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Prompt: Play
Characters: Kasamatsu Yukio, (Brief mention of Kise Ryōta)
Series: Kuroko No Basket
O.C: Shiroyama Tomoko, (Brief mention of Shibata Rin)
Genre: Comedy, Sport
Theme Song: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Date: 7th June 2017
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


Watching the figure continue his solitary practice of dribbling the ball and then throwing out a shot, a feminine call echoed throughout the otherwise empty gym. “You’re shooting off the wrong side. Why do you keep making such a simple mistake?”

Spinning around, Kasamatsu dropped the ball in his hands. “Shiroyama San?” He tilted his head in wonder at why such a person was lurking in the doorway of the Kaijo gym. It was a Saturday and it had gotten dark a couple of hours ago, yet she was still lulling there in sportswear with her school jersey unzipped over her ample chest. Scrutinizing the figure, and then realizing he was doing so, he quickly averted his eyes. “How long have you been there?”

“Tomo is fine.” Leaning against the door frame, Kise’s middle school friend looked up, as if in thought. “And long enough to tell you that at least ten times over.”

“Are you here to mock me, or do you need something?”

A smile brightened her delicate features and the wealth of violet curls left loose bounced when she gently shook her head. “On the contrary; I’m here to help you.”

Recoiling with a scowl, he snatched up the ball and turned away. “Why would you?”

“You’re my Senior.”

“All the more reason you should understand not to put me down.”

Puckering her lips, she held her index finger up and spoke matter of fact. “If somebody doesn’t want to learn, they’re always going to lose.”

“Are you having fun with this?”

“Take your shirt off, and I’ll tell you.”

Choking on his breath, the Captain’s jaw flapped. “Don’t talk like that.”

Watching the ball in his hand, she hummed. “If you won’t listen to me,” wiping her feet on the matt at the foot of the steps, the girl walked into the warm gym. “I’ll just have to show you.”

Watching the slightly shorter girl pad along the hardwood flooring illuminated by harsh yellow lights, Kasamatsu instinctively took a step back. “What are you doing?”

Stopping a couple of feet in front of him, the unwanted guest stretched her arms out by her sides and lowered her hips. “Try to get the ball past me.”

Turning away, the brunet wafted her away. “I’m not go-”

She was used to dealing with guys like this, and she knew exactly what to do to get them to bend to her will. “Are you scared?” The words were almost sung and with them, the Kaijo Captain’s head snapped around.

“I’m not scared of anyone.” He was glaring now, his eyes mostly shadowed by his impressive brows.

Holding out her hands, a grin played on her lips as she wriggled her fingers in jest. “You should be.” Jutting her head to the side, she scooped her hand, gesturing for him to make a move. Within a second or so, he had closed the gap. Once he was within a pace of her, she dropped her weight and threw her hand out. Straightening as the ball rolled away, the violet haired girl sniffled at the summer air hindering her. “I told you.”

“I was guarding the ball.”

Wiping her upper lip with the back of her wrist, the female looked back with a faux pout. “Puuh.”

Bristling at the condescending sound, the brunet grabbed ball he had lost. “Let’s go again.”

“Oyah~ my type of guy.”

Whacked by a rush of discomfort at the double entendre, the Captain’s eyes shot to the ball in his hands. “Stop trying to put me off.”

Brow raised, the girl pulled the band of her shorts up to her waist. “If anything, my trying would be to turn you on.”

“What?” His face suddenly dropped, thinking he’d misheard. Hoping; kind of….But somewhere deep down, not really.

“I don’t waste time on such useless tactics as to seduce to win. And considering I know I always will,” her eyes narrowed as she caught him tense up. “you should count yourself special.”

“I have no need for that kind of thing.”

“Explains why you’re sweating all alone in a school gym on a Saturday night.” Dashing into his space, she pushed the outside of her shoulder against the nook of his arm. “Maybe that’s why you’re so tense.”

“My form-”

“You form is rigid, and predictable.” Stepping in with her left foot, she got in his face. “In other words-” jolting off of her weaker leg, she curled in on herself from the left side. “-Shit.” Easily flicking the ball from his hand as her back bumped his chest, she caught the objective and forced it into a low dribble.

Line of sight on the girl’s neck, Kasamatsu tried to dodge past only to be shadowed before he had steadied his own weight every time.

“How have you even made it this far?” Facing the line ahead of her, the girl jutted her elbow back. “Does losing hurt that bad? Is your pride that big?” Dropping her head back onto his shoulder to look him in the eye, a smirk grew at the reaction she was getting. “Is your dream that unquenchable?”

Anger growing, the brunet forgot that she was a girl. Diving under her arm to strike the ball out of her grip, he scraped the target with his fingertips.

Smacking the ball to the opposite hand before it could be caught, she brought her elbow up as if she was going to take a shot. Back of her bicep connecting with his mouth, the Captain staggered back. Saving himself from hitting the floor with a hand and his leg strength, he glared at her back.

She was smaller than him; her wingspan was stubby in comparison to his, and although she weighed less than him, it wasn’t by that much. She hadn’t even used any fancy moves because there was nobody to make a play with. It made him mad that she kept cutting him off; by God did it piss him off.


Walking across the Kaijo courtyard, Kise spoke to the buxom redhead beside him as she swung a plastic bag filled with snacks. “I hope she’s not upset him.”

“From what I’ve heard of your Captain from Kami, he should be holding up.” Sucking on an ice popsicle, the woman shrugged. “He’s the type that gets under her skin the most.”

