by BrokenAbyssChain
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Prompt: Scars
Characters: Dino Cavallone, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Reborn, Squalo
Series: Katekyō Hitman Reborn
O.C: Evangeline D’Arco & Luka D'Arco
Genre: Drama, Relationships
Theme Song: N/A
Warnings: Swearing
Date: 30th January 2013
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


Five minutes had barely passed after the closure of the meeting deciding the fate of the mafia world. Tears brimmed in Tsuna's eyes. “I thought you were going to sell me out.”

Evan looked down on the young boss and cocked an eyebrow. “Would it have mattered?” Disregarding the 'Non-Smoking' sign plastered in various places around the grand antique building, Evan sparked up her vice. “I mean, you don’t want to be part of the Mafia anyway, right?” The smile she gave was so much more different from all of her previous ones. It almost made him forget about all the trouble and danger that would be added to his daily life now.


The woman hunched at the sharp call of her full name before turning to inspect the caller. “Oh, it’s only you.” A gentle grin found itself on her lips as pale green eyes scanned the figure stomping towards her.

The Chiviarone boss just glared. “Don’t put me on the spot like that again.”

By this point the rest of the Vongola and the D’Arco had rejoined their leaders in the open space which had held all of the prominent Mafia figures only moments before and were looking over at the scene that was brewing. It seemed as though the pair talking a few feet away had switched personalities as Evan was smiling happily and Dino had a serious air about him.

“I told you not to sweat it.” She patted his shoulder, only to have her wrist snatched.

Narrowing his eyes, Dino looked down on the woman and tightened his grip. “I’m getting tired of you messing with me.”

The female’s smile quickly turned into grimace. “Good.” The trademark frown that was usually her default expression was darker, and most definitely more threatening. “Because I’m getting tired of messing with you, too.” She yanked her arm free and set off walking for the door, knowing that if she stayed, she'd end up doing something a whole lot more than throwing some hurtful words around.

Letting the words sink in, the Chiavarone boss reached for the woman he was overly familiar with out of frustration. “What's that supposed to mean?” Catching her shoulder, he pulled her back to make her face him. “Don’t just walk away like that.”

Suddenly, she spun around. With a crack, her hand had connected with his cheek. “Don’t you tell me not to ‘just walk away like that’, after what you did, you fuckin’ hypocritical bastard!” Hissing and panting, Evan pointed at the man who had made her remember her painful past. Shrugging her coat back into place, the irate woman thundered off out of the room, leaving the awkward silence to swallow the spectators of the argument.

“Fuckin’ bastard...Doing that to me in front of everyone...” Green eyes narrowed as her dark aura flared. “I’ll do more than slap him!” She cursed under her breath as she stalked down the corridor, completely ignorant to the fact people were avoiding her deranged state.

“Don’t just ignore me, Evan-VOOOIIIIII!!!!!!

The instant she heard that word, her head snapped around to the annoyance. Eyes bulging and forehead vein throbbing, she stomped over to the taller man that had been waving his arms to catch her attention. “I’d shut the fuck up if I was you, unless you want to know how it feels to have your voice box ripped out by someone’s bare hands!” Not sparing another word, Evan marched onwards, leaving Squalo to mull over just how painful it would be to feel such a threat come true.



“Squalo, you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” A familiar boy interrupted the man from his musings. “Did you see Evan?” He asked, panting as he ran towards the older man that had been spacing out.

The swordsman scowled. “What got that bitch in such a bad mood?”

Luka paused and gave a concerned expression. “Dino.”

Squalo’s frowned deepened. ‘That explains everything.’ “She went that way.” He shooed his hand off towards the left, indicating the direction in which the female had skulked off down.

“Thanks Senpai!~” The azule haired boy set off in a sprint towards where his sister was supposed to be as he waved back to the older man.

Distaste was obvious on Squalo's face as he grunted and set off on his way to find his own boss. “Use Italian, you disrespectful brat.”



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AnnaEverson  on says:
wow, thanks a lot for sharing) Now I know what to watch

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wow looks good. ;)

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I's like to request Sephiroth x Genesis from Final Fantasy VII

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Can I request one too?
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I wanna request Kuroko No basket oneshots; Daiki x Satsuri & Tetsuya x Satsuri oneshots. ^3^

Destiel  on says about chapter 25:
Dying, it was the exact kind of fluff I expected from you. All sarcastic and tsundere.

I can just see you getting red faced while writing it lol

Destiel  on says:
Excuse me, ma'am. I'd like to request a Toshiro Hitsugaya x Shibata Rin (OC) Bleach drabble.

Loke x Rin (oc) from Fairy Tail one shot.

Lavi x Rin (Oc) from D-gray man one shot~

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Also Chihiro from Spirited Away please!!!

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Can you put Michiko Malandro from Michiko to Hatchin please? I love her so much

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