... Read More

Jealousy [Complete]

by simulacrum updated on
Tags: angst oneshot original drabble death originalcharacter jealous
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 2 |

I was once a writer who had no car... Read More


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