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Prompt: Torture
Characters: Yamamoto Takeshi & Varia
Series: Katekyō Hitman Reborn
O.C: Evan D'Arco
Genre: Comedy
Theme Song: N/A
Warnings: Swearing.
Date: 27th November 2012
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


Evan was never one for being lonely, but as she sat in the empty sushi shop listening to the Christmas carols playing joyously just across the street, she couldn't help but to mull over the solitude. After living there for just over a year, this was the first time she had been left on her own.

[Flashback to this morning]

At 6pm sharp, Evan had been awoken by Tsuyoshi banging in the kitchen. Upon crawling out her pit and shuffling down stairs, she was met by the home owner. “Good Morning!” He beamed as he picked a box up off the side and headed for the delivery doors at the back of the building.

The blonde rubbed her heavy eyelids as she shuffled further into the large space filled with cool air. “What are you doing?”

“I have business to take care of. I’ll be out of town until tomorrow evening.” The man had reappeared, only to wander out into the customer area.

Evan followed behind in order to ask more. “Is Takeshi going with you? Should I find somewhere else to stay while you’re away?” She was now wide awake and panicking at the lack of notice.

Tsuyoshi laughed at the worried woman and waved her over to the counter. Pouring his guest a cup of black coffee and sat opposite her. “I was actually going to ask if you could work the bar while Takeshi serves food. But you probably have other plans already...”

“No.” She shook her head with a smile. “I actually don’t have anywhere else to go.”

“I see.” The owner nodded his head happily and clapped his hands once. “So if you can handle Takeshi while I’m gone, I’ll be grateful.”

“Handle him? Since when has he been trouble? It’s more likely that octopus-head idiot that will be the one coming around and disturbing me.” The female still in her sleepwear felt like downing alcohol at the mere thought.

“There’s enough food in the small fridge for you two. I’ll leave a list of things to do and if you need money, take it out of the takings.”

Everything was so sudden and out of the blue. All Evan could do was wave like she knew was going on.  “Drive safe and take care!”

[End Flashback]

Evan had opened the main door, but kept the ‘closed’ sign up before returning to her seat at the bar area. She could see the snow covered street and hear snippets of conversation as people passed. A goofy smile was plastered on her face as she stared off into space.

“What are you smiling at?” The raspy voice woke her from her day dream. Turning to the call, she was met by Yamamoto who looked a little less like himself. Wearing grey sweat pant while wrapped in a blue blanket, the baseball nut shivered. “It’s cold...”

Evan bit back a laugh at his reddened nose and near-constant sniffle. “Did you catch a cold?”

Yamamoto sat beside the girl. His head hit the counter and he let out a low groan. “Must have been from yesterday when I was doing laps with Senpai.” He told.

“Let me get changed and I’ll go and get you some medicine.” Evan finished her drink and stood up.

Yamamoto looked up with puffy eyes and gave a small smile. “I’ll go with you.”

“But you’re sick.”

“I have to get something anyway.”



The pair hit the packed high street in search of a drugstore. After a brief search, they had bought Yamamoto’s medicine and advanced for the shopping centre.

“What else do you need to get?” Evan remembered. The boy in a woolly chullo hat made a humming sound, but before he had chance to answer, the pair had been interrupted.

“Morning Yamamoto! Evan!” Ryohei had pushed in between the two and was now jogging on the spot.

“Damn lawn-head, stop causing a scene.” The deranged bomber was already in high spirits as shouted and flailed his arms.

Tsuna bowed his head to the people staring over at the rowdy group before speaking up against the Storm Guardian. “Gokudera, you’re shouting too...”

“Sorry Juudaime.” The lapdog sunk into the background.

“What are you two doing?” Ryohei continued to bounce on the spot as he asked.

“We were going to go shopping.” Yamamoto still sounded nasally even after taking a swig of the cough medicine and totalling a full packet of throat lozenges.


“Nooo~” The female rolled her eyes sarcastically at the foolishness of the question. “We’d better go...” She began pulling Yamamoto away in order to actually get some shopping done.



Now that Evan had saved them from an inevitable headache, they continued on their way. Little did they know, they were about to be met by a much bigger trouble.


“Oh lord no...” Evan froze at the obnoxious wail. Closing her eyes she heaved a breath and hoped that gobby bastard hadn’t caught a glimpse of her.

Yamamoto opened his mouth to call out for his fellow swordsman. “Squa-” But, the female plastered her hands over the taller boy’s mouth before stealthily dragging him down a different aisle. Seriously, what was with all the men around her?

There were needlessly angry ones.

Perverted ones.

Ignorant ones.

Clumsy ones.

Plainly idiotic ones.

And ones like Squalo, who fit into more than category. She didn’t fancy seeing him today, and certainly not when he’s in one of his 'Christmas moods'. She had known him long enough to know that the Varia Rain Guardian was abysmally neurotic during the festive seasons. Even more than usual Evan would say, which was some kind of cataclysmic feat considering how he was on average.  

