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Prompt: Valentine’s Day
Characters: Yamamoto Takeshi, Gokudera Hayato, Sasagawa Ryohei & Sawada Tsunayoshi
Series: Katekyō Hitman Reborn
O.C: Evangeline D’Arco
Genre: Comedy
Theme Song: N/A
Warnings: Swearing
Date:  30th January 2013
Author’s Note: Snippet from a full length story.


“It’s only me.” Evangeline called lightly as she stepped inside of the Sawada house. There was no answer. She supposed Mama was out, but there must be someone in or else the door would be locked. “Anyone here?” She mumbled as she wandered into the sitting room. “Eh?” Squinting, the guest moved closer and spoke to the rear that was poking out from under the TV stand. “Gokudera?”

With a crack, the boy yelped. “Damn woman, what the Hell do you want?!” Although the words were muffled, she could clearly hear him cursing at her.

Moving around the sofa, she took a seat and watched the back end of the boy flail. “What are you doing?”

Another thud sounded and the boy manically reversed from under the furniture rubbing his head. “What the fuck does it look like I’m doing? I’m fixing the TV wiring that the stupid cow brat ruined!” The back end of his sentence dulled as he crawled back under the unit in a huff.

“We’re back!” Mama sung as her and the rest of the family spilled into the house.

The blonde guest instantly forgot about the moody Storm Guardian and rushed into the kitchen after the home owner. “Do you need help with the unpacking?”

The middle aged woman gave a gentle smile as she got on with her task. “You don't have to.” Still, the tall blonde proceeded to help the woman who had shown her so much kindness since arriving in Japan.

As the women were putting the shopping away, the front door clicked open again. “Is Gokudera here?” Yamamoto waved as he glanced around for the boy he was looking for.

Evangeline pointed off to the right and huffed. “In the living room, throwing a bitch-fit because he has to fix the TV.”

Coming into view, the boy being spoken about barked from his spot in the hallway. “I’m not throwing a bitch-fit, you hag.” The boy barked back.

“What was that?” The insulted woman pulled a carving knife out of the wooden block and headed towards her intended victim.

Panicked by the female's hair trigger, Tsuna tried to restrain Evan. “Run Gokudera! Your life’s in danger.”

The man of the minute walked into the kitchen to see what was going on, only to do a U-Turn towards the foyer. “Come on, baseball idiot. Let’s get this over and done with.” Viciously, the shorter boy snatched his team mate's sleeve and dragged him out of the front door before being able to be caught up in one of the woman's extraordinary physical attacks.

“Huh?” Both Tsuna and Evangeline stopped and looked at the disappearing backs of the two boys who usually conflicted. “What was that about?” One looked at the other before they both sat at the dining table in silence.

“Evangeline, your laundry should be dry now.” Mama told as he passed by the awestruck duo.

“Sorry to keep troubling you with it. My apartment couldn’t handle a washing machine.”

“Don’t worry about it; it’s no trouble.” The home owner flapped her hand playfully as she practically skipped out of the room.

The guest shuffled over to the laundry room and began folding her clothes. Humming along to an unknown tune, she placed her clean belongings in her hold-all resting on top of the washing machine. She was really grateful to Nana. If it weren’t for her, she’d have to use the laundrette.

“Eh?” The blonde looked over the hanger that held her underwear and cocked her eyebrow in confusion. Something was amiss. “Where’s that gone?” She rummaged through her bag to double check she hadn’t misplaced it. Then something clicked in her head. Anger boiled as steam began rising off her head. “LAMBOOOO!” Dropping the things she had in her hands, she set off after the cow brat she swore had stolen her bra yet again.



“Lambo said he didn’t do it...” The child’s lip quivered as tears literally burst from his eyes.

“Maybe he didn’t take it.” Tsuna tried to calm down the woman who was squeezing the life out of his Thunder Guardian.

“Who else would take it?” With each word, blonde's teeth grit and her grip constricted.

Deep down Tsuna knew that the only person to steal something so...personal would be Lambo. “I’ll help you look for it. What...” A blush crept up on the young boy’s face as he wondered. Looking everywhere but at his guest, he tried to continue. “What...c-colour is it?” His words trailed off.