Snapping around, the blonde gasped. “That’s what I’m worried about, RiriCchin!”

Ignoring the shaking form beside her, the redhead continued to enjoy her cool treat. “I wouldn’t worry so much, Ryō Chan.” Climbing the concrete steps of the gym, the pair were smacked by a wall of heat and an unpredictable scene.

Chest to the woman’s back, the Kaijo Captain had one hand under her left arm and the other just above her right shoulder as he shifted in an attempt to block.

Itching the back of his neck, Kise spoke to the woman beside him. “The score board hasn’t been used.”

“Maybe they just like bumping into each other.” Chomping on the ice lolly, the redhead stared at the pair playing. “I wouldn’t have taken him for someone who likes doing it from behind, though.” She told with a low hum and Kise was too mesmerized by what was happening that he couldn’t even bring himself to give the redhead an appalled look.  

Watching the brunet stagger back, the pair paid attention. Upper arm between his neck and shoulder, the purple haired girl kept her shoulder pulled tight. “You’re going to lose.”

Teeth grit, the boy pushed back with just as much force. “Stop trying to talk me down.”

“I’m not trying to do such a thing; I’m schooling you.” Using his sturdy form as a spring board, she pushed forward off of his torso. Turning towards his body and under his outstretched arm, the female skimmed his ribs. Unbalancing him with the queer turn, she rounded his back and came around his right side. In the same turning motion, she flicked the top of her palm.

Trying plant his feet after the quick turns of his head, the brunet snagged the side of the woman’s tank top. Hitting the floor as the ball sunk into the hoop, the pair fell to the floor. Eyes squeezing shut, the girl twisted in an odd fashion and threw her arms out as to avoid her elbow crashing into his face.

Hitting the ground in a crumpled heap, the pair of bodies remained still in pain from the collision. Rushing over, Kise and Shibata peered down at the mess. “Senpai? MokoCchin?

Mouth in an O shape, Shibata blinked to restart her thought process. “Are you okay, Tomo?”

Opening her eyes, the girl breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn’t mortally wounded her Senior. However, the look she was faced with set off an even greater panic. Eyes spinning and face crimson, the Kaijo Captain’s jaw flapped as incomprehensible sounds spewed. In his attempt to prevent his partner from face-planting the floor above his head, he had put his hands out in order to save her. However, this feeble attempt had only ended with him cupping her breasts which where level with his neck.

Placing her hands on the floor either side of his head, the girl pushed herself up into a kneeling position. Staring down at the boy beneath her, Shiroyama inspected his face for a wound with a wince for the pain in her own knee. “Did I hurt you?”

“Sitting like that is hurting him the most!” Kise yelled at the woman straddling his Captain. Arms raised as he dashed from side to side, he repetitively reached out to lend a hand, but couldn’t bring himself to actually intervene in the debacle. Shibata, however, was all for what was going on. She was literally tickled red due to her manic cackling which echoed ominously throughout the gym.


“I’m sorry for what happened.” Kise bowed his head back and forth between his Senior’s, unsure of who should be more offended.

Looking at his shoes, the brunet cut through the wild apologizing and the manic laughter of the redhead. “That was a good shot.”

Pulling the back of her bra down with one hand, Shiroyama sipped from Shibata’s bottle with the other. “I told you I would win.”

Kasamatsu’s head shot up. His eyes were wide, but his brow furrowed. “I never said you won.” He looked so serious that it caused the redhead to set off laughing again.

“But I did.” Shiroyama stated plainly.

“I don’t think you did.”

“With that foul, and the shot I made, I won with over four points.”

“It was your fault we fell-”

“-Like Hell it was!”

“Wha-” Kise looked between the pair as the scene escalated.

Willpower flaring, the pair shot rigid. Facing off, the pair stood chest to chest and the disagreement grew into a petty spat.

Patting Kise on the side of his arm, the redhead spoke as she turned around and made for the open door. “Let’s go.”  

“E-eh?” The blond glanced to her with a worried look.

“They’re gonna be like that until they die and I’m too hungry to wait around for it.” Shaking her head with her eyes closed, Shibata rubbed her belly. “Let’s get yakisoba.” She skipped for the door.

Resting the side of his elbow on the shoulder closest to him, Kise tilted his head and gave puppy eyes. “RiriCchin, are you paying?”

Perfectly made up brow raised with a hiss, the redhead prodded him in the ribs with her index finger. “You’re the one with the exclusive job; you pay.”

Whining playfully, the taller boy spasmed at the shock of the attack. “I suppose I can, for you.” He put his face closer and fluttered his lashes.

“Ew, creep.” Shibata pushed his face away with faux seriousness and made a dash down the steps and into the humid night air.

Sparing a final look for the pair which were soon supposed to be moving into the adult world, Kise let out a sigh. The ex-Teiko female Power Forward pointed at the hoop and jutted her chin up as she snarled her argument like a thug; his Captain stomped his foot and struggled to keep his voice down. Honestly, Kise had never seen him be wound up so easily, especially by somebody he’d only ever met twice before. It made it worse that every time Kasamatsu glanced away, Shiroyama grinned at the back of his head and went back to scowling as soon as he turned around to face her. It scared him. The female counterparts of his Teiko team really terrified him. So much more now that he could see what they were like from an outside perspective; Shiroyama knew exactly what she was doing, and she took joy in it. And if one of the more placid members were like that, then he’d bet his winning popsicle stick that the others all had some secret Satanic pact to bait everyone they came into contact with.


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