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Prompt: Festival
Characters: Takao Kazunari
Series: Kuroko No Basket
O.C: Midorima Chinatsu
Theme Song: First Time – Robin Beck
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Warnings: None
Start Date: 30th January 2013
Author’s Note: N/A




“Today for Cancer's, a woman's piece of jewellery will bring a bit more luck...Yet, do not let your guard down until the end of the day - Someone close to you is out to take something of yours.” The female relaying the message through the Shooting Guard's phone went into super ham mode as she wagged her finger.

“Where am I supposed to get women's jewellery at this time?”

Takao turned around to see his friend sat on the floor. “What are you going on about now?”

“My star sign.”

“Of course, what was I thinking?”

“There’s no need to get smart, Takao.”

“Ask Natsu Nee San.” Quirking his brow, the brunet sighed in dismay at his partner's behaviour. “Did you forget you had a sister?”

A dark cloud loomed over the Shooting Guard’s head as he stared off. “How could I ever forget with a sibling like that?” Trying to remain stone-faced, Midorima snatched his phone back off his lap and tapped at the buttons before holding it to his ear. A few moments – longer than the he regarded as acceptable – passed when the caller got an answer. Sort of. “Aneue?”


“Don't answer the phone while you're half asleep.” Already, the Shooting Guard was at his wits end with the personality of his older sibling.

Groggy from sleep, the female questioned. “What do you want?”

“Let me borrow a piece of your jewellery.”

“Hah?" And just like that - she was Midoriman's sister afterall - the woman on the other end let out a condescending scoff. "Has my little brother started cross-dressing? Shall I bring a set of lingerie too?” Cackling was soon cut off by a loud crash on the other end.

The Shooting Guard's spectacles slipped down his nose as he listened to an array of muffled cursing. “A-Aneue?”

“Uh, don't mind me. I just fell off my bed.” The sound of her throwing herself back onto the mattress with a grunt proved she wasn't making it up. “Hmm, don't you have a match today?”

“Yes, which is all the more reason for you to help me.”

“How the Hell do you expect me to get all the way down there?”

“Takao will pick you up.”

“Oh yes, I'm sure he'll love that.” She flapped her hand with sarcasm dripping from her words, knowing the pair better than they knew themselves.


Before either of them could finish, the female cut back in. “And besides, if he's coming back here, why do I have to go all the way across town?”

Playing the deprived younger brother act, yet with his usual stoic expression, Midorima drawled. “Ah, my older sister doesn't even want to watch her little brother win his game.”

“Tch, since when were you my 'little brother'?”

“That settles it then. I left a ticket for you on the dining table. Don't forget the jewellery.” With that, the boy hung up.

Changing into his spare t-shirt, Takao stood in front of his friend with his hands on his hips. “Why am I the one that has to go and pick her up?”

“I'm not moving from this spot until I have what I need.” Midorima leaned against the wall with his eyes closed, completely refusing to listen to whatever sense was about to come out of his team mate's mouth.



That was how Midorima Chinatsu's day started. She had been abruptly woken up and fallen out of bed, dragged across town, sat next to idiots the entire game and then was dumped by her supposedly 'little brother'. He had gone into town to buy more tape for his silly habit and now she was left with the boy he refused to call his friend despite everything he did for him.

Making it back to the bike - without the ridiculous cart - Takao stretched as he got ready for the long peddle back. Chinatsu checked the time - 6:15pm. "Kazu Chan, let me peddle."

"It's fine. Besides..." He stood with his legs either side of the transport and looked back at the tall woman with a grin. "If Shin Chan found out I let you do the work, he'd kill me."

"Shin Chan isn't here." She emphasized her words to make a mocking point.

“Let's go to the Tanabata festival.”

Stunned by the sudden turn in topic, Chinatsu paused sitting down on the seat behind her chauffeur. “Are you not tired?”

“It'll be a nice change of scenery.”

“Maybe you're right.” Easing herself down and moving her feet out of the way, the third year held on to the tops of her driver's shoulders. “Let's go then.”

Still not moving, Takao peeked back. “Now? Are you not going to change?” She was closer than expected. Turning his face away, a warmth graced his skin.

She pulled a face and wobbled her head like a child. Noticing the younger boy had frozen rigid, Chinatsu leaned forward with a coo. “Are you expecting me to wear a yukata?” Brow raised, the older sister of Shutoku's Ace coughed.

“Why not?” The grin didn’t budge from his face despite the close proximity making him on edge. “Please?”

Giving in fairly easily, Chinatsu shrugged. “Fine. But you have to wear one too.” She prodded the younger male in the back of his left shoulder blade and leaned back to give him some room.

Exhaling a sigh through pinched lips, the driver nodded. “Fair enough. I’ll pick you up at yours an hour after I drop you off.”



