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Prompt: Hot Chocolate
Characters: Hanamiya Makoto
Series: Kuroko No Basket
O.C: Kato Miho
Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Slight Romance
Theme Song: All Yours - Nightcore
Warnings: Swearing
Date: 2nd March 2014
Author’s Note: N/A


Days in the life of Hanamiya Makoto were not what you would think. It wasn't all about conjuring up grand schemes to break as many of his opponent’s bones as possible, nor spent laughing at animal cruelty ads, nor researching fail videos on the internet just to see people suffer. In fact, he was pretty much normal off the court - or at least, he tried to be. He hated studying and lazed on his days off. He would read fantasy novels - as most megalomaniacs do - and internally debate with himself over what went through girl's heads.

It was on that day, the day when Kirisaki faced off against Seirin, that it happened.

Soaked to the bone, the Point Guard shuffled along the almost empty street on his way home. He stopped at the same portable vendor he usually did and scanned the options despite always buying the same thing no matter the weather. Ordering a cup of hot chocolate, the downcast brunet stuck his hand in his pocket to retrieve his wallet only to freeze. The female beside him watched from the corner of her eye as he patted himself in panic, which quickly turned to irritation, and then finally to surrender.

Collecting her bag off the counter, the bleach blonde plucked a few coins from the pocket of her thick winter coat and handed them over to the owner that had been glaring at the male teen for some time. Without saying a word, the do-gooder stepped out from under plastic sheeting that had sheltered her from the bluster.

Having the drink placed in front of him, Hanamiya peered up in confusion. Shrugging, the server pointed to where the young woman had been and then went back to preparing another batch of food ready to be cooked. The brunet glanced to the counter where the female had been in order to ask why she'd done what she had, but before he could, his eyes landed on what could only be a girl's wallet. Snatching up the item and the hot drink, Hanamiya left the tent even more exhausted that before.



Returning from his bath and ready for bed, the Point Guard dropped down at his desk and flicked on the lamp. Peeling back the pop-stud of the lilac leather case, Hanamiya looked over the contents of the left behind item with a scrupulous eye. 12,000 Yen in cash, a rail pass, a gym membership and...A student I.D? Pulling the white plastic card from the slot it was in, olive irises scanned over the details printed in front of him. The little picture at the side showed the ashen girl, her skin almost as white as her hair, and her glossy violet eyes partially shut as if she really couldn't be bothered to be there - or maybe she was just stoned out of her mind. It was hard to tell.

Kirisaki Daīchi Kōkō
Kato Miho

The teen threw the wallet back down onto the desk as he stood up. "Heh~" Lopsided smirk tugging at the corners of his lips, the Freshman turned the light off and flopped down onto his bed.



Hanamiya had half-told his teammates about what had happened to him yesterday after they parted ways. Now, during lunch break, he had set out in search of the stranger that had shown him some kind acknowledgement when he was at his lowest. Clearly, he didn't tell them his feelings; he told them he was returning the item for one reason only, and that was because of something he had found in a secret compartment on his way to the bus that very morning and wanted to exploit the girl for her carelessness.

Leaning against the doorframe to the classroom of 3-A, Hanamiya eyed the occupants the same way he glanced over the scum opponents he faced on the court despite them being two years older than him. "Kato Miho?" He asked sternly and a few girls on the second row back whispered to themselves before pointing one row ahead at the body hunching over the desk.

Entering the space, the Point Guard advanced for the girl sprawled over her desk with her hair cascading over the edge. "Kato Miho?" He reached out to shake the girl awake but was halted by a ruler that had appeared from under the blonde's right arm.

Keeping the threatening position on her guest's crotch, the female who had been trying to take a nap reared her head to make eye contact. Lavender irises fixed on the freshman and an obnoxious yawn escaped her lips. "Oh..." Wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of her wrist, the blonde blinked bleary eyed. "It's you." She couldn't sound any less energetic.

Sneering, the Point Guard hissed. "What kind of greeting is that?"

Wrinkling her nose, she shook her head - as if it was the obvious answer. "The kind a tired Senior gives her Junior?"