“It matches these.” Evangeline held up a pair of lace lilac panties nonchalantly.

The Vongola boss covered his eyes and spun around. “You didn’t need to show me!”

“I thought it would be easier that way.” Obliviously, she continued to dangle the underwear in front of the childish boss.



“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Gokudera huffed in annoyance as he stomped down the high street.

Close in tow, Yamamoto waved his arms happily. “It’ll be fun. Don’t you have anything you want to get?”

“No. All the girls I know are annoying.” The shorter boy grunted.

“Don’t say that.” Yamamoto smiled as he patted his friends shoulder.

Swatting the hand away, Gokudera glared. “Do you even know what you want to get?”

The taller of the two pulled out a small piece of paper from his jacket pocket and nodded. “We should be able to get it from somewhere around here.”

After ten minutes of traipsing, the baseball nut had finally come to a halt. “Here.” He pointed at the store with a huge grin.

Gokudera inspected the display window with horrified expression. “You idiot, do you know what this is?” The other nodded happily and set off for the entrance, only to have his shopping buddy viciously pull him back by his hoodie. “No way! No way am I standing with you while you eye women’s panties!”

“Come on~ It says here that the most popular gift for girls her age is either expensive jewellery or lingerie. I can’t afford jewellery...” Yamamoto gave puppy eyes as a hopeful pout formed on his lips.

The bomb fanatic wracked his brains for an escape route. “You don’t know her size.”

“I do.”

All rational thought left the Storm Guardian. Gokudera wanted to know how that idiot knew her size. In fact, no, he didn’t; nothing good could come of knowing. Between spouting inhuman sounds and pointing at the fancy underwear sets behind the glass, passersby started sending them suspicious looks.

“Yamamoto?! Gokudera?!”

“Oh no...” When the bomber thought things were as bad as could possibly be, a higher power went and slapped him in the face with that stupid Lawn-Head.

Jogging on the spot, the Sun Guardian asked with excessive volume. “What are you two doing?”

“Valentine’s day shopping.” Yamamoto replied as if the whole thing – the level of sound, the wanted gift, and the company – was completely normal.

Furrowing his brows, the boxer continued to jog on the spot as he pointed around. “Oh, you do know people are looking at you weird, right?”

“No thanks to you, you idiot. Stop yelling!” The bomber replied just as loudly as the person he was calling an idiot.

“Now, now...” Yamamoto gave a gleeful eye-smile as he flapped his hand playfully.

Gokudera snapped to face the tallest boy. “This is your fault to begin with.”

Opening his eyes and letting his smile disappear some, the baseball nut hummed. “Don’t get mad, let’s just go in and get it. Are you coming, Senpai?”

And that’s how a supposedly simple shopping trip turned into Gokudera babysitting the two completely clueless sport freaks.

It had been happening for a while now; people edging away and giving dirty looks to the group that was being boisterous outside the lingerie store inside the mall. “One more person looks at me funny and I’m going to ram dynamite down their throat!” The silver haired boy barked as he waved his trusty weapons.

Needless to say, people will give you funny looks when you make threats like that.

So there it was, the three boys in their late teens trying to look as natural as possible as they walked through the entrance of the store they’d been debating in front of for the past thirty minutes or so.

“Do they all have sizes on them somewhere?” Ryohei called out zealously, oblivious to the fact that the store was packed with women.

Trying to hide his face from shame, Gokudera spoke through gritted teeth. “How the Hell am I supposed to know?”

“How may I help you?” An overly happy assistant suddenly appeared from nowhere to question the nervous boys.

Glancing back to his piece of paper like the task would have changed, Yamamoto hesitated. “Bra's…Where are the fancy sets?”

“Fancy lingerie sets?” The woman repeated, slightly confused aa what they could possibly want it for.

“For...” Gokudera started but was unable to produce a decent follow up.

Ryohei, being the good friend he is, also tried to help. “For...My sister!”

“Your sister?” The assistant raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

There goes Gokudera’s blood pressure. “...Your sister...?” The brains of the trio hissed as his head hung low.

