by BrokenAbyssChain
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Prompt: Exchange
Characters: Gilbert Nightray, Oz Vessalius, Xerxes Break, Alice
Series: Pandora Hearts
O.C: Cadence Nightray
Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Slight Mystery
Theme Song: N/A
Warnings: None
Date: 26th November 2012
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


After some days of Gilbert trying to deter his master from visiting his adoptive sister, the Pandora member had been well and truly overruled by the stubborn Vessalius and a curious Alice. It was a battle indeed – He was already exhausted and he hadn’t even spoken to the difficult woman in question yet.

“Please wait inside.” The familiar assistant to the female unlocked the office door and showed them inside. “I’ll some bring tea.” With that said, the stoic man disappeared, leaving the group of three to have the run of the immaculately grand office.

Alice, who had no qualms about disregarding her manners, threw herself back onto the dark leather sofa in the middle of the large space and made herself comfortable while Oz went about sitting in the huge bay window at the far end of the room. Gilbert could see his master watching the Pandora employee’s scurry about outside with wonder.

“How long will she be?” Oz asked as he lightly pressed his finger against the glass.

Gilbert strolled around the room aimlessly. “Who knows with her?”

“Xerxes Break, I already said she is not here.” Reim’s voice was heard from the other side of the door, along with a familiar laugh and two sets of thundering footsteps.

“It’s fine, I’ll wait inside-” The older male noted happily as he pushed open the heavy mahogany door. “-Ohh~ What a surprise.” The white haired man glanced to the group before flouncing over to the unoccupied desk.

“Why are you here?” Gilbert dared to ask the man snooping through the draws of the imposing desk.

“I could ask you the same thing.” Looking up, Break grinned. “It’s not like you to put yourself in harm’s way unnecessarily.” The strange man went back to searching for whatever he was looking for. “She’ll be upset if she finds out you’re just because you want something from her.”

“Xerxes, come away from there!” Reim flew over to the intruder in an attempt to drag him away from his meddling.

Oz, who was now standing in front of the desk, leaned over in interest. Before Reim knew it, the four guests were magnetized towards the supposed personal item. He was in trouble if he didn’t regain some order soon. However, just when the poor man thought all hope was lost, Break began to move. Carefully, the older male ran a finger over the titles of the books that lined the wall opposite the door with Oz and Alice close behind, mimicking his gestures cluelessly. On the other hand, Gilbert was slow on the uptake, as he was still encircling the desk with a baffled expression. Reim was at a loss. Seriously, did they forget they were in someone’s office?

“What are you lot doing?” All games were cut short when the woman they’d been waiting for stood in the doorway with an awaiting look and her arms akimbo.

“Where have you been?” Gilbert strode towards his adoptive sibling.

Cadence instantly raised her right hand and gestured for her guests to sit. “I had some business to take care of.”

“How professional.” Break mocked her unusual behaviour only to have a small package thrown at him. “That’s what you were looking for.”

The pair exchanged silent conversation before the eldest male stood. “Well then, I must be going.” He bowed his head slightly and skipped out of the room just like he had entered, with Reim in tow.

“What was that about?”

Waving her hand comically, Cadence chuckled. “No need for you to worry. It’s not like I’m plotting some grand conspiracy.”

Gilbert dropped the cigarette he was about to light and gasped. “Don’t go around saying things like that!”

“I said I wasn’t.”

Wide eyed, the male Nightray pointed at the female with a shaky hand. “There was no need for you to say anything like that at all!”

“You worry too much.”

Head hung, Gilbert deflated. “Is there any wonder?”

“Anyway, what brings you here? It must be important; you never come to see me unless you want something.” She pouted dramatically.

The raven haired boy rubbed the back of his head nervously and looked away. He could feel the woman’s sharp citrine irises trained on him, which made him feel even more guilty.

“What is it, Gilbert?”

That tone. He knew that tone; it was the one she used whenever she planned on strangling information out of someone.

“I...We...” The eldest male choked on his words.

“I would like to invite you to my second coming-of-age ceremony.” Oz cut in so his friend didn’t have to stutter any longer.

“Is that so?” Taking a cigarette from her silver case, she lit one. Inhaling deeply on the stick, a smile crept up on her lips.

Gilbert dared to look at the woman from the corner of his eye, but regretted it as soon as he did.

Catching the apparently sly glance, she stood up and sauntered over to him before stopping beside him. Hand resting on his shoulder, she came down to his eye level. “And what else was there?”

“There was nothing-” Oz tried to speak but he was silenced by Cadence raising a hand while she kept her heavy stare on the older of the male pair.

Gilbert?” Her grip tightened on his shoulder as her eyes curved upwards due to the ominous grin.

Putting on his best innocent face, he looked at her. “T-there was...N-nothing else...”

Although it was his best effort, Cadence saw through his act. “You must have been glass in your past life.” She let go of him and sat back in her seat facing the group.

“Milady.” The assistant from earlier had reappeared with a tea trolley full with afternoon snacks and fresh drinks.

Needless to say, Alice had jumped out of her seat and attacked the cart head on.

“I know there’s something else...” The eldest female gave the Nightray man a knowing look before continuing. “Regardless, I will accept your offer anyway.” After stubbing the cigarette out, she leaned back into her seat. “But don’t go forgetting my terms of service.”




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wow, thanks a lot for sharing) Now I know what to watch

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wow looks good. ;)

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I's like to request Sephiroth x Genesis from Final Fantasy VII

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Can I request one too?
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I wanna request Kuroko No basket oneshots; Daiki x Satsuri & Tetsuya x Satsuri oneshots. ^3^

Destiel  on says about chapter 25:
Dying, it was the exact kind of fluff I expected from you. All sarcastic and tsundere.

I can just see you getting red faced while writing it lol

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Excuse me, ma'am. I'd like to request a Toshiro Hitsugaya x Shibata Rin (OC) Bleach drabble.

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Also Chihiro from Spirited Away please!!!

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Can you put Michiko Malandro from Michiko to Hatchin please? I love her so much

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