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Prompt: Crazy
Characters: Levi Ackerman, Keith Shadis, & the 104th Trainee Squad
Series: Shingeki No Kyojin
O.C: Noah Ryker & Charlie Bordeaux
Genre: Comedy, Military
Theme Song: Watch Me - Icon For Hire
Warnings: Swearing, Crack
Date: 9th March 2013
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


It was just another day for the teens of the 104th Trainee Squad. The sun was ruthless and the combat practice headed by Instructor Shadis was as equally gruelling as yesterday's. Out of the blue, the brass bell across the dusty yard that was used to signal breaks rang out of time and the recruits came to a surprised halt. Shadis yelled at the idiot that couldn't tell the time, but upon turning ready to tear the head off the man tasked with the job, the ex-Commander's scowl deepened even further than usual.

An entourage of twelve individuals on horseback steered into training precinct at a furious pace. Amongst the formation, two black hooded cloaks in the centre of the formation flashed past the torso's caped in green. Before anyone could attempt to make a guess about what was happening, a well-built man heading the group eased to a stop in front of the panicked trainees.

Shadis pushed past the fray and glowered at the man only to be saluted. "Under the orders of Generalissimo Darius Zackly, I Thomas Moridan, Lieutenant of the King's Guard, bring yo-"

"Aye~" A sweet drawl from two rows back cut off the speech that was no doubt going to be drawn out and boring. Using the horse she was on, a rider in a black hooded cape pushed to the front. Stopping beside the Lieutenant, the interruption pulled her hood back to reveal a wealth of flaming locks. "Moridan, we can introduce ourselves." Flicking a stray fiery strand back over her shoulder, the female in her early twenties gave a hazy grin.

"B-but Captain Bordeaux, these are ord-"

"Go home, we' got it." Lazy smile on her face as she chewed on some form of candy, the redhead patted her comrade on the top of the arm. Holding her hand out, the hench brunet passed over the official document that the young woman was expecting. "Take it easy, fella." Dopey grin not slipping from her soft features, the tall female waved as her escort hesitantly made their way back out of the yard at a much slower pace than when they'd arrived. Slipping off her horse and onto her feet, the redhead advanced for Shadis but paused mid-step upon realizing something important.

Sucking in a deep breath and rolling her eyes, Bordeaux back peddled, stopping to the side of the horse slightly behind her own. Prodding the solid thigh of the person that had stayed behind with her, the redhead waited for a response. There was nothing but a groan. Clearing her throat, Bordeaux punched the thigh and instantly ducked in anticipation. But unlike expected, there was no vicious retaliation.

"Are we there yet?" A husky tone sounded even more bored by the apparent daze.

The redhead sighed. "You've been sleeping the entire way?" She hissed and the mounted figure peered down from under the shadow of the hood.

Pinching the edge of the flimsy cloth, the rider wafted it with little vigour. "It's too fuckin' hot."

"Get down and sort yourself out. We're here."

Heaving a forced sigh, the figure still perched on the animal slid to the ground as the redhead made her way to Shadis. Handing the documents over, the tall woman wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her left hand. "As ordered by Generalissimo Darius Zackly, my partner and I have been tasked to this area." Saluting, the Amazonian female gave an eye-smile. "I'm Captain Charlie Bordeaux, and this is my commanding officer, Major Noah Ryker.” She gestured to the sluggish female glancing around lazily.

Not even looking at the paperwork, the instructor swallowed down the dry lump that was stuck in his throat. "What would people like you be doing down here?"

"Read the document." The second half of the pair cut in roughly as they shuffled over and stood beside Charlie, who was a couple of inches taller. "But before that..." Pulling the dark cloth back off her head, a mop of ashy platinum sprayed back and then flopped into an asymmetric bed-head mess. Serpentine eyes bore into the older male's awaiting stare. "Point me in the direction of the booze." Her raspy tone was husky, and she appeared to be half-asleep despite the deep frown.

Shadis eyed the blonde in disbelief. "Are you two really the-"

"Fuckin’ Black Cloaks." The venomous tone of Survey Corps Captain diverted attention from the chipper redhead and the seemingly stoned blonde. "You're not needed here."

The cadets glanced to each other in worry at the situation that would no doubt turn out to be explosive if not handled carefully, but nobody dared to even whisper as they watched the scene beginning to brew. No matter what division you belonged to, everything about the general uniform was the same minus the crest. Despite this, both women's clothes had substituted the usual sable brown for black and their emblem's had yet to be seen.

"Take it up with Darius, Short-ass." The blonde stared at the Survey Corps Captain with her lips parted slightly.

Slinging her arm around the shorter woman's neck, Charlie played as she shepherded her partner to turn away. "Noah, now's not the time to be making friends." She forced a smile through grit teeth. The last thing they needed was the local authority to have an issue with them; they were already at the top of everybody’s shit list before saying a word. This became even more apparent when the woman whom had somehow reached the rank of Captain decided she wanted beef for argument’s sake.

Tearing her eyes from the blank stare she was receiving, the blonde was ready to ignore the interruption. "Tch."

"That's some manners to be called making friends." Levi hummed and Charlie slowly closed her eyes in disbelief. ‘F’fuck’s sake.’

Being held in place, the blonde twisted her neck to look back at the short brunet. Puckering her lips as if she was sucking a lemon, Noah flopped her hand as her dry tone resonated. "I'm all about inter-personal relationships."

"You're just a glorified drunk."

Pulling a retarded face and wobbling her head, her eyes rolled about in her skull as she smirked. "And yet, I still out-rank you."

"It's just a title." He told flatly.