Showered from the day’s humid heat and city fumes, Chinatsu rushed to be ready in time. Stopping in the foyer and popping her purse on the sideboard, the third year tried to fix a stubborn strand of the olive locks dangling beside her face in the mirror attached to the wall.

Creeping out of the sitting room with the television remote in his hand, Midorima eyed the mature figure in the lightweight material. “Are you going somewhere?”

“Tanabata.” The elder sibling grumbled lowly as she fought with the same strand of hair.

“With whom?”

The door bell ringing interrupted the inevitable interrogation which was about to erupt and Chinatsu skipped to greet her guest. Not surprisingly, Midorima was quickly following behind in order to find out just who would be accompanying his strange sibling.

“You look ni-” Takao stopped himself mid-sentence when he saw his teammate towering behind the girl and glowing something serious. “Afternoon, Shin Chan~” A sweat droplet raced down the side of his face as he tried to keep it together.

Sizing the Point Guard up and down like he was just any old trash, Midorima growled. “Takao.”

“Mah, mah~ don't get your hand-wraps in a knot.” Tilting her head back and resting it on Midorima's chest, Chinatsu blinked at her younger, yet much taller, brother on the verge of having a fit. “If you say anything, I'll just stay over at his.”

The vein on Shooting Guard's temple pulsed as steam practically flew of the top of his head. “Have a nice time.” He forced himself to say through gritted teeth.

Returning to his usual self, Takao flapped his hand in jest. “Don't worry. I'll have her back safe.”

The tallest boy sent a look to his team mate, telling him that not only did he not believe him, but also that he was in for more than an earful the next time he caught him.

“Let's go then.” Linking her arm through her company's, Chinatsu waved back at her sibling grinding his teeth while shrouded in a dark air.



“Shall we walk around for a bit?” Taking in the sights and smells of mini game stalls and food vendors, the female quickly finished checking the time on her phone before slipping it into the pouch bag hooked around her wrist. “There's loads of time before the fireworks start.”

Shoulder to shoulder as the waves of people pushed them closer together, Takao glanced to the girl beside him and pointed at the second stall along. Eyes sparking, the brunet beamed. “Let's try to catch goldfish.”

Smiling at his excited expression as he rolled up his sleeves, Chinatsu nodded. Just as he had crouched down and was getting ready to line up the paper net, the girl leaned down to speak into his ear. “If you manage to get one, I'll give you a kiss.”

Face instantly turning crimson, the brunet lost his footing and lurched head-first towards the little pool. “Huh? Ah-ah...”

“Be careful.” She caught her brother’s friend by his shoulder. “You're supposed to get it with the paper net, not your mouth.”



Fifteen minutes and half of his saved pocket money later, and Takao still hadn’t managed to catch a goddamn thing. There was a group of middle schoolers who had gone so far as to call him pitiful after they had each snagged a tiny orange fish and he was still left empty handed. Ungracefully giving up on the kid’s game after cursing the brats out under his breath, the Point Guard had tried to brush over his loss with fried squid for the pair of them.

Catching sight of something which caught her interest, Chinatsu pointed at a wooden hut with an array of plush toys and trinkets hanging from the roof. “I'm going to try this.”

The brunet did a double-take as the girl was already within reaching distance of the rifle propped on the counter. “Hah?”

“One turn, please.” She handed over the money as she spoke to the man in charge of the stall.  “I want those.” She gestured to a slim glittering packet off to the left of the owner’s head before he had even handed over the weapon.

Stopping beside the female, Takao glanced between his company and the targets of varying distances. “Just one?”

“That's all I need.”

“Now you really do sound like Shin Chan.”

Placing the butt of the gun against her shoulder, Chinatsu peeped through the needle crosshair and lined up the sight of the gun with the prize she wanted. Squeazing the trigger, a small ball baring flew from the toy gun replica and hit its target.

Inhaling, the girl straightened up and winked at her company. “Told ya.” The owner of the shooting game handed over her prize with a blank look. “They're even cuter up close.” She beamed as she held up the pair of glistening phone straps close to her face, almost making her go cross-eyed. Taking them off the cardboard sheet, she held one of them out for Takao. “Here you go.”

She looked so beautiful when she smiled properly. Unfortunately, her happiness usually took the form of a maniacal cackle or a condescending sneer. “Really?” The boy came back to reality at the sight of the sparkling charm held out towards his face.

“There's Takao.”

“With Midorima's sister?”

“You don't think...?”

“Yo.” Miyaji slapped a hand down on Takao's shoulder just as he finished tying the strap to his phone.

Looking up to see his team mate, Takao gave an enthusiastic bow to the three older men. “Hey, Senpai.”

“Good evening, Chinatsu San.” Ōtsubo bowed his head to his to his classmate.

