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Prompt: Passions Run High
Characters: Niko & Zera
Series: Litchi☆Hikari Club
O.C: Rie
Genre: Tragedy, Angst, Friendship
Theme Song: Let It Burn - Red
Warnings: Dark Thoughts
Date: 27th November 2012
Author’s Note: Manga Spoiler Alert.


He had told her so harshly to not bother him again. “It’s dangerous,” he had barked. Who knew how right he was.

Your voice I never heard
Only silence

Rie had thought that he was just pushing her away because of some feeble teasing his friends were putting him through. Who could have known that wasn’t the case? Who could possibly grasp the extent of what was going on inside the walls of that decrepit little Hikari Club? Rie didn’t know. That’s why she pushed. That’s why she pushed her luck just like she always did.

He had told her that there were rules that came with being not just part of the stupid club, but also since he was ‘Eins, Niko, the head of security’, he was expected more of. “Loyalty led with Zera, and that’s that,” he had snapped when she had questioned him for the umpteenth time.

Rie brushed it off as boys being boys – Playing their silly little military games. But it wasn’t just that. She had found that out the hard way. When he had once called himself a murderer in a fit of rage, she had once brushed that off too. But again, she was wrong.

Never thought that you'd deceive me…
Where are you now?

And just like when she had bumped into him some weeks after not seeing him and he was missing his right eye, he had told her “It’s nothing.” She wanted to believe him, but it was starting to feel like she shouldn’t. When she had had said to him that she wanted him to stay with her instead of running back to his ridiculous club, she had meant it. He had replied that he wanted to, but something felt wrong.

How long can you stand the pain?
How long will you hide your face?
How long will you be afraid?
Are you afraid?

That evening came to the same closure. She stood at the bottom of her rundown apartment steps as he said farewell. However, his usual nonchalance as he shoved his hands into his pockets was tinged with something else. Something seemed different, and it wasn’t just the appearance she was still trying to get used to. Avoiding eye contact, he stepped out into the downpour and walked away with his head held high as he always did.

How long will you play this game?
Will you fight or will you walk away?

The next day when she had spotted him glancing her way from across the street on their way to school, all he gave her was a frown before picking up the pace in order to ignore her.

How long will you let it burn?

That was the last time she saw him in person.  Why couldn’t she have believed him when it really counted instead of being selfish? It was too late now, and it was their entire fault. It made her blood boil and her skin prickle with rage.

Let it burn.

That damned Hikari Club.


For as far as the eye could see, there was only grey. Grey buildings, grey skies, even the people seemed to be grey. She was sick of it. Down to the bottom of her stomach, she couldn’t stand it. There was nothing here for her now and despite knowing that, she knew that she’d never be able to leave.

‘Zera…Amongst the mass of information you have no trouble comprehending, there is one thing that you would never be able to understand.’ She hoisted the slipping rucksack strap back up over her shoulder and stuck her hands in her pocket to shield herself from the bitter night air. ‘I’ll give you a lesson you can take with you…’

I watch the city burn;
These passions slowly smouldering.

 ‘…To your grave.’

Rain pelted from the soot sky, partially blinding the girl as she scowled at the cracked pavement just ahead of each step. The air stunk of pollution and the old power plant structures creaked and groaned with the growing cold. Even the occasional car which whizzed by couldn’t distract her from the thoughts that blustered and clawed at the inside of her skull. No thought of what would come later dared to peek into her forefront, nor how her family would feel when she was caught. Maybe that was asking too much; they had never cared about how she lived. She had lost the will to care about the consequences that would undeniably follow.

Will you wait until it all burns down?
Will you hide until it all burns down?

At such a young age when we think we know what’s going on, even the slightest of things can put a crack in your heart. And as we grow we realise that there are in fact things outside of our power, which only add to the accumulated damage. As time ticks by slowly – It could be years, or mere moments – but the distorted mar absorbs all of the cruel realities we live through and it will inevitably take a hold. It will bare its gnashing jaws, and take you in its clawed grasp, and it will devour you greedily until that is the only thing you are.

Will it hurt when it all burns down?

Soon enough, we find that when faced with an emotion or an event that is unwanted our hearts begin to splinter until we are taken over by alexithymia. We will be unable to grasp the feeling swelling to the point of it nearly ripping out of our chests.

Will you fight when it all burns down?

This is when we start the process: the seed of corruption was planted the very first time someone or something made us feel like we were needed or wanted. From there on, it could only get worse when the reality is that the fact is untrue. You are not need, nor wanted, nor loved. You are just there. Just stuck to wander around and bump into people. Some of which you will agree with, some you will not and some you’ll find, you may even think you love. However, the fact remains that human condition leads us to only value ourselves when it comes down to it.

Will you stand when it all burns down?

After all, when we have something we care about, we feel vulnerable and turn hostile at the mere thought of losing it. The desire to protect it becomes unbearable when it’s the only thing you have. You can really dig down to a place you didn’t even know you had. It’s a scary place, and it’s not recommended to venture there carelessly. It will break the limits you thought you had, and you will do unspeakable things. You won’t come back from it no matter how hard you struggle. It’s the mask that lends itself to the wickedness which has been feeding quietly.

Will you love when it all burns down?


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Dying, it was the exact kind of fluff I expected from you. All sarcastic and tsundere.

I can just see you getting red faced while writing it lol

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