Shrugging her friend's arm off her, the blonde turned around to face the man properly. "Then let's make it official."

Charlie grumbled at woman getting off track. "Will you pack it in?"

Holding her hand up lazily, the blonde gave a half-assed mumble. "Do carry on." She shot the midget a quick glance before taking a deep breath and putting on her best professional face as she stood beside her partner to address the Instructor.

Clearing her throat, the redhead shook her head at the supposedly older woman and made her continuation. "As I was explaining, Zackly sent us to keep an eye on the situation concerning the titan shifter."

Closing the gap between himself and the Officials, Levi stated what had already been said in court. "It was already decided that the Survey Corps would be put in charge of him."

Glancing to the Captain, Charlie shrugged - It's not like it was her personal choice. "He's still a threat to society because we can't determine his true intentions or the extent of his power. It’s not like we wanted to travel across the country to babysit." She explained and the woman beside her stood completely still aside from her small tick whenever she was concentrating. Rubbing her earlobe between her thumb and the knuckle of her index finger, the blonde scanned the group in eerie silence. "Eren Jäger, please come forward." Charlie wagged her index and middle finger, gesturing for the boy in question to show himself. The trainees were stuck stationary like a heard of sheep. "Where are you? Come out before you cause trouble for yourself." She called again but there was still no sign of anyone coming forward.

Lowering her hand, the blonde's brow twitched and her lips stretched into a slasher grin. Like a starved cat catching sight of a mouse, Noah's eyes flashed. "I've~ found him."

"Huh-" The redhead was cut off by a flash of black whizzing past her. "Ah~ shit." She watched her partner dash past Shadis, take a clear running jump over a petite blonde girl's head and then sprint across the yard as if she was about to take out a titan.

The boy in question had been trying to sneak away but instead, was suddenly kicked flying into a wall. But unlike he thought as his face made a direct course for the sandy brick perimeter, it was not the female that had leapt after him like a wild animal hunting down its prey. It had been his very own Captain.

Standing between Eren's K.O'd body and the blonde, Levi seemed a little less than happy with the way the situation was going. "I already said we have it under control."

With a mere foot between them, the female taller than the brunet by half a head blinked thrice, each time alternating between the man that had somehow managed to catch up to her and the twitching body on the ground. Heavy lids slowly opened fully and plump lips parted a little. Tension from the woman's stance disappeared. Suddenly barking a laugh, Noah pointed in jest.

"You sent his ass flying into a wall." Tears building in the creases of her eyes caused by howling laughter, the taller woman flapped her hand crazily as if she found the whole thing hilarious. "How is that under control?"

Stone-faced, Levi repeated dully. "Go home."

"I don't have one." She deadpanned. "Oh, jeeze. I fuckin’ love this job." Talking more to herself than the man, the blonde turned her back on the Captain and shuffled back towards her partner. Upon getting within touching distance, the slightly shorter woman made eye-contact only to set off cackling again as the image replayed in her head. "Did you see that?" She asked through the wheezy laughter. Holding her stomach with one hand, Noah clung to the saddle of her black beast for support.

Brow quirked, Charlie watched her friend almost falling over as she took her horse's reigns. She had been acquainted with the older woman since she was thirteen and in their decade of working together for Zackly, this was the first time she'd seen the blonde crack so easily. Ignoring those around her for the moment, the redhead could only think it meant one thing: Nothing good was going to come of the new interest her friend had just clearly gained.

Turning her attention to Shadis, the redhead nodded to the paperwork. "We have permission to use your barracks, so I hope we can at least get along." Saluting the Instructor, Charlie gave a final look at the cadets. Turning on her heels, the redhead finally gave the youngsters a decent look at her back. A combination of the three division's emblems was embroidered into the pitch black cloth that looked incredibly more expensive than their green field capes which swayed as the female followed her comrade.

Shadis grit is teeth as he watched the pair disappear around the corner or the building. That was all he needed; two crazies from the Capital watching everyone and everything. Whispers catching his ears, the veteran snapped around and glowered. "You brats better watch what you do and say around them."

"Sir, who are they?" One of the recruits dared to ask.

Before the Instructor could answer the question, Levi had returned with Eren in tow, whom he was dragging along the hot ground by his leg. "Fuckin’ Black Cloak bastards, coming here..." The brunet dropped his luggage and fought to keep his breathing level.

Guessing that his successor wasn't going to giving any formal type of explanation, Shadis cleared his throat and held his hands behind his back before turning to his class. "Enforcers; they're a small elite group working directly for Darius Zackly. They take on high risk jobs, usually protecting government officials, apprehending high ranking members of the military accused of crimes who fled outside of Wall Maria, and…” She glanced to the man beside him, unsure of whether he should bring up the topic in his company. The brunet was glaring off at where the women had disappeared. Swallowing hard, Shadis thought it was better that the kids knew what they were in for. “They patrol the Undergroud…”

Levi scoffed in distaste at the statement, knowing personally that wasn't all they did. "They live overly comfortable lives in exchange for selling their souls; they’re ranks are made up of the spoiled brats of the elite." Snorting, he looked at the teens. “They’re made out to be heroes by the rich, but they’re just vultures who take whatever they want and damn everyone else.”

Perplexed, Jean turned to Armin and shrugged. "I've never heard of them."

Rolling his eyes, Levi snapped. "Of course you haven't, idiot. That's part of what they do."

"Enough of talking about it. Go for lunch." Turning his back on the teens, Shadis eyed the Captain. "Maybe you should tell Erwin about this little hiccup."

Coming back from inside his own head, Levi hummed. "Keep the trainees under control while I'm gone. I'll be back as soon as I can."


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