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Prompt: Hopeless
Characters: Sendō Takeshi
Series: Hajime No Ippo
O.C: Onikita Kaiya
Genre: Comedy, Slight Drama
Theme Song: N/A
Warnings: Swearing.
Date: 27th November 2012
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.

It’s not like she hated people, it’s just that she didn’t like them in her personal space, which is what they were doing right now. Saturdays were supposed to be enjoyed strolling around without having people ram into you or being so close that you could smell what they had for lunch. “Have fun”, they said as she left the gym in search of something exciting to do in her free time. Fun? More like torture. With the close proximity of bodies combined with the heat and boredom, Kaiya was quickly becoming irritated.

As she marched along, something caught her eye. A person around three feet tall sobbed to the side of the walkway. Trying to convince herself that she had better things to do, the female continued to walk on by. Unbeknown to her, her paced slowed at the sound of the crying becoming louder. An eyebrow twitched and before she knew it, she’d come to a stop. ‘Don’t people see him crying?’ She wondered as she watched people go about their own business, completely ignoring the crying child.

Soon enough, her mild irritation had turned to anger at the lack of humanity people showed. She didn’t know who she was trying to fool when she had initially turned her back. Even if she was on her way to an emergency, she wouldn’t have been able to turn a blind eye to the distressed kid. Heaving a sigh, she placed a small smile on her face and turned on her heels. Crouching down to his eye level, she placed a hand on the child’s shoulder. With reddened eyes and snotty nose, the child that was no older than eight looked at the person who had stopped. “What’s wrong?” She asked softly.

The kid started off through sobs, but it quickly turned to full blow bawling as he tried to explain.

After a long twenty minutes of coaxing and an ice cream, the kid had told Kaiya what had happened. It turned out that - after deciphering the heavy Osaka accent - the young lad had been with someone but ended up getting separated.

As a way to spot the man who’d practically abandoned the small boy, Kaiya let the kid ride on her back. It was no use looking for this guy if all the poor brat could see was people’s legs. Shrugging the boy to pull his attention from the ice cream he was devouring, she asked. “What’s he look like?”

“Tough.” Was his simple reply.

Kaiya’s eyebrow twitched. “Really kid? There’s lots of tough looking people around here.”

“Like a tiger.”

‘Take a deep breath, he’s just a kid.’ Is what she told herself as she practically heard the little brat getting strawberry ice cream all over. “That better not go in my hair!” She poked the boy’s knee as she half scolded. Getting back to the task at hand, Kaiya tried to think of something that could help find this tough tiger-like man. “Where’s he work?”

“We’re visiting from Osaka, but he should be at a gym.” Seeming complacent with his fast melting sweet treat, the boy was becoming vague with his answers.

“Tiger...From Osaka...At a gym?” The female jumped up and pumped her first in the air. “Let's go.” Regardless of how happy she was with genius deduction skills, she wasn’t going to run. No; not ever. She settled for a brisk speed walk instead.


Stopping just outside of the familiar Kamogawa building, the young boy spoke. “It’s not this gym.”

“I know, just wait here for a minute. I’ll be right back, I promise. Don’t move.” She patted his head and rushed inside.

“Ojii San!” Kaiya burst through the office door in a bold manner. “Where’s that idiot from Osaka training?”

Yagi and Kamogawa just blinked at the female seemingly in a rush. “Otowa, why?”

The girl didn’t even bother to explain her outburst as she rushed out of the room as fast as she’d entered. “I’m borrowing your helmet.” She yelled back before exiting the gym completely.

Being reunited with the boy stood silently by the door, she gave him another pat on the head. “I told you I wouldn’t be long.” Handing over the helmet, she gestured for the boy to follow her around the side of the building. Seating the kid on the front of her motorbike, Kaiya screeched off down the road.

“Where the Hell’s she going in such a rush?” Takamura, who was just returning from his road work, stuck his finger in his ear to rid himself of the ringing.

Kimura huffed for a good breath and shrugged. “She had a kid with her too.”

“Maybe she’s picking up bad habits from you.” Aoki joked about his friend’s imaginary Lolita complex, which only earned him a punch from the offended.


A head of blonde hair poked around the Otowa gym entrance. “Sorry for the disturbance...” Glancing up from his clipboard, the Otowa coach gestured for the girl to come in. “Is Yanaoka San he-Oh.” Before the owner had a chance to give his reply, the man in question had appeared. “That idiot forgot something.” With a gentle push, she directed the boy towards the familiar man.

A look of amazement covered Yanaoka’s face. “Where did you find him? Takeshi has been looking everywhere.”

Kaiya’s eyes narrowed. “So where is that idiot now?”

“He’s still out looking.”