Waving to her three classmates, the girl hummed at the tallest. “How long will it take for you to drop the honorifics; it's only been three years.”

Glancing around, Ōtsubo furrowed his brow. “I didn’t pin Midorima as one to visit festivals.”

Chinatsu shook her head. “He’s at home watching some rubbish on television, no doubt.”

“You two came alone?”

The girl glanced between her classmates. “Is there a problem with that?”

The conversation had moved from Takao and had turned into what was the verge of an interrogation of the female. “No, no. Sorry~” Miyaji grinned as he wiggled his fingers playfully. “I just didn't take you for the type to be interested in younger guys.”

“Age has nothing to do with it.”

“Come on,” the Captain put his hand on the blond’s back and gave him an encouraging nudge. “Stop bothering them.”

“Why are you lot here anyway?” Finding a crack in the infamous Shutoku defence, the female leapt at it mercilessly. Corners of her lips curling up like a cat and eyes narrowing with a dark twinkle, she held her hand by her mouth. “You look like you're on a group date, but with no girls.”

The expressions of the three boys dropped and a thundercloud hung over their heads. “You’re so cruel, Natsu Chan.” Miyaji made a crying face and Kimura’s usually stoic face had turned dark as he glowered at blank space.

“We’ll be going then.” Ōtsubo huffed a long sigh.

Waving, Chinatsu chuckled as the three boys walked off through the crowd.


Weaving through the swells of people on their way to find a place to watch the firework display, Chinatsu and Takao wading upstream. “Where are we going?” Pulled by his arm, Takao looked around for a reason for why they were going such a way.

Stopping at a wire fence backed with bushes and trees, the female pulled back a loose sheet of the barrier. “The fireworks will be starting soon.”

Takao looked around. There were no people around, and it was dark due to being a secluded area. Noticing a sign, he drew back. “Look though, it says no entry.”

“But it's the best place for watching them.” She waved her free hand, urging him to hurry up.

Doing as he was told, the brunet ducked through the gap in the fence and the girl followed close behind. Fighting through the dense foliage, the pair broke through the bushes, only for Chinatsu to slip. Pulling Takao with her, the girl rolled down the small hill, just stopping short of the cliff edge.

“That was close.”


“I think this may be why the shut off this area now.”


Looking down due to the use of her full name, she saw the boy beneath her gripping the damp grass either side of his waist while blinking up flushed. “Am I heavy?” Tilting her head, that stubborn strand of hair had slipped from behind her ear and brushed the side of his face.

Averting his eyes, Takao mumbled. “That really isn't my problem.”

A barely visible smirk tugged at the corners of her lips as she glanced up in mock thought. “Oh, I thought guys thought about stuff like this all of the time.”

“I'm not that type of guy.”

Her voice was soft as she lowered her face, “Then, that's a little boring.” Pressing her lips to his, she felt his body become tense. The crack and fizzle of the fireworks signified the start of the show. Brilliant multi-coloured light spread across the sky and illuminated the small enclosure. Realizing he wasn't kissing her back, she eased up. Staring at the shock on his face, she got up all together and sat by the edge of the cliff. “Sorry.”

“W-why would you do that?”

“Hm?” She looked back over her shoulder at her company who was now semi-sat up, resting on his elbows.

Brows furrowed, the brunet looked serious for the first time in the entire time she had known him. “I've liked you for a long time, and then you randomly do that. Stop messing with my feelings.”

“It wasn’t random, and I'm not messing with you.” She told flatly, her expression unchanging.

“How can you say that? Do you know what I've had to deal with?”

“How am I supposed to know if you've never mentioned it?” She shrugged and held her hand up by her shoulder in question. “You should have just told me.”

Scrambling onto his hands and knees, Takao let out an exasperated sigh as he moved into a kneeling position. “How could I do that? You're my senior, and the sister of my team mate.”

“So what? If you use excuses like that, you'll never be able to go after what you want.” Turning back around, she dangled her legs off the ledge and watched the display of electric flowers expand and twinkle across the sapphire sky.

Eyes down on the grass, he spoke lowly as he fiddled with the strap on his phone. “Are you really being serious?”

Without looking back, she gestured him over. “Come here.”

Warily doing as he was told, Takao moved over and sat beside the girl. Her pale face was showered with the light from the fireworks and her emerald eyes glimmered under the changing hues. Turning to look at her company, Chinatsu inspected the face beside her. His frame was tense and his expression solemn. She could even see that he was holding his breath. Leaning closer until her breasts rested against his arm, she tilted her head. “By any chance, Kazu Chan…” Words airy as she looked him in the eye, she fixed his hair which had skewed in the tumble. “was that your first kiss?” By the instant change of expression to one of fluster, she had got it one.




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