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Prompt: Schemes
Characters: Shamal, Hibari Kyōya, Sawada Tsunayoshi & Gokudera Hayato
Series: Katekyō Hitman Reborn
O.C: Evangeline D’Arco & Luka D’Arco
Genre: Comedy
Theme Song: Sexy Silk – Jessie J
Warnings: None.
Date: 27th November 2012
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


A light rap on the infirmary door caused Shamal to hum. “Come in.” Uniform clinging to her womanly form, Evan stepped inside the doctor’s office and slid the door shut behind her. “What gives me the pleasure of this visit?” He didn’t try to hide the fact his eyes were intently scanning her hourglass figure. “You do know you’re not fooling anyone by playing a high school student with that body, right?”

Rolling her eyes, the woman undercover got right to the point. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Is that so?”

“You see…I’ve been rather breathless recently.” She spoke airily to accompany her claim.

“Did you come here just to tell me or-”

“No, I want you to check that there’s nothing wrong.”


“Shall I take my shirt off?”

‘This is my lucky day!~’ The perverted doctor hid his true emotions and cleared his throat. “Go ahead.” Purposely taking her time with the buttons, she glanced up and gave a shy smile. Stethoscope at the ready, Shamal tried to control his own breathing. “Are you ready?” Instead of words, Evan threw the shirt down on the desk by the door and took a seat on the stool. Cold metal pressed against heated skin. “Breathe in.” She breathed in and her breasts swelled in the cups of the white lace bra she was wearing. “And out.” She breathed out. “Again.”

And again, she did as she was instructed before the man moved around to her back. He paused to admire the ink work spanning across the majority of her back, her family crest embedded in her porcelain skin.

“Is there a problem?” She glanced back over her shoulder.

“Oh…No, I was just looking.” He remembered his task and got back to the examination.

“I hear there’s been a few attacks recently.” The patient played with her nails as she waited for the man to finish.

Moving the piece of equipment around every four seconds or so made him seem like he was actually doing something worthwhile, he thought to himself. “Hm…One of this school’s students were caught up in it.”

“What were the injuries?”

Shamal stopped and took a step back. “Why do you want to know? That’s private information, you know.”

“I do know…But I thought a bit of information exchange would be appreciated on both sides.” She leaned her head back and the look in her eyes made it clear that she wasn’t there for a check-up.

Guard up, Shamal crossed his arms and dared to ask. “And what exactly do you have to exchange?”

Standing up and stretching, a groan escaped the female arching her back. Turning to face the well-known mob doctor, a small smile had appeared on full lips. Without wasting any time, Evan took two strides forward and placed a hand on top of the older man’s shoulders. Breasts pressed against his chest, the tip of her tongue traced her lower lip as hot breath brushed against Shamal’s neck. “What would you like?”

The hitman swallowed hard. “Stop messing about.”

Twiddling a strand of his hair, she gazed up into his eyes with a slow nod. “I’m serious.”

Narrowing his eyes, Shamal stared down at the D’Arco boss. “Why does some random student’s medical information matter so much to you?”

The woman looked away in disappointment and pouted slightly. “Will you tell me?” Her hand moved up around the side of his neck as she made eye contact again. “Please?”

“A grope doesn’t cut it.” He closed his eyes and held his nose up in a huff.

“Then…?” She gave a suggestive look just as he peeked out of one eye to check the situation.

An irritable expression painted the doctors face. ‘There’s no way I can turn this down. It was a male student anyway.’ “Please wait one moment.” Turning his back on the semi naked woman, Shamal headed for the metal filing cabinet and pulled out the folder he was looking for. “It should all be in here. Don’t let anyone else get hold of it and bring it back when you’re done with it.”

Evangeline reached out for the file only to have it snatched away before she could grab it. “Thank-”

“Not so fast. Where’s your payment?” Brown eyes bore down seriously and the woman’s sullen face changed instantly into a grin. Pulling her bra strap down teasingly, she moved in and pressed against the easy man.

A well-known voice came from the other side of the door.  “What are you lot doing there?”

“HI-HIBARI?!” Yet another familiar voice screeched in shock. Not a split second passed when the door slid open. In fell Tsuna after staggering back while Gokudera couldn’t decide whether to fret over his beloved Tenth of gawk at the suspicious scene going on by the bed.

Eyes narrowed and dynamite already between his fingers, the Storm Guardian frowned back and forth hurriedly. “Shamal, you pig!”

Luka tore his attention from Hibari and glanced over his shoulder. “Evan?!” His eyes grew wide at the sight of his sister in such a compromising situation.

Snatching the file from Shamal’s now-lowered hand, the blonde bound for the door. Making sure to grab her shirt, the topless woman jumped over the still floored Tsuna, weaved around Gokudera and Luka before coming face to face the Disciplinary Committee Captain.

Ashen hair blew as she spun around the boy eying her. “Ossu, Banchō Chan~” She couldn’t help but to smirk at his wondering expression.

It wouldn’t be long before Hibari caught on that she was doing something that shouldn’t be done and then he’d be after her. So, regardless of her lack of clothes, the woman continued to sprint down the hallway. With the piece of white linen flailing in on hand, the all-important folder in another and her voluminous bosom bouncing, Evangeline indeed caught the attention of a few of the other students as she made her flashy escape.


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wow, thanks a lot for sharing) Now I know what to watch

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wow looks good. ;)

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I's like to request Sephiroth x Genesis from Final Fantasy VII

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Can I request one too?
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I wanna request Kuroko No basket oneshots; Daiki x Satsuri & Tetsuya x Satsuri oneshots. ^3^

Destiel  on says about chapter 25:
Dying, it was the exact kind of fluff I expected from you. All sarcastic and tsundere.

I can just see you getting red faced while writing it lol

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Excuse me, ma'am. I'd like to request a Toshiro Hitsugaya x Shibata Rin (OC) Bleach drabble.

Loke x Rin (oc) from Fairy Tail one shot.

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Also Chihiro from Spirited Away please!!!

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Can you put Michiko Malandro from Michiko to Hatchin please? I love her so much

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