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Prompt: Hidden
Characters: Kagami Taiga
O.C: Emi
Series: Kuroko No Basket
Genre: Comedy
Theme Song: N/A
Warnings: None
Date: 26th November 2012
Author’s Note: The marked 1 by ‘Power Forward’ is Kagami's position in Basketball for those of you who have no knowledge of the sport/haven't watched/read the series.


Many places hide many things.

A mountain-side forest hides an adventure, a mystery book will most probably hide a murderer and a chest of draws, I sometimes find, hides my favourite pair of panties - But that’s not to say it should. The underwear eating furniture would fit under the second group of hidden and hiding things along with spiders in your shoes, sharp bones hidden in fish, and vicious dogs that lay just out of view when waiting for you when you deliver newspapers. Just like when Kagami Taiga had returned home from basketball practice after a long, tedious day and found something unexpected not so hidden in his bedroom.

Not bothering to kick of his shoes, Kagami shambled down the hallway and into his personal room before trying to flick the door shut with his foot. Although the action had failed, the Power Forward1 couldn’t be hassled with the extra task of going back and doing it by hand. Instead, he just flopped down onto the bed face first. A slight crunch of the mattress springs and an audible grunt reaffirmed he was home.

Furrowing his brows, Kagami bounced again just to check he wasn’t hearing things.


Jumping back off the bed, the redhead ripped back the covers in one violent motion. Or at least, he tried…

A pair of hands clung to the top of the quilt with a vice grip and after the owner of the bed had given up growling and fighting with the unseen force, he left go completely and stepped back panting. “Who’s under there?” He pointed at the hill of covers and demanded an answer.

Slowly but surely, the pair of hands pulled the blanket down a fraction: Just enough to allow a set of Ametrine eyes to peer at the boy towering over the single bed with a pissed off glare. Granting the position both parties were in - One being a bed intruder and the other having his bed intruded on - Neither defended nor called out what the other was doing.

A mop of golden hair spilled over the pillow as the head turned to face the home owner. “Yo.” Was the exceptionally short greeting that sent the freshman into a fit of rage. “Emi!”

Like an animal attacking its prey, the boy lunged at the invader and began ragging at the covers while rambling something about "Trespassing" and "Phoning the police". After a few minutes of wrestling for dominance over the sheets, Kagami had won…Kind of. He flew off the left side of the bed and onto the floor while his guest tumbled with a thud onto the other side, splatting against the wall from the momentum.

There was a brief silence.

Holding his head, the tall boy staggered up onto his feet and stared at where the infiltrator had fell. He was wary; something felt wrong.

Like a vampire waking up from a long slumber, the unwelcome ‘Emi’ sat up at a 90° angle in one swift movement and snapped their head to the direction of Kagami. With her loose vest that looked suspiciously like his gaping around the neckline, the curvaceous female hobbled up. “That hurt.”  She spoke monotone.

“Not as much as me getting home to find you in my bed!” Red eyes flared as he breathed fire at the unwavering nonchalance of the odd girl.

Looking up, Emi‘s mouth hung ajar as if she was apparently recalling. “I think you’re confusing the word 'hurt' with 'surprised'.”

With each second that passed, the owner of the room felt his threads of patience snap. “If you knew how I’d react, why did you do it?!”

Laying her line of sight on the taller teen, the girl spoke as flatly as humanly possible. “I was tired.”

“Then have a permanent sleep.” He snapped.

“That was mean: I’ll cry.” Emi faked a crying face but it just looked strange considering her lack of usual expression.

“Like you could! Dust would come out.” The redhead pointed matter of factly.

“Wow…You’ll go to Hell if you keep talking to people like that.” She droned back, seeming completely unfazed by the insult directed at her apathy.

“I hope not - I don’t want to have to deal with you there as wel-” The irritated lad stopped himself mid-sentence and glowered at the female fiddling with the hem of the dress-like tank top. “Is that mine? That’s mine, isn’t it?” He didn’t even give her chance to answer before throwing the accusation at her.

Standing up, she looked down at herself and then back to the speaker. “Did you want me to crease my clothes while I slept?” She asked as though it was a question that could have been multiple choice.

“I didn’t want you to sleep in my bed in the first place!” Plain and simple.

Padding towards the door, the girl glanced sideways. “Selfish.” The flat tone made a vein in his forehead pop out. Clenching a shaking fist, Kagami marched after the girl he knew was going straight towards his kettle.

On days when you’ve had it rough, most guys would revel in the fact a good looking girl was waiting for them in their bed, but not him. If you were to ask, Kagami Taiga would say his old acquaintance would fit into the second ‘Hidden Category’, and that he does not enjoy returning home to find the not-so-hidden Emi taking over his bed, kettle, or clothes.


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AnnaEverson  on says:
wow, thanks a lot for sharing) Now I know what to watch

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wow looks good. ;)

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I's like to request Sephiroth x Genesis from Final Fantasy VII

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Can I request one too?
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I wanna request Kuroko No basket oneshots; Daiki x Satsuri & Tetsuya x Satsuri oneshots. ^3^

Destiel  on says about chapter 25:
Dying, it was the exact kind of fluff I expected from you. All sarcastic and tsundere.

I can just see you getting red faced while writing it lol

Destiel  on says:
Excuse me, ma'am. I'd like to request a Toshiro Hitsugaya x Shibata Rin (OC) Bleach drabble.

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Also Chihiro from Spirited Away please!!!

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Can you put Michiko Malandro from Michiko to Hatchin please? I love her so much

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