"No." Taking the lilac wallet from his bag, Hanamiya stared down at the woman who still appeared to be in her own world. "You left this behind."

Running her fingers through the white locks reaching her waist, Miho groaned with disinterest. "I gathered that when I tried to get the train home and ended up having to walk."

Remembering why he'd gone through the trouble, the first year placed his hand on his hip and turned his nose up. With a knowing smirk, the brunet cooed. "12,000 Yen for a high schooler is a lot of cash."

Cocking her head to look up at her company, Miho quirked her brow and raised the upper corner of her lip. "What are you, the Goddamn police?" Her tone was casual, but the vibe she gave off was cutting.

Taken aback by the switch in her mood, the boy stuttered. "E-eh?" Nobody talked to him so coarsely.

Extending her hand, the female gestured for her wallet. "Hand it over."

Not put off by the dark air growing around the female, Hanamiya leaned forward and rested his palms on the girl's desk. Eyes narrowed in glee, the Point Guard grinned. "I also found your secret compartment."

Pushing herself up out of her seat slowly, Miho forced her guest back and revealed that she wasn't that much shorter than the boy trying to mess with her. Stepping forward and closing the gap between them completely, the blonde stared straight ahead into her company's eyes. Tone low and drawn out, the older girl shook her hand once. "What do you want, a medal?"

"So you're not denying that you-"

"That I have a condom in my wallet? No." She snatched the object clean from his hand and stretched her arms up above her head as she arched her back. Wetting her lips, Miho set her sight back on the junior that had sought her out. "Are you jealous, Freshman?"

By the door, Seto turned to Furuhashi with confusion covering his face. "What the...I thought he said she was the quiet type?"

Furuhashi shrugged as he inspecting the others present. Nudging his teammate, he gestured for the boy to look around. "They must have a different opinion of her." He motioned to the students with their heads down in an obvious attempt not to look over at the mentioned female baiting the notorious basketball Captain.

Patting the brunet on the shoulder facetiously, the female shook her wallet once. "Thanks for returning this, Mako Chan." Using her index and middle finger, the blonde gave a lazy salute and made for the door.

"Hey, how do you know my name?"

Pausing, the tall female peered back over her shoulder with a quirked brow and puffed up cheeks. "I support our school team." Saying nothing else, Miho rested her hands behind her head and hummed idly as she strode past the other two team members, disappearing out of sight.

Hanamiya looked to his teammates, who were looking back at him wearing perplexed expressions. Maybe things didn't go quite as he'd planned.



Two days later...

On his way home, Hanamiya spotted her at the vendor again. Picking up the pace, he grit his teeth as he ran over his game plan in his head. She wasn't going to run away this time. Almost ripping the plastic sheet door off, the brunet staggered into the quaint food tent. Faced with his problem, Hanamiya slammed down the change for the drink she'd bought him four days prior. "There's the money for the drink."

Not even looking at the coins, Miho slipped a cardboard cup to her left. "Good timing; I knew you'd make it."


"Hot chocolate."

Clenching his fist at the mockery, the boy known for his dirty tactics barked. "I don't want it."

Unfazed by the yelling that was practically right down her ear, Miho flapped her hand with zero vigour. "Of course you do. You always order that."

"And how would you know?"

"I asked the owner."

Running a hand over his face in frustration, Hanamiya leered and rolled his words like a gangster. "Are you stalking me?"

"I was here first." She deadpan.

'Oh shit, she was...'

Slowly twisting her neck and peeking up, a sly smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Eyes turned up into crescents, the blonde teased. "Are you stalking me?"

"No," Flustered, the Point Guard looked away with a scowl. "I was trying to repay my debt."

Tossing her empty cup in the trash bin across the other side of the tent, the female held her hand up in rejection with a blank expression. "I don't want it."

Snapping around, Hanamiya pointed furiously at the money on the counter. "Take it."


"Take it."


Riled to the point of being on the verge of panting, the brunet ruffled his hair madly. "What the Hell's wrong with you?"

"I'm interested in you."

"H-Heh?" For the first time in his life, Hanamiya had no idea how to reply. Was there a witty retort for such a situation? What could possibly be the most ingenious knock-back of all time? Either way, he had nothing. He knew he didn't and by the looks of the squinty-eyed grin on Miho's face, she did too.