“Geeze...” Sighing, she rubbed the back of her head in irritation. “Leaving a kid by himself in a place he’s not familiar with. Just when I though he couldn’t get any more dense.”

“I understand what you mean, but-”

“Don’t make excuses for him; this is unacceptable.” Her tone was turning hostile. “I’m going to find him and tell him so.” Without another word, the woman marched for the door.

“Onee San...” The call made her pause. Turning to face the boy, she raised an eyebrow. “Thanks.”

Despite her frustration towards the boxer in question, Kaiya couldn’t help but smile at the kid waving at her. But, she needed to keep up her appearance. “If you get lost again, I won’t help.” She forced an angry tone before throwing her hand up as a farewell and leaving.


Golden rays bounced off the urban scenery as she rode around in search of her target. A blur of black and vivid violet disturbed the silent setting. Caesious eyes locked on a taller male in a white tank top running around frantically. With a vicious turn of the handlebars, the vehicle swerved haphazardly in front of the young man.

“Watch where ya fuckin’ g...” Once bold words fizzled into a dull mumble.

Kaiya just lounged back with her hands resting on the seat behind her; her frown deepening by the second at her acquaintances lack of conversation. “Get on.”

“I can’t; I’m looking fo-!”

“I found him.”

“Really?!” Wide eyed, Sendō turned in shock to face the female properly. Although he was obviously relieved, he failed to notice the female's balled up first shaking. “Is he okay?”

Unable to take it anymore, Kaiya jumped off her transportation and confronted her annoyance. “Do you understand what it’s like to be left?” She gripped the front of his top and leered dangerously. “I don’t think you do, or else you wouldn’t have let it happen to begin with.”

Sendō averted his gaze and placed his arms behind his head. “It’s not like I meant it.”

“You’re a prick.” She spat as she smacked him upside the head.

The man recoiled and rubbed the throbbing spot. “W-What was that for?” A pout was beginning to form.

Kaiya wasn’t backing down; instead, she took a step forward to assert her authority. “Didn’t I just say you are a prick? That’s what it’s for.”

Her opposition was flabbergasted. After a brief moment of him flapping his jaw and gasping, he also took a step forward and prodded her shoulder roughly. “Don’t get all high and mighty with me!”

“Oh?!” The usual pale celadon eyes that shined narrowed into slits.

Before they knew it, their noses were touching as they stared each other down in the middle of the street. Neither thought about how awkward their position was as they were both too busy giving off fumes.

“Humph, whatever.” Kaiya turned her nose up and got back on her bike. Sparing a moment, she glanced at Sendō. “Get on, or you’ll have to walk.”

The courageous boxer raised an eyebrow and held his hands up in defence. “On that...” He pointed sceptically.

In the seconds that followed, the female burst into hysterics. “Y-You’re not scared, are you?” Literally bent double, she pointed and laughed at the usually intrepid man.

Sendō on the other hand couldn’t find the funny side. “Who could blame me? Anyone would be scared with you as a driver!” He tried to turn his situation around.

Suddenly taking offense, Kaiya grumbled. “Don’t call my driving when you haven’t even seen it!”

“You nearly ran me over just before!” He pointed at the ground and to himself as he tried to get his point across.

Sticking her nose in the air, the female nodded to herself. “Yeah, but that was on purpose.”

“Let me drive.”

Snapping to attention at the utterly ridiculous request, Kaiya choked. “Ha? Hell no.”


“Do you have a license?” She asked, even though she knew he didn’t.

“I have a boxing license...”

"Why did I even ask?" An expression of disbelief plastered itself on the woman’s face. “You really are an idiot.” She shook her head, unable to comprehend the way her company came up with the things he did.

Fists in the air as if he was powering up to turn Super Seiyan, Sendō barked. “What was that?!”


Somehow, Sendō had managed to con Kaiya into letting him drive her beloved, precious motorbike, but she had told him she’d take his life if there was so much as a scratch on it.

Surprisingly, he was quite a good driver minus the occasional jerk and stall; obviously it was down to her excellent teaching, not his fast learning. She felt somewhat at ease as they cruised around. Arms wrapped firmly around his waist, she took the chance to rest her eyes. Thoughts of the boy’s face from earlier plagued her mind. ‘Is that what I looked like when I waited on that day?’

“Make yourself comfortable.” The new driver’s cheery tone had a hint of mockery to it. It wasn’t until she realized her head was resting on his back that she understood what he meant.

She wasn’t embarrassed or regretful, but she didn’t intend to do it either. “Sorry...” Her mumble were barely audible as she remained in the same position. “It must be the heat.” She said more to herself than anyone else.

“Is that a confession?” The older male tried to turn around as he laughed.

Kaiya’s head shot up, only to be met with the smiling Tiger. “Watch where you’re going!” She quickly grabbed his head and forced him to look in front.


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