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Prompt: Devotion
Characters: Miyata Ichirou
Series: Hajime No Ippo
O.C: Onikita Kaiya
Genre: Friendship
Theme Song: Running Back To You – Charlotte OC
Warnings: None
Date: 26th November 2012
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


The bathroom door clicked open and a burst of steam escaped, shortly followed by the homeowner. Water droplets raced down the reddened skin as light footsteps padded down the hallway and into the main room. Completely unfazed, Kaiya continued on her way to the kitchen despite finding the uncalled for guest sat cross legged in her living room. "I didn't know you where here."

The once-silent guest hummed. "Is there any need to spend so long in the shower?"

"Is there any reason I shouldn't?" Without asking if her guest actually wanted a drink, she took two cups from the cupboard and began heating water. "Besides, what would you have done if I was walking about naked?"

As stoic as ever, the raven haired boy looked at his old friend. "There wouldn't have been much I could have done, is there?"

Putting down the cups with a heavy hand, the female wrinkled her nose. "Geeze, what the Hell kinda answer is that?"

"It's too cold to walk around naked anyway." He stated, as if it were a fact.

"I'm from the land of snow, dummy." After placing the drinks on the table she shuffled out of the room to change into something more appropriate. Not long had passed when she had returned to find her guest in the same position as she had left him. She sat down and watched the man frown as he shifted. "What's wrong with you?"


"Are you hurting?"


Frowning, Kaiya placed down her cup and stared down the bower that was looking away. "Why are you being awkward?"

"Onikita San..."

Kaiya gave an appalled look. "You can't be so formal when you just came into my apartment when I was in the shower." A pout formed on her lips. "There's no one around but us so there's no need to keep up your cool facade." Miyata stared into his drink feeling sorry. "What's on your mind?"

There was still no answer and it made her worry. She knew the Miyata from thirteen years ago; this certainly wasn't him. There was no bright smile or shining eyes. There was definitely no light heartedness about him.

Some may argue that he had just matured and grown out of his childish ways from way back when, but Kaiya knew better. She knew that he probably missed being the way he was just as much as she missed seeing it - Being able to laugh and joke honestly without feeling like he didn't deserve the privilege of such a free life. All she saw now was the dangerous results of his weight training and his own overbearing habits.

"Won't you smile...Just a bit?" She examined his profile in hopes that what she was saying was getting through.

The words caught the man off guard. Looking across the small table and to the female, he shook his head once.

An uncontrollable urge arose in the girl. Suddenly jumping from her place, she crawled rapidly to his side. Slapping her hands on Miyata's face, she beamed as she pushed his cheeks up. "I said smile, damn it." Her huge grin contrast with the twitching eye and throbbing vein on her forehead.

Miyata gave a slight chuckled, but this was probably down to the girl's contrary actions more than her order.

"See? It doesn't hurt, does it?" Her boisterousness faded into something more normal. "You father said you were having some muscle trouble..."

The boy scoffed at the topic. "I said I'm fine."

Kaiya’s brows furrowed as she pouted again. "Take you top off and lie down."

Her company’s eyes went wide. "What?"

"Come on. I'm trained to do it." She pulled the bottom of his top up as she pushed his shoulders back towards the floor but her victim was putting up a struggle. "If you don't..." She tried to think of a suitable punishment as she kept a grip on his shoulder. "...I'll tickle you."



"Right! Alright, damn..." Miyata finally gave in and pulled the white shirt over his head. Lying back with his arms rigid by his sides, he sighed and looked everywhere but at his torment.

With a gentle shove, she rolled her patient onto his front. "Wheee~"

It had been ten minutes since the eccentric girl started ridding the tense muscles of their fatigue. Despite the pain, the boy felt relieved. He couldn’t even remember the last time he felt so at ease. His guard lowed as his eyes fluttered shut. He could trust her to not do anything too weird, so he thought he might as well get some rest while he could.

Kaiya on the other hand couldn’t remember the last time she had so much trouble trying to stop her eyes from wandering. What started off as a professional massage had turned into a one sided ogling show. It wasn’t a secret that she had feelings for the boy in front of her by any means, and it’s not like Miyata was one to give himself up for the sake of others, so it made her wonder why he’d complied to her order.

‘Maybe he’s forgotten...?’