Letting go of Yamamoto’s mouth, she stuck her head around the corner in order to do a re-con of the department store, in hopes that her old friend had moved along. ‘Oh no’ Evan mentally face palmed. The silver haired Commander was pointing angrily at store clerk while a few of his fellow Varia members loitered around like it was all in a day’s work to inflict long-term mental trauma onto innocent civilians. Turning back to Yama- “Where the Hell has he gone?!” The female’s eyes darted around in hopes he hadn’t got too far.


“Just great...” She hissed to herself from her crouching position as she watched her shopping partner rush out into the open space.

“Voi! What are you doing here?” The silver haired male stopped harassing the employee and went about pointing dangerously in his disciple’s face.

“I’m shopping with Evan.” The baseball nut smiled cluelessly.

All rational feeling drained from the hunching woman who must have looked like some kind of wacko stalker. “Fuckin’ idiot!” Her hand instinctively slapped over her eyes and wiped down her face until it reached her mouth. Trying to take a decent breath, she closed her eyes and waited to see what would happen.

“Evan?” Lussuria flailed over at the mention of the female’s name.

“Yeah, she's hiding over there.” Yamamoto pointed to where his housemate was and the rest of the men glared in her particular direction.

Being a hitwoman of her calibre, Evan knew when she wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed. Now was probably one of those times. Scraping her pride together, the female stood up tall, cleared her throat and walked out into the open.

“You were hiding?”

“No, I was looking for something on the bottom shelf...” She lied.

“Oh yeah? What?” Belphegor asked, knowing the female would struggle for an answer.

Evan’s eyes darted towards the aisle where she had been hiding. Sighing, she marched over and picked up the first thing that her hand landed on. Holding the plastic package forward, she sauntered back to the group. “This!”

Squalo blinked a few times before looking to Yamamoto who was grinning as innocently as he always did. Belphegor coughed a laugh at the woman’s blunder and his usual partner took a few steps forwards to get a better look at the item in question.

Lowering his line of sight until he was eye level with the blonde’s choice,  Fran cocked his head to the side before looking up at Evan and then also to Yamamoto. “Ah…I never would have guessed he was into stuff like that.” The green haired boy’s monotonous voice just made the comment that much more annoying.

“I think you’ll look great as a sexy Santa, Evan!” The man who had been gushing over the object, noted gleefully.

Bringing the shiny package up to her face, she looked over it. “What do you mea-?” She stopped herself from continuing and tried to think of a way out of her problem.

“It’s fab; I’m getting one too!” Lussuria shimmied off in order to get a mini Santa dress for himself.

“Are you going to wear that tonight?” Yamamoto suddenly asked.

Varia, inevitably found a warped side to his question. Looking at Evan expectantly, the men all showed different responses. As one would have guessed, Bel was cackling to himself and scaring the surrounding shoppers, Fran was giving that irritating blank stare, Lussuria was still joyfully hugging his dress and Squalo…Squalo looked a little less than horrified by the whole ordeal and couldn’t keep his eyes on neither Evan nor Yamamoto out of shame.

“We can both wear our uniforms and be matching!” The Muay Thai master flounced over, only to have a hand raised as a stop sign.

“I won’t be spending Christmas with Varia this year.”

“VOI! Why the Hell not?”

“Then who will be my drinking partner?” Straightening out the neon orange feather boa, Lussuria put on a serious face. “Oh no...Who will do the party dances with me?”

“More alcohol for me. Ishishishi.”

“No loss. We don’t want you anyway.” Fran quipped and then looked away as soon as the older woman caught his line of sight.

Listen here, you fuckin’ dwarf amphibian;” The female gripped the green haired boy’s collar and ragged him. “How would you know if it’s a loss or not? You just joined them.” Seemingly, the mature person of the group had forgotten that she was still stood in the middle of a busy department store as she bared her teeth and yelled at the nonchalant little toad. “I’m the life of the party!” She matter of facted.

Waving his hand lazily, Fran nodded along. “If you say so…”

Evan felt a vein pop out in her forehead at the kid’s lack of respect. Eyebrow twitching, she reached forward and slammed her hand down on top of the giant frog hat. “You little…” Forcing the boy down with brute strength, she looked down on his compressing form.

“Com-man-der Squa-lo, the ba-lloo-n che-st is hur-ting m-e…” If it weren’t for the dull drone, Evan would be glad that she was inflicting pain on the replacement Mist Guardian.

“Get rid of that.” The D’Arco boss viciously pushed her opposition into Belphegor and turned her nose up.  “I don’t have time for you.” Walking over to Squalo, she looked up at the man who was supposed to keep the others under control. “We have to go. Text me if you need me. Don’t phone me; you’re too loud. I have to turn the volume down to minimum when you call.” Yet again, she abruptly turned away from another Varia member. “I’ll send your presents down to Italy with Dino.” Without giving her old friend chance to argue, Evan grabbed Yamamoto before he could cause any more trouble for her and began dragging the baseball idiot away from the loitering circle of assassins. “Let’s go.”

“Aren’t you going to pay for that?” The boy being pulled along asked, still oblivious to, well, just about everything.

“You think I’m going to wear this?” Using said object, she smacked the boy upside the head.

“You could wear it as you’re working.” He smiled as he rubbed the spot where he’d been hit.

Looking at the younger male, she thought it over. She wished she hadn’t because she ended up buying the damn thing.


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