Not wanting to spent too much time with the weirdo’s that had just arrived, the woman directed them towards their destination and scurried off.

“We found it in the end.” As always, Yamamoto smiled joyfully at their progress.

“No thanks to you two.” The Storm Guardian kept an eye out for people attempting to send him offensive glances.

“All we have to do now is pick a set.”

“You said you knew the size before...” Gokudera remembered. “Did she just tell you?” He cocked his head, pretty sure that wasn’t how it went down.

Yamamoto shook his head. “I took this off the rack when it dried. I remember it as hers from last time when the kid stole it and was running around with it.” He told as he pulled a lacy lilac bra from the bag which had been slung over his back.

Ryohei’s eyes bulged at the intimate item in shock. “Extreme!”

Just when Gokudera thought Yamamoto couldn’t be any more of an idiot, he reached a whole new level of stupidity. Running a hand over his reddening face, the boy let out a defeated groan. “I can’t believe you just took it off the line...” He had gotten past the point of being embarrassed, even the point of being annoyed. Now all he could do was continue this trial of Hell with the two retards either side of him and hope that Evangeline blames Lambo instead of him.




The Tenth Vongola Boss and his guest sat at the dining table in his kitchen. The teen stared into his juice while the affiliate Boss took the chance to ease her stress with a cigarette. Conversation of professional matters had dissipated and the topic from earlier had returned.

“I wonder what they’re doing.” Tsuna continued to stare off as he wondered out loud.

“It must be serious for Gokudera to voluntarily work with Yamamoto.” The female rubbed her suddenly heated ears.

Evangeline had reluctantly let Lambo go twenty minutes ago when the pair gave up looking for the missing underwear. Now all the pair had on their minds was what the Rain and Storm Guardians were up to. It wasn’t natural and it but them both on edge. Something wasn’t right; they just knew it.

“Don’t hurt yourselves.” The all-knowing Mafia toddler jumped onto the table and poured himself an espresso.

“Reborn!~” The boy whined at the infant. “You know what they’re doing, don’t you?”

“Of course, Idiot-Tsuna, there are lots of things I know that you don’t.” Swiftly leaping in the air, the mini hitman flying kicked his student in the back of the head, sending him crashing into the blonde. Both injured parties heads collided with an audible thud. “You’ll find out what they’re doing soon enough.” Before the pair could ask questions, Reborn had jumped back off the table and disappeared.

“Well, that was helpful.” The guest sighed as her already throbbing head hit the table.

“Sometimes I think he just finds me in order to pick on me.” Tsuna said with tears brimming in his eyes as he rubbed his head all over.



Making it out into the fresh spring air, Gokudera stretched as he took a deep breath on his vice. “I’m glad that’s over with.”

“Uh, oh... Isn’t that-” Ryohei pointed towards two older men heading in their direction.

The Storm Guardian could cry for his luck (Or there lack of). Really, whenever he was around either that Lawn-Head or that Baseball-Freak, bad things always happened to him. What made it worse is that those two had no idea of the types of situations they were in.

“Put that away!” Gokudera hissed at Yamamoto as he alternated between pointing at the pink bag and manically slapping the taller boy's forearms.

It was already too late.

VOIII!” The all too familiar screech caused the younger swordsman to stop what he was doing and look up from his task.

“What are you trash doing here?” Squalo pointed accusingly at his juniors.

Glowering sideways, Gokudera argued back. “This is where we live...You on the other hand is a different matter.” Smoke flew from his nose as he grumbled.

The blond man beside the loud Varia Rain Guardian gave a small smile and bowed to the passers-by that were looking over at the scene his old friend was making.

“What are you hiding, brat?” The Squalo growled at his apprentice.

“Eh...Erm...” Yamamoto fumbled the fancy bag with a ribbon on it, and Gokudera was contemplating football tackling the item and making a run for it in order to save all of their lives.

Without giving any warning, the older swordsman snatched the pink bag off Yamamoto and took a look inside. Face draining of colour, he handed the item over the man beside him.

Dino also peaked inside. Blinking a few times, he noticed the label on the items. A curious feeling stirred in him as he looked back to the younger boy. “I’m sure she’ll like them.” He forced himself to say with a smile.