Without being prompted, the boy lying face down mumbled. “Do you remember when...?”

What her friend was saying fizzled out amongst the memories. ‘I remember everything...’



“Thanks for that.” The boy stepped out onto the public balcony and into the night air.

Standing in the doorway, Kaiya bowed her head playfully. “Don’t worry about it. Do you feel any better?” Miyata nodded before turning to the steps. “You should call around more often.” She called to him just before he could start walking away properly.

Pausing, he thought about the offer. “What are you-Never mind.” He tired escaping but the girl called him back.

“What? Tell me.”

“Are you busy on the 5th?” The nervousness was obvious as he asked.

Kaiya pretended to think. “Yeah, why?”

Although it was slight, the disappointment was still there on his face. “It doesn’t matter.” Before anymore could be said, Miyata set off down the metal stairs.

“I’m watching a boxing match.” She called after him again, this time with a wide grin.

The start of a small realising smile tugged at the corner of his lips. “I-I see...I hope you enjoy it.”

Returning the gesture, the female prodded the air jokingly. “They better put on a good show; I paid good money for front row seats.”



The once-cold metal band had turned hot in the sweaty left palm that clutched it tightly as the thumb and index finger twiddled the chain nervously. She believed he would win, so why did her heart pound loud? It wouldn’t surprise her if the people beside her could hear it too.  This was the least she could do, right? She was his friend after all. Sitting through a sure-win match wouldn’t be a problem; all she had to do was remember what he puts himself through in order to stand on his stage, regaining a fraction of the light that used to be so prominent.

The embers of the cigarette hanging from her lips burned brightly in sync with the bell, signalling the end of the final round.

Now that the match was over she felt even more antsy, but it wasn’t because she was waiting for the man of the minute. Cigarette drooping from her mouth, she used her hands to roughly rid her suit of imaginary creases. ‘Seriously, cream?’ She berated herself mentally for the colour choice. ‘And skirt? Who are you trying to impress?’ Continuing to criticize herself, she didn’t hear the people calling her.

“Earth to Kaiya!” A hand waved comically in front of her face.

Glaring up angrily, she gave an expression that told the man to hurry up with whatever he wanted.

Mocking smirks on their faces, three of the four men closed in towards the female. “Where are you going looking like that?”

“You looked real classy sat up front in that suit.” Takamura bellowed obnoxiously, causing passers-by to stare over at the scene.

‘Shit! They saw me?’

“Like an awaiting girlfri-” Aoki’s joke was cut short via the female’s elbow being propelled viciously into his stomach.

“Can’t a girl watch a friends match without someone cracking cliché jokes?” Kaiya’s whole demeanour had shifted. Placing her weight on one hip, she crossed her arms under chest. Cigarette hung loosely in her mouth and a dark expression painted on her face. She tried to play to cool, but just looked like a gangster instead.

“We’re all your friends right?” Kimura continued the teasing where his friends left off.

“Not if you carry on.” The female deadpan.

Slinging an arm over her shoulder, Takamura beamed with utter joy over the fact he was getting the chance to rile up his old buddy so easily. “But I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who gets the privilege of you being the ringside fan.”

It was obvious where this was going; she knew it already. That bastard Takamura just couldn’t help himself. He just had to make people’s lives a misery with his petty jokes. But more than anything, he seemed to get the most kicks out of it when the jokes were at her expense.

“Come on, just say it out loud. Just once!” Takamura shook her by her shoulders giddily. Kimura caught the girl’s first ball up, but before he could warn his gym mate, it had connected with the tip of the champions chin.

“A-An u-uppercut?” Ippo gawped helplessly at the scene.

Takamura brought his head down to her eyelevel as Kaiya grinded her first upward. Scowling deeply as she bared her teeth, she applied more pressure. “I’ll never say it.”

The man in front of her forced a smiled and inched even closer. “Not even to him?” He pointed off to his left without averting his eyes.

Kaiya glanced off in the particular direction and instantly let go of the gorilla of a friend. “I don’t have time for you now.” She hissed the words lowly before turning around with a smile. “Congratulations.” She waved at the raven haired boy walking towards her.

“He even got congratulated?” Aoki’s strained remark reminded his gym mates that he was still incapacitated on the floor.


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