Easing herself up off the stool she'd been sat on, the girl untucked the waist length locks from underneath her scarf. "Shall we use what was in my secret compartment?" She asked as if she was asking for the time.

Backing away with his hands up, the boy choked. "What are you saying?"

Pale violet irises scanned the tense figure in front of her as she adjusted the strap of her bag hanging over her shoulder. "What it sounds like."

Eyes wide and not quite thinking, Hanamiya asked. "Really...?"

The blonde snorted a laugh and took a chunk out of one of the chicken skewers she'd bought. "Idddd-iot~. Of course not." Wiping her hands clean, Miho smirked. Leaning forward and peering up, the older female cooed. "I wouldn't give you such a big warning." Chuckling at the shocked face her company was making, the girl plucked up the last chicken skewer. "Don't look so scared. I'm not a rapist." Patting the boy on the shoulder, the Senior ducked out of the vending tent laughing at the mess she'd caused.



Days came and went of the pair bumping into each other, yet no conversation was made. She'd wave facetiously from down the corridor and he'd scowl and storm off the other way. And even in assembly, once she caught his line of sight, she'd make obvious flirtatious gestures and then laugh at the horror she was causing her junior. It must have been six weeks of constant torture for Hanamiya – every day without fail, she'd do something to get his back up with grandiose winks and purposely flashing her underwear.

And then there was nothing. Not even her.

He went into school ready to tell her enough is enough but there was nothing to complain about. It was like she had disappeared off the face of the earth. For three days, he enjoyed the peace, but then it began to feel weird. The sudden break in the routine felt like the offset of anxiety.

He'd asked her classmates, and even got Furuhashi to ask around the teachers to see what had happened. The news Hanamiya was met with was not what he expected. Although, it was nothing like Furuhashi's made up story about her drying a television drama death because of incurable cancer - which earned him a punch in the face when the truth came out. Kato Miho had all of a sudden just quit coming going into school without rhyme or reason for it. That was it. She hadn’t even visited the vendor where they had met.



Winter break was already week underway and during his bored shuffled down the bare street caped with snow, Hanamiya spotted that dreaded vendor's tent. Before he knew it, he had stopped in his tracks just watching the giant flakes of white pelt from the sky and down all around him in the yellow glow of the streetlights. Clenching his fists inside his coat pockets, the brunet scowled and marched towards the flimsy structure with intent. He hadn't stopped there since the last time he saw her there - which was three weeks ago - and didn't plan to do it tonight either, but he was pissed.

Snow crunched under his heavy footsteps and all rationality was lost. Kicking the side, the Point Guard waved his arms like a madman as he assaulted the inanimate object sat alone in the night. Spluttering obscenities, Hanamiya called out the establishment for bringing a curse upon him as he went for round two.

"Stop kickin' the stall, ya fuckin' idiot." A rough voice from inside caused him to halt. Wide eyed, the brunet glanced around, thinking he was now beginning to hear things. "What did it ever do to you?"

Extending his hand to pull back the flap of a door, Hanamiya frowned in hesitation. If he opened it and there was nobody there, then he would not only look like a weirdo but he'd also be on the verge of losing his mind. Shaking off the stupidity, he reminded himself of who he was and yanked back the door. He wasn't sure whether he was surprised or not when he saw a familiar back and then a cascade of platinum locks.

"You're racking up quite the tab with me, y'know?" Without so much as turning around, the blonde slid a cup of hot chocolate across the shabby counter in front of the steaming food.

Heartbeat pounding in his ears and fists clenched by his sides, the brunet fought back the anger at the nonchalant act. "Why'd you stop coming in school?"

"Sit down and drink up; you must be freezing."

Kicking the leg of the stool the female was sat on, Hanamiya barked at the back of the girl's head. "Why'd you leave?"

Miho's eyes travelled to the store owner, who was already on his way out of the back of the tent before looking over her right shoulder. "'Couldn't be bothered with it."

"And you couldn't say that?"