“VOI! Trash, if that’s for you, I’m ending your training right now.” Squalo was clearly disgusted, and misunderstanding.

“I thought it was fo-” Ryohei started, but was quickly silenced by the bomber slapping both of his hands over the idiot’s mouth.

“We better get going.” Dino nudged his deranged friend ranting something about Yamamoto cross-dressing.

As soon as the older men had got out of sight, Gokudera heaved for a good breath. If things carried on the way they were going, he was going end up living a very short life.

“Oh, no.” For the first time that morning, the baseball nut sounded serious.

Ryohei shook off the hands of the half-dead looking bomber and peered up to his junior. “What is it?”

“How am I going to put back the old one without her noticing?” Worry painted the brunet’s face as he tried to think.

“Do it as a ghost, you baseball bastard!” Gokudera couldn’t take any more. Pulling a few sticks of dynamite from his belt, he lit them and threw them towards the other two in his company.




Tsuna looked around the kitchen for the whispering. He must be hearing things. Gokudera shouts that word so much that it must have embedded into his brain.

“Pst! Tenth...”

There it was again. Darting eyes landed on the window and horror ensued. Three of his friends were tapping on the glass pane, pointing to the latch. But not only that, two of them seemed to look a bit...charred. Tsuna rushed to their aid and opened the window. “What happened? Why didn’t you use the front door?”

The three boys held their finger’s up to their lips as a gesture to be quiet. “Where’s Evan?”

“Putting her laundry away. Although, it seems like Lambo has stolen her bra again.” Suspicious expressions and out-of-place whistling followed the comment. Looking towards the other end of the room where the hallway met the kitchen, Tsuna spoke. “Oh, she’s coming now. Do you want her?” He peeked back to his friends flailing on the other side of the glass.

Shaking their heads furiously, the three began to panic. “Put this back on the line for us.” Yamamoto shoved an item into the unsuspecting boss’ hands before the trouble causers ducked out of the way and ran out of the back yard.

“Us?” Gokudera spat fire as he was dragged out of view.

“Tsuna?” The addressed turned around without thinking.

Evangeline's eyes scanned over the boy before they landed on the item that he was holding. “It was you?”

“It was me?” He repeated, not quite understanding.

“You’re the pervert thief?” She dropped her hold-all where she stood and dark fumes began to spill from the towering figure.

“What? No!” He held up his hands in defence only to realize exactly what he was holding. “Haaahhiiiii?!”

“I told you Lambo didn’t do it.” The cow brat sat on the edge of the table, swinging his little legs as he stuck a finger up his nose. “Pervert-Tsuna!~ Uwhahah!”

“It isn’t what it looks like!” He unintentionally waved the object as his arms flapped in haphazard defence.

His impending doom stalked towards him, eyes ablaze and fist clenched. “Tell me how it isn’t. Is there any way for it to look any different from what it actually is?”



Crouching behind a set of bushes four blocks away from the Sawada household, Ryohei spoke in his usual, deafening tone. “I wonder if he’s dead yet?”

Flipping his senses, the Storm Guardian writhed as he tried to bludgeon his supposed team mate with a twig he'd been drawing circles in the dirt with. “Don’t say that, you fuckin’ stupid Lawn-Head!”

Yamamoto smiled at the play fighting between his fellow guardians. “Now, now...”

Dropping the Lawn-Head in the dust, the bomb fanatic turned to the other idiot. “This is all your fault. If Tenth gets hurt, I’m coming after both of you!”

“What did I do?”

“The kid will make sure things don’t get out of hand.” Ryohei stated, as if it was a given fact while trying to pick a bit of dirt from his eye.

Reborn jumped down from the tree above the group only to wave at the three mystified expressions of the idiot trio. “Ciaossu~”

Gokudera's last nerve had well and truly been shredded into oblivion. Shaking from fury, the silver haired lad snatched up handfuls of the explosives attached to the inside of his jacket and lit the fuses in a rage induced attack. “You...Damn...Idiots!” Once again, Gokudera carelessly attempted to blew up at his colleagues for not only jinxing stuff, but also for putting his poor, beloved Tenth into mortal danger.


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