"Mah-mah~ don't act like we're friends." She flapped her hand with her eyes turned up in a smile, yet her company didn't see the funny side. Reaching forward and snatching the cloth covering the upper part of her chest, Hanamiya ragged the girl around in her seat. Still being elevated by the grip on her coat, Miho stared back blankly. "Hah? Am I your pet?" Swatting the hand off of her, the girl slumped back into her seat without removing her gaze.

Eyes wide, the younger boy recoiled. "Why are you being like this?"

Shrugging her jacket into a more comfortable position, the blonde scoffed. "You're the one who just attacked me, idiot."

Defence up, Hanamiya grumbled. "I'm not an idiot."

"Hehhh~ That's a matter of debate." Again, the older girl had gone back to her same old demeanour and was flapping her hand like she was an airhead.

Not convinced that everything was good, the brunet remained sullen. "Are you going to return?"

Dropping the act, Miho hummed as she turned back around to face the counter. "What do you care?"

"I d-I just..." Sticking his hands in his pockets, the Point Guard fidgeted. "I was bored."

"Oh, really?"

Looking anywhere but in the direction of the female, Hanamiya mumbled. "It's more energy to wait for a sneak attack than to actually deal with you every day."

Peering back with her mouth in an 'o' shape, the girl almost gasped with sparkling eyes. "My God, you're tsundere."

Sneering, Hanamiya threw his nose up and drew his words out. "I am not, you crazy bitch."

Not being able to take the seriousness any longer, the blonde cracked and a scoff escaped her. "Pft."

Eyes shooting to the seated female, the brunet asked with confusion. "What are you laughing for?"

Shaking her head, she used her right foot to push out the next stool along. "Just drink the hot chocolate before it goes cold."

"Tch." Clicking his tongue off his teeth, the younger male stared at the old stool for a moment. "You're really quite bossy." Removing his hands from his pockets, he sat down with a frown and let his line of sight drop to the steaming drink.

Holding her coffee cup to her lips, the blonde batted back in jest. "And you really are selfish."

Picking at the edge of the cardboard container, Hanamiya peered down into the frothy chocolate drink in front of him. "That's kind of a pair."

Side-eying her company, Miho dared to play. "I hope that wasn't some kind of tsundere way of asking me out."

The male half of the pair coughed a laugh. Sliding his eyes from the drink, olive irises met lavender ones. Shrugging once, Hanamiya brought his drink to his lips only to pause. "I wasn't asking for your permission."

Shady expression painting her face, the blonde puckered her lips and mocked. "You and your stalker tendencies..."

Facing away, the brunet huffed. "Shut up." Rather than another cheap remark, brunet felt a shift in the atmosphere to his side. Unable to turn around in time, his left hand was already scooped up in Miho's. Heat from her palm pressed against his spread up his arm and to his face. Never before had he been in such a situation. Turning to see the girl beside him, Hanamiya was met by that same suspicious squinty grin. "What are you smiling like that for?"

"Your hands are rough."


"I have some lotion in my bag." She gestured to her mailer bag and the boy glowered. "Kidding~"

"Let's go." Finishing his drink, Hanamiya took the girl's bag off her shoulder and put it on his own. "I'll walk you back."

Halting from putting her rubbing in the bin, Miho looked up and blinked. "Heh?"

Holding the flap of the tent open, the brunet frowned back. "What?"

Shaking her head, the blonde made for the exit. "I didn't expect you to say something like that." She peered up at the notorious Point Guard and then shrugged in thought.

Rolling his eyes at having to repeat himself, the younger male gave the girl a gentle nudge out into the bitter evening air. "I already told you. You're mine now." Casually throwing his arm over her shoulder, Hanamiya watched straight ahead as they set off walking. "I can't have you walking around in the dark when there's weirdo's around."

Cocking her brow at the statement, Miho hummed. "Mako Chan...?"

"Will you stop calling me Chan?"

Ignoring the request as she fixed the boys scarf while they tread through the snow, the blonde pulled a face. "This may be a bit of a bomb to drop on you, but I'm pretty sure most people would consider you as one of those weirdo's."

Brushing the comment off with a scoff, the brunet purposely pulled the girl's hood down over her face. "I can't even take that seriously when it's coming